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I have a flip through a detail flip through of my personal file, sacks Richmond planner. I did a flip through on my Instagram, but I wasn’t too too specific of the things that is in here. How I set things up, but I’ll give you a detailed look now. So if you’d like to see what I have in my personal Richmond final facts, stay tuned, ok guys.

So the first thing I got this planner from the thrift store just found all of them on my posh I’ll. Try to leave a link to my parchment ich, but I’m last year started finding all these planners people were getting rid of planners like the beginning of the year and they were nice planners. I could tell they were nice planners, they just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t really into grains at the time and now think about it.

There were some pocket rings that I had, and I so so I was in a Thurston when they just on a whim looking for stuff to sell on my posh and came across this one. So I asked my Instagram friends like: should I sell it because I kind of knew it was worth something which I’m just drawn to expensive stuff anyway, but I knew this is worth something and most of my ex-girlfriends like no. You need to keep that.

So I’m sorry I’ll keep it so I attempted minimal planning in here. It didn’t go so well. All I did was check my orders and that’s it in the state on my desk, nothing more nothing less so this year I said I’m going to give it another. Try and I’m just going to set it up for the cheap. I don’t want to spend a lot of money with purchasing inserts from my cost and paper and other places, and I don’t use it like.

I didn’t use it last year so anyway, I purchased this on clip here from Ollie clip I’ll try to leave the link below. I love love, love, love these and again. I’d only think I paid maybe five dollars for this. It was less, I believe highly. It was less probably three – I don’t know so here on the left side, which I think is getting a little drinky. I have this paperclip because a lot of the little dots that I use I need to purchase, I mean I need to pick them up with the paperclip.

I have this little Schlag I made out of some vellum that I got from like Michaels. This little paper clip I need last year sometime. It is just something I think I downloaded off of Pinterest. I turned it into a die crack laminate it and just stuck a paper clip in there. This die cut is a die cut. I was selling at one point and a sticker, and it is just a chandelier like that, and then I just threw these in here, because I found them on my desk and they are just some little icons.

Go for you or either rose. Gold rose gold for real icons and then this is a freebie from Jessica. I don’t know Jessica Pearson, I don’t know, and then I have this little underling card. It was a pack of like journaling cards. I got out of Julian’s, I believe, and then on the inside here I was cleaning up my room and opened the box from simply gilded. I believe it was my last subscription box, and it’s just I don’t know, I think it’s a journaling card as well, probably be six or pocket-size, and then I just have some bows here from Nicki plus three.

I have some bows here that are from panda bird design I’ll try to remember to leave all the links below of everything that I got, and these are just, I think, their date separators pay separators. I forgot what you call them. You just separate like you’re on your date. They separate or I believe, and then these are some that I made. I think they were too thick. I might take those out and then I got these from Brooklyn grace coat last year, but they was so hard to get off the paper and I haven’t tore him up, and so when I ordered my inserts from her last year.

This is what I got. I’m going to retire these two, and so I’m going to put okay moving a wall. This is a piece of acetate that I cut for this planner got this from either Michaels or Joanne’s. I have some sticky notes on here. I had more, but they was just coming off so whatever, and then I made this dashboard a laminating paper and a simply gilded. Although the king in a subscription – and I just put it down in the lamination and waiting – we’ve danced for it and then this planner will have probably more colors than in my eight-five business, but this is from digital.

I love Starbucks yeah. I love it. I love coffee, and so when I saw that this was available, I was like yes, I got ta pretend something. So this is what I have here, and this is a dashboard that came with the planner it needs to be, but it came with the planner, so clear, divider and then this is a download from Pinterest that I did and then here’s another download from Pinterest that I did also I’ll try leave my Pinterest below and I have a whole Planning section on there.

Some things were saved to there. Some things are not and I’ll just leave that below and then here is some vellum. Is this like a pink or peach? It looks a little yellowish, but I just use that on the top of my class and then here on my year at a glance, I took some guts from planner Kate and just put all the important birthdays and pretty much and then, of course, my anniversary and Then like, if there’s a vacation or something I’ll, add another dot, but so far oh I do have a vacation.

