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I wanted to open a couple cases. Why not? So I’m actually behind the scenes, been opening cases, and I have a lot of awesome skins. Honestly, there are some insane ones right now and my favorites right now has got to be the akr necromancer, which looks just so so good, as well as the g20 to frost worm.

Now this is an awesome skin, but this gun is garbage. So hopefully, this gun is buffed or something in some way. Cuz the damage is just so bad, like it’s, it’s just not worth using honestly but anyways. So we’re going to be opening 30 origin cases, 5 furious cases and two rival cases, so I’m kinda hoping for a knife. I have not gotten a knife yet so kind of hoping for one. So let’s do it so we’re going to open the organ case.

First, just this is kind of the regular knives hopefully – and I don’t have the ACR treasure yet either. So I would like that which would? Oh, my god, a knife – oh wow, dude, the first one, it’s the one that I wanted in this case. Wow, that’s! Actually it okay I’ll. Let me put it this right guys, I open, like maybe 50 60 cases and I’ve seen like I saw two knives like in a row like pass by and out of all those 50 cases or 60 cases, whatever how many I opened dink a knife until now, The first one wow that is pretty nice man dang.

I wonder how much this is. The cell phone people are selling it for four thousand gold, four thousand gold which translates to about like $ 60 or so something around that Wow. Alright, let’s uh to keep going. I mean Nate, we still don’t have some of the skins. I do want the m4 necromancer, though alright got bats, I’m with the necromancer for the m4 and the a care treasure really want them. That’s incredible! That’s actually incredible that I’m getting these right now! Wow! Okay! Yes, that’s going to be my go to m4.

Let me go put my knife as well. Oh my gosh dude. That’s freaking, awesome, okay, interesting, alright! Uh! Now, for this one, I basically have all these skins, except I do not have the PT 54 forest spirit, which does look pretty nice as well as the FAMAS fury. So if I get any of the bottom row here, including the knives that’d, be great, I would love one of these knives. Let’s see, if I get the knife this article, I swear man alright, either way, I’m scratch.

So, there’s that – and just you guys know for those who don’t play this game, which I don’t know why you guys aren’t playing this game like I’m totally like I’m being a hundred percent serious guys like not getting papers, I’ve had some people say that I’m getting Paid for this game to play it, I’m not a hundred percent, not I’ve had so much fun playing this game lately and in terms of updates, they did say that there will be trading system, so I might be able to do some skin giveaways in the future.

We’ll see but anyways, let’s keep on going. Oh, come on Wow another 8wm gear, all right I’ll, take it dude. I will take it and remember if I get 10 of the same rarity, like whatever guns like. If I have 10 Reds, I can exchange that for like a better one. Oh wow, okay, wings, sweet someone’s calling me give me a sec. Yo, hey, give me one. Second, I’m recording a article right now. It’s like you’re, like a part of a article, give me one second like I’ll, still be in the call gim me a sec all right, so you got sorry about that.

So four cases left. Let’s do this insane luck right now. Ah, okay, the desert eagle red. It’s a pretty nice skin not going to lie, but so you have another skin before. I think the wish I think I forget which one I’m using the only. I only have one stattrak weapon guys, which is the awm scratch, but anyways all right. Three left: let’s do it come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, okay, another wings, I’ll, take its sweets, all right and two rival cases so hoping to get one of those really cool knives, as well as like.

Maybe the ump beast, but these names are really really cool. They’re called Jay commando knives, Wow that beast just flew by that’s incredible, all right and one more come on. No, okay, that’s! Okay! That’s! Oh whoa! We have a stattrak, okay, nevermind stattrak, a key our carbon. I will take it: it’s not my favorite, a Kate skin. It is really really cool the necromancers, my favorite, but hey. I got stattrak Wow all right, so insane luck, anyways! Let’s go into the gameplay.

Alright, let’s do it so Ben. What are we doing today? So in TDM there is no spore limit just the time limits. What we’re going to do is we’re going to try in the ten minutes that are in this game. To get 200 kills for our team, that’s kind of going to be our charge on top of winning this and, of course, these guys are not fighting back much no they’re, not not, oh, my goodness, the avatar that he is kind of funny I mean my aim: Is on point but like very on point, but these kiss, oblivious, bye, hey, hey! It’s all right! Sorry, as long as we get 200 kills shoot your truth.

