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The Dragon Tattoo Balisong – One Year Later

If you’re part of the ballas own community, then you’re probably not used to what we’re going to be doing today, we’re going to be, we are going to be doing a balisong review, a cheap dragon, tattoo trainer $ 10 on eBay or Amazon or whatever you choose To bond I bounty Bey, because I’m in Australia, but the thing is, is that this is not a brand new balisong.

This is it. I have been flipping for about a year now, so today we’re just going to be going over how it’s been doing. What kind of damage it’s gone over and how much it’s changed ever since I first bought this about a year ago, so yeah also guys sorry. I did miss one thing I’ll put this at the beginning of the article, because it’s not because it’s not important. It’s probably the least important part, but if you are planning on keeping the Dragon Tattoo in its sheath, then please try not to drop the knife, because what will happen is after you drop the knife, the first or the first few times, and your latch starts breaking Your latch won’t be able to close a beer, so you’ll be able to push it in, but the light will just come out or just spit out, and the thing is is that the sheath is designed to perfectly fit the knife, so it’ll it’ll perfectly fit it.

But obviously kind of the latch out, so you have to keep the latch closed right. So obviously, if your latch won’t stay there it’ll push out and it will actually break into the bottom of the sheath. As I remember just to keep that in mind, if you do want to keep this the sheath in good condition and also keep the knife in good condition – or you can just do what I’m probably going to do sometime soon and just remove the latch because it’s It’s busted, it’s just.

It’s gone, it’s busted, so before we get into this review, I just want to remind you all that this is a ten dollar a bad night. It’s not a quality, squid industries, trainer or anything like that. So remember just to keep that in mind. I know a lot of you. Basson community people already know that, but for those of you who are new and just want to see how it gets a review on that then yeah just keep that in mind.

This isn’t like $ 150 squid trainer, it’s just a regular $ 10 knife, so it doesn’t have phosphorous prongs of washes or quality tang pins or anything like that. It’s just a normal $ 10 and I made by some Chinese people in a sweatshop okay. So that was a little bit rude, so obviously this knife comes with a latch. So first of all I just want to talk about the latch a little bit. So obviously I, if you’re, if you’re part of the Bastogne community, a lot of you, would be used to flipping latch lists.

I know that there are definitely knives out there like the VRS, replicant and alphabet honor, that those have latches some come latch lists, but for those of you who prefer to flip latch lists, you can just skip this part, because I’m sure this part way – and really It’s part, one really, you know be useful to you, but for those of you who do flick with the latch. Let’s talk about that so, first of all, the latch is if it can be focus it’s very it’s.

It’s really busted. You can just tell it’s. It’s super busted, it’s like really close to coming off. It’s just that the the meadow hasn’t like it’s split, but it hasn’t split far enough for it to be pulled off. So it’s literally just passed the point. It’s like there’s no way to fix it. You have to get a completely new latch, there’s just no way um. The other thing about the latch is that you may notice that my latch is doing with these abnormal movements it’s going in places where it shouldn’t be like when I close it sometimes it’ll be already it’ll, be there or it’ll just automatically close, and that’s because the Spring on the latch to the spring, you might not be able to see it.

The spring on the latch is also broken to do with the actual knife the play there is a lot of play on these handles. Look at that. That is a lot of play. So there’s a lot of play and when it comes to the flipping that can get in the way, no all the time it doesn’t always get in the way, but it definitely can be annoying now from what I remember straight out of the box, because I’ve bought This this was like my first proper knife, so I didn’t know how to do like Chaplin’s and rollovers, and all that when I was first starting out but from the point where I did start to do it, I Chaplin’s sorry I’m trying to stand yeah so chaplains.

They were pretty, they stuck perfectly they weren’t too loose, but at the same time they didn’t stick too much and rollovers pretty basic. They they just were perfect. I didn’t really have any issues with that, but now the rollovers they’re still the same, but when it comes to doing chaplains, the chaplains are a lot more looser and it becomes a little bit harder. So you kind of have to move your finger around with it.

Instead of just keeping it see, cuz I keep dropping it. It just falls out of your finger a little bit looser so that shifting, when it comes to the actual physical damage, you could definitely can see the damage. If you look closely focus, if you do look closely, you can see marks on it. You can see damage, probably not as well as what I can see it, but that definitely is a lot of damage you can see on the blade there’s a lot of marks.

It definitely looks a bit, it obviously looks used. So it’s a bit rough and yeah. That’s the three of the only bad thing about it. Besides that, besides the markings and the latch and the plate, it looks pretty normal. I suppose that’s everything though, but neither the I’m pretty sure these are the tank pins yeah, the tank pins they’re, pretty they’re pretty beat up. So when it comes to actually closing the knife, I found that once the tank pin started to break down a little bit, the knife would close like that, like there would be no gap in between and when I was closing the mouth.

I found myself pinching a lot, so I would because I’ll do like this like that and then the math would be it pinched me or even like that. Even going back to that closed position, I would find that the mass would constantly pinch me and I found that really annoying, and I remember one time I forgot what I was doing, but I got a big cut right there in the middle of my thumb and Indexfinger, because the because of the pinch, the pinch yeah when it comes to flipping wise now, I guess it really depends on how good you are like it’s still a good knife and everything like it does flip.

There are times where you will you wait. There are times where you’ll you’re way you will choke so yeah there is that, because, obviously the play and all that, but a one year on it is safe to say that if you are, you know becoming a beginner in the balance on community, and you just Want to get into flipping, I would definitely recommend this knife, because you know it’s cheap, it’s ten dollars and then again, if you don’t like flipping, then you can always just you know it’s it’s not that big! A deal of ten dollars see ya very nice knife.

I forget the measurements: it’s not really important, but, yes, it is still a pretty good knife after one full year thereafter, you you know obvious problems with it, but all in all, it’s still a pretty solid knife. I was really surprised with this. Considering it was $ 10. I honestly thought that it would have broken down after about a month or two, but it’s still with me about a year afterwards.

I can still do my advanced tricks. It’s a bit hard for me because obviously there’s a big tripod and a camera in between me and the actual knife, but not it is still good for flipping. It’s definitely a good knife. I would definitely recommend again for anyone who’s like just starting out yeah, again $ 10 dragon tattoo butterfly knife on ebay or amazon – very nice, not very great, very good knife.

Obviously, it’s not anything as strong as like a BRS replica, an alpha beast like a squid trainer, but again, if you’re, just starting out and you want to you – know, learn a little bit about butterfly knives or ballast stones and like just how to or you’re just Looking just for something to pass the time, I would definitely recommend picking up something like this again, because it’s it’s $ 10, it’s really nice and cheap.

It determines whether you actually want one, because I knew that from this I wanted to start getting into more professional flipping, but obviously Australia. Our knife walls are really stupid, so we can’t get anything like the BRS replicants or alpha beasts because they’re illegal, but I have bought a squid train, a Triton