I need to edit that I’ll do that later and then here we go you guys. So this is cardstock that I purchased from Walmart and I just turned them into the writers and then put all my months here and then I just throw some clear on paper. But the dates I’m feeling with the months on it and then just add them to the chance, and I really thought I was going to need to have them closer together. And then I really didn’t so.

I kind of space them out a little bit more, but nonetheless, here they are, and this is January this is my monthly view for January and that I have just a little flag here from cloths and paper, I’m just like a transparent flag and that’s just to Let me know what month I’m on and then I have this kind of color coded the black represents the bills. These are things like. Maybe I paid I’m here are my pity.

The little saying these little flag quarter, flags here corner. Excuse me transparent stickers from thoughts and paper. This is from this. Guy is from planner Kate. These are the ones that I made the black dots and just kind of color cosine. I was scrolling on and what was paid or what needs to be done or what’s going on, these coils represent my Etsy pay days, and then I just put this flag here to know what month I’m going.

I can just go right to it so I’ll move. It from month to month so these are the rest of the months and these are the dashboards and what they look like and then here’s a dashboard. I made myself out of a school plastic file from Walmart when it was school time they had. These sounds with the phone proto valves, your folder excuse me these black plastic folders and they were like 50 something cent and I think I bought like two or three.

I actually bought more. I put one in purple and I decided to cut them up and put my that was my plan for them anyway, and to put them in my micro. So I should have got more, but I did find this paper and this material excuse me as staples I’ll. Probably go back and get it, but I’m not. I think I can hold out to school time again to meetings or dashboards, and then I just have this coffee die-cut here that I’ve downloaded probably on Pinterest and a little hard paper clip here that came in to order.

And then I just stuck a little bow here from I’m simply gilded back here and then here’s a little card thing I made to stick in here and, as you can see, most of my sticking hosts came off, but it’s okay. I still have these, so I just stuck these here. Let’s see if I can show you so what I did was. I ordered College off of Amazon I’ll leave the link below they are just these clear acetate, they’re, not even acetate.

I don’t even know what this is, but they’re like business card size and I just stuck some sticky tape. Whatever sticky notes, sticky Flags on there and then stuck it in there, it’s a little tight fit. That’s why I can’t really get it out. So when I get it out and definitely need it, I also made. Let me show you guys: you’ll see that in the back, what else I’d get with them and I bought so many because I want to use some pants like when I do freebies and things just to add.

Maybe two orders or giveaways different things like that and then so over here are some more transparent Flags, some sticky Flags here and this right pocket came with this planner yeah. When I say I got the best deal ever and I’m not even going to begin to tell you what I was going to sell it for, but um this, these little sticky post-it notes. I got they’re like transparent and then they have a little bit of white on them and you’ll see later how I use them, but also I like to use them for notes, and so it came in a pack of two.

Let me see if I have the original package – and this is what the package looks like, so it comes like this so and I think they have my Walmart, but I got mine out of staples. Oh, let me show you the ones I got at a Walmart and I just like to keep them here, so I can make notes like sticky notes with these, so that goes there. This is a die cut that I printed last year that was in here. That was just sitting here and I just left it, and here are the sticky notes that I got from Walmart and you can use these to like hold the page same thing here, put it here, so that you know to get to something.

The only thing is that I didn’t like about this. Someone has suggested these where they said they took. I guess the color part off, but you can’t take that color for long and so the color part doesn’t come off, but it’s great. If you just want to put just a tiny bit of color and get to a certain section, you can flip right there, and so I love this little pocket. I actually want more, but I don’t know if I’ll be ordering from the final sex sake I’ll see.

Who else has these, and then I have a piece of vellum here from digital dash that I appointed myself from that if you’re not signed up for digital sign up for it. So here is that cardstock that I made into a dashboard – and this is basically my weekly this is – I wanted to just like – get rid of this one and keep this one. But I really like the feel of this and it’s been in here and I just decided to keep it so this is pretty much going into my weekly and then here is my weekly and another Ollie clip, and then this was last week how I planned last Week, I’m just again not a lot of stickers, just basically pen to paper and a highlighter, so I just use this to close off that week.