That’s no need to go. Oh I’m dead! I got. I had really bad timing there that guy stare lives. Whenever I spawn, I get disoriented and I don’t know sometimes that happens like I notice I look at the ground. Sometimes when I spawn in he sorry well, I finally died, but boy we got. This are do burger. This 25 kills so far, all the incredibly abysmal spray control here, okay, guys still spawn again. This is super HP imagery if it going man well the record, because I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen anyone hit 200, give me them give you the headshot.

Well, that didn’t work going to reload, get the good old, Eagle man. No, I shot. I get dance with me one tab, but there’s misty misty over there no way no they’re dead. Oh there, he is, oh, my goodness, they’re really bad boys. It do come in face. Thank you. Yeah there’s only three people in that same room. It’s fine, hoping people will join the meantime just going to get the kills nice. That’s too much in there spawn it’s dude, just atse into you, yeah guys.

I guess someone just joined there. You go something doesn’t leave after seeing like the score. Oh he liked me. He loved me dude hit me before Wow. What the heck are you doing yeah? What is he doing that you saw that jump in fun? Man? Oh dude. I started there all right, you got you got sniped by Tori yeah right in my face. That’s fine! I think it’s okay, the heck, spawn control spray production; no, oh God still spawning dude.

I hate the spawn protection. When people just stand there, man, they just stand there and stare you dead in the eye and you’re just like what are you doing, trying to get that shot lined up okay, but how long is it going to take you, like my god? Thank you cheese. Oh, my god, it’s a five III lovely, isn’t getting rekt! Oh jeez, thanks actually dude there’s only two people. There team alright screw the 200 kill challenge and now we’re going to win this game switch to switch team.

Now we’re going to win now, let’s go. Let’s go the reverse, sweep: let’s go Oliver Street: let’s go we’re going to win now. I feel challenged gone wrong. The reverse sweep go, go, go well kind of miss that last kill but he’s weak. If I can hit him dragging like crazy game, where people join to stop spectating, it’s too big all right, these guys are putting more of a fight. I like it dad! Oh this one here here, don’t have like going.

Oh geez go this guy’s going to be right. There dead the other than Shiva. Don’t you? Ah man, I definitely switch the pistol shooting I’m going to push up over here which money uterus. Oh we got this man we actually this actually might be a little tough. So you got four minutes to catch up to those guys, yeah and they’re. Actually getting kills. Let’s go! Oh my god! Oh I just wrecked all my kill Eduardo.

I’ve got God that as long as his spawn flipping out a thing, uh, no yeah, okay, not right! Now that makes sense, because I was literally in their spawn yeah yeah we’re going to get this. Oh my spray! Isn’t that bad, please spawn already! Oh my god takes forever. Oh, like kill anyone! Everyone you guys are killing him too fast, they’re! All there whoa how’s the nice shot. Well, we pretty much came back yep Angeles.

I switch teams again if they’re losing pretty battery will. But I say we go for go 150. I know if that’s possible, but alright, I’m going to push right side how you doing today, this guy’s, not freaking, know what the hell he’s not spawning and it’s killing me dude. They just stand there. So no I didn’t he’s still there is he still standing there? No, no, no! I was it the dude on the stairs. He was near the stairs the stairs.

Is he still there there’s something stuck here all right, but flip team, dude, flip team, flip team. Okay, the whole CT team just left: let’s do it comeback time. Let’s get the comeback lets go these guys. Let’s go good, yo good job man. Let’s go dude a minute, let people it’s! Can I get the head? Oh my god very nicely done. I don’t think I’ve ever had a game like this man, where I keep switching teams that everyone just leaves the opposing team.

There’s like nope, I mean they close. Do you hack or multiple times? If she games go Wow Tori Tori with the snipes man he’s sitting there 30 seconds come on, we got ta get the eight kills. What okay? Okay, all right money kills come on. Let’s go: five kills 20 seconds. Five kills that guy’s not spawning yet no spawn he’s not slowing him he’s not spawn again we’re going to missing my shots. Five seconds.

Oh I’m pushing wow. Oh my goodness, that’s funny Tori with most eliminations whites. Yes, 22. Okay, most eliminations 6661 Dave. I don’t know how much I don’t know how much more we could have done.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background.