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How To Get TikTok Famous P3/4 | Make Your Music Go Viral On TikTok

Com, because I saw myself now we ought to talk about how an artist can get their music popping on tik tok. That simple, but there’s two things in this article that are extremely relevant, because this is part three of a four part series on how to get moving on tick-tock. So there’s two things that we are going to go over in this article right here: one: should your music even be on tick-tock in the first place, because a lot of people are going to like hear the wave and follow the wave, because that’s what people love To do alright, they’re going to say yo music is popping on tick-tock.

I need to get on tech talk about want to blow up like these other guys like little knives X like SuperDuper. You know there’s so many people, but everybody’s music doesn’t work into the tick-tock formula right, there’s a square and you might have a circle or vice versa, or whatever that’s saying is so we’re going to talk about how you can kind of identify that and then some Of our ladies into the second part, which is what is the tick-tock formula for your music, we’re going to talk about some of it just some of the sauce? Alright, so one to understand if your music works on chick talk first, you got ta kind of consider.

Why a lot of people were ignoring when I was saying before that she needed to get on musically right? I did articles back in like January or February of 2018, saying yo musically is that thing and a lot of people need to really really make more use of it and then in 2018 still, but in August of 2018, when they merged. I was still like yo brah y’all got to use this thing, but a huge part of why people couldn’t understand that it’s because tick tock has a younger user base than when we think about Instagram, because Instagram, I’m just going to say Instagram, because Instagram is it’s.

Like that main thing, it’s the main cool thing Twitter. It’s like something that everybody uses at this point, but they’re all in their own pockets. Youtube is just like TV, everybody uses it. You know I mean, then Facebook gets looked at as the old thing, but we look at tick-tock a lot of their like users were like 15 and below at the beginning, all right and now people are starting to get older and older, and now some of that Influence is also moving up into their big brothers and and just other people, as the word starts, to get out there yo.

This is a thing and, as other people start to experiment and bring their own types of fan, bases or interest groups on to the platform. So for a lot of people before, if you didn’t have music that cater to that fan base or that fan base was relevant to then you weren’t even looking at it, it wasn’t even relevant, but one that’s a bad way to look at things sometimes because sometimes All you need is that younger group to influence and get you popping and moving, and then you might find a fan base, that’s more relevant to you in terms of going out to your shows.

It can be used that way as well, but think about this, though, how relevant is it to your fan base or your type of people on there? And then we can look at Triller as an alternative, there’s tick tock, and then there is trailer. Trailer Aires is pretty much more hip-hop R & B based, and is it simple enough because there’s a lot of songs when we think about tick, tock and the ones that are moving most of them are relatively simple, not to say that you can’t be an outlier, But just know that you’re working against the formula at that point and kind of along the same lines as the age thing.

Do you see people that look like the fan base that you want to have on the platform? Take that time do that research get into those categories and niches and all that good stuff and see if it’s even making sense for you to get on there. It is a great space, but it’s not a great space for everybody, but I’m going to get into that a little bit more as I’ll talk about other things in this article, like the formula for success that a lot of people are using for now, though, let’s Bring out screen share Sean well, first of all, how do you get your music on tick tock? Well, we have a article completely dedicated to that.

You can find a link to that article in the description below and other than that, though, we got a look at the fact that there’s so many people blowing up on the platform, and this is going to lead to the tips right. So let’s use low Nozick’s with otero so get a child, and super duper humble stepping we’re interested in seeing some other rappers and their songs that blew up there’s. Actually, an entire playlist has been created by a youtuber named Patrick CC.

So in my process of doing this article, I said you know what let me see what somebody else is already saying. I happen to stumble across this guy’s article. He has some really dope articles. I readed his tick tock article and like two other articles, but he created this entire list of rappers that blew up. I’m tick tock having their song so I’ll. Put that link in the description. Um y’all want to check it out on soundcloud and then also y’all.

Go check out, Patrick CeCe’s blog, and now what are some of the things that contribute to success when it comes to having a song that blows up on tick-tock. Now we can, when we get into the strategy and targeted omnipresence and approach that I’ve talked about in so many other forms of marketing. That applies here as well, but when we think about tick, tock specific, even the type of music that tends to find success on tick tock is similar.

If you go listen to that playlist or if you go just look at the songs that I already listed, everything a lot of times is about. This beat drop right, it’s like the music is playing, and the next thing you know there’s this hard bass beat drop. Where people are able to do something interesting when that beat happens, let’s think about the example O’town role, because you know I don’t really want to play people’s music and stuff like that anymore, to get y’all familiar, I’m not trying to get any YouTube copyright strikes.

So we think about Oldtown role. You already know it’s doom doom doom doom and then you know you get into the whole base drop your the old town, roll starts and all that good stuff right and then the huge base drop happens. When you get. I got my horses in the back that whole thing is when everybody starts to make something interesting happen. You will see this formula again and again and again and then another common thing.

That’s really hopeful and it’s more of an SEO thing search. Engine optimization is the song names being the most recognizable part of the song as well, so think about solution has fast right in the first thing that he says when it gets to the most recognizable. Part of the song is first and of course, we all know we’re little nice XS Old Town Road. So this leads to another thing, which is the simplicity of those songs.

The song have lyrics that people can hear. Clearly it’s not too fast right. There are some fast songs that have taken off like Eminem’s, rap God, but that’s also Eminem, and the way that took off was more of people playing with the fact that it was so fast that it was almost a joke. And I personally say: that’s probably one of the walkies tick tock mean challenges. I’ve seen so, as always as I always make clear, there’s always exceptions to rules and things like that when we think about creativity.

However, what’s working a lot a lot? Is these simple songs? Recognizable lyrics easy to understand and easy for them to interpret to actually do things based on what they hear in the actual song now alright. So this is a basic formula for you to start with. Now, when it comes to me, I do have a more personal, specific formula that I use it’s a lot more comprehensive and it’s really dependent on the person it’s about helping them design their own campaign and where exactly that fits into the landscape.

Now, I’m not going to go all deep into mine right here, but before I get out of here, I want to say: do recognise that you can go live and make money on this platform for those y’all who haven’t seen any of the other articles in this Series, because this is article number three out of the four part – tick tock series you can go, live and make money as artists. This is a great way for you make income.

If you have built a following on tick tock, because then, when you go live, you are able to take donations now again: tick tock, there’s a 50 % of that money that comes through so that part sucks. But it is one of the easier ways to make income in general, so sometimes making 50 % of money that comes a little bit easier is a lot better for people who are having trouble to get fans to go into one of their own platforms at all.

To give them some money and that’s pretty much it. Those are the basics to keep in mind when thinking about promoting a music on tick tock, but also keep in mind that if you need some hell designing campaigns and getting influencers for tik-tok us at brandman Network, you can check us out at the link in the Description below specific to tick, tock right, because we have a database of over a thousand tick tock influencers and we can figure out where to connect you, and not.

Only that, though, help design where the music should be placed. What else should go into the campaign? And all the smaller nuances that go into campaign design, but other than that. As always, this article is brought to you by brain man network calm, because I saw myself if you like this article go ahead and like, but if you liked it might as well share it if you’re not subscribed, you know what to do.

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