So now that’s like this is this week, and so I still have some more planning to do, and I just use some washi tape, my few tape to mark off the decimide day off and then for a little touch of color. I added this little sticker here from Miss applause and then this little paper clip. I had him in my shop. I was going to sell them at one point, but I decided since reason as freebies. The ones that have coming now are black and I just wanted to try the black ones, and this is too cute.

Oh, this insert came from Brooklyn grace Co. I downloaded these. That’s what I like the matter of sight when I first started. Trying to minimal plan is that I could just download and so pretty much all my inserts come from Brooklyn grease and they’re never going into my daily and daily. Basically, is me kind of doing my schedule daily task priorities, things like that, and then here is a laminating pocket that I made myself with just a lot clip to keep it close, and then my mom gave me a Michaels gift card for Christmas Michaels.

These are the little tiny dots that I made myself oh and some transparent paper. These are the no spin stickers from my shop and then I took these stickers from my happy planner. I think this is from the mini and just keep them in here. So I can get my calendar this back here this undated, and then this came from thread of cake. This is how it came and I just cut it. It came like that, and I just cut it because these only the colors that I want to use at the present time – and I want to keep in mind this planner here.

Ok, so again, this is my little laminating pocket and then it goes into my daily, and this is just where I write daily tasks. Things I need to do. I’ve only done one day is undated, which is perfect. For me. I don’t have a few. We only have a few here because I’m going to replant some of these – and I just try to stick to these when it’s just dealing things I need to do, and I have a lot going on and then I made this dashboard here from laminating and some Vinyl that I had and then I will sticker of the Louboutin purse I kind of wanted to just represent.

I wanted to kind of be like a window to the next and this pretty much what it looks like and I love it and this divider. I pointed from Pinterest and then this double sided with a lady with some leopard heels and some hands. I got asked in my Instagram when I posted this on Instagram, like how do you search for certain things on Instagram? The best thing I can tell you is put in like illustration, like the girl in the illustration, whatever you want make sure you put it in like illustration or what is the other words clipart and then one thing I’ll lead you to another.

That’s how I found so many things if I looked up girl illustration of Vogue illustration, it just led me to so many different classic things and then here’s another on dashboard that I made from that folder that black folder for Walmart. I had a little bit left over and then I cut it into a dashboard. This is my list section and then here is some more artwork. I got from Pinterest and I just printed out made into a dashboard and then that is well from Pinterest, and this is my list section so here I just have certain lists my grocery, my hair beauty products like what I need grocery like where me Etsy things That I need for that for my business and then this is my budget section again that same folder.

I had it cut on my so I cut it on my silhouette and just made into tabs and these tabs. I tried to line them up so that they all kind of go together. This one should like that, so that way they’re kind of uniform. So this is my budget section. I did these on my Silhouette as well just use some clear, sticky paper and then just go for you get and I ran it through my laser machine and then this is just a piece of leftover vellum from some envelopes.

I was making for co-worker up like this, how it is I just stuck it there to represent the dollars and it’s funny to look at cuz, it’s kind of iridescent, so it looks. Gold in some areas rose. Gold and doing looks perfectly sound like that, and then this is my budget for the month and I’m just trying to keep up on my expenses, and I had mentioned on Instagram, I’m working on my own budget inserts printables.

Just for myself for also me and my coworker are doing some things just for hairstylist, so I will keep you all up on that and then here is another dashboard that I created I’m using Pinterest artwork and that’s her and then here is a dashboard that I Made laminating paper, and then I just set those sticky notes, we’re sticking ups that I showed you guys that’s what this is, and this is my note section like this is a you know.

How like this is my note section, and then I made this note paper from camera, so I don’t have any notes and then this is my inbox section and I took that same sticky, paper and you’re able to write on it. Let me show you guys: I don’t want to waste these things, because I really love these things and I probably could do someone, but you can just lay them on there and do like little notes to yourself and I’m thinking this is the pin that I use Was this pilot, precise v7r T it writes so well on there and you can see now I wouldn’t suggest all right away, and so I didn’t see it smudges.

But if you wait a little bit, it won’t smudge and then you can just write on that and just stick them in your dashboards or you can just stick them on pages, because it’s and then I have this little peach thing here to remind me that this Is my inbox and that I got something in here that I need to get myself attention to you as I do this one here. Let me know what month I’m going and I’m going to make a little cute card for that.

I learned that from Maddie but many plans, and then I had this little dashboard and also white. I just like the colors and she hates all that good stuff, but I couldn’t one so I was going to take it out, see this rips out. We pray and then this is my little inbox I’m I want to do this on black, but I do this on camera and I just left it just as some extra paper and then I mean I can put my little sticky notes, one to your right stuff And then this is my order tracker.

So I leave that in my inbox section that lets me know to give attention to see what hasn’t came. How are you taking something to come and then I have a few of those yeah and then this is the ruler that came with the planner. This planner just came so well equipped, I mean with everything it even had a little world map. It even had the monthly inserts like this, but they just wasn’t the color, and I was looking for so I took those out and then it came with this here, this little plastic envelope that opens on the side here and I just have a drilling Carter.

On top with another printout from Pinterest, then here in the back, I have these from my shop when I had my website and they’re, just some paid amount, whatever sickness I have this clip here, I got from a printer babe at a little planner Meetup, I’m caring. So she had made something clips with that on there and I like it, because it’s just cute – and this is what I did with those clear things I showed you before I made these washes strips this one.

I had already made with the little chopping boards from the Dollar Tree, but when I got these, I just thought these were more sturdy and I’d leave. This blank went in here to cut my washi tape, so I just took some random washi tape that I had. I had this neutral tape and I thought that would go good with the static of my planner and these are the washi tapes that are using this. I just added these like last night, so y’all didn’t see this on my stories because I hadn’t been there yet.

I decided last night to kind of put those in the air and then back here I have a freebie from Miss Moss and I just leave it in there. So when I want to add a little color to the planner and edit her to mine, and then I have this pin here from Michele, absolutely love and I’m going to use this pin to write on that sticky tape and see how I keep doing it. No one is going to merge, so that is the complete flip through of my planner.

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope you enjoy this slip through I’m in love with this planner. I just can’t believe that last year this will not last you this time, but last year, when I went to use this, I just couldn’t. I didn’t know I guess how to use it. I tried minimum planning last year and I said on my Instagram stories that I think happy planner came out was wrong. Something like that and I got sidetracked and I just never returned to her, not even like we’re putting the orders in, because that’s all that I was doing sprinting disorders in I didn’t really know.

I tried decorating her for me to like her, but I think because I started with the rings and what’s going into a TN, I just don’t want to keep going into rings, but now I’ve been in her everyday. I love it. I love it. I’ll continue to be a decorative functional planner, but I will also be a minimalist planner on my everyday things that need to get done. I don’t feel pressured to sticker my day or show you guys that I’ve decorated for the week I’ll be doing flip through periodically.

In here, so that you can see how my days of God, if you want to see more minimal planning, please let me know in the comment section because I will be happy to again – I’m new to it like. I just think personally, it’s a lot going on in here. There is not that memo, so it’s still not that minimal. But to me it is the minimum, because I don’t have to stick up my mom. I don’t have to stick her my days or my niece, like I said I put a sticker here, but it’s still minimal.

It’s just not a whole like a full box or quarter box at all that this is black and white, and that just works for me because I can play in without feeling guilty that I didn’t show you guys how I planned so again. If you want to see for throughs of my minimal planner or a more consistent basis, let me know so we’ll do like a flip through at the end of the mob or maybe like weekly will just show flip through us.

You know, however, just let me know and as I update her and change things around I’ll, definitely give you guys a flip through of that. But again, if there’s something that you’re interested in, please let me know thank you all so much for reading. If you’d like to see more for myself hit that subscribe, button hit that notification barrel so that you notified your notified whenever I do a blue content again, if you are interested in weekly, sprayer, more planning, budgeting, DIY planners planner related anything planner related.

Make sure that you come back so that you can see more. So I will see you guys in my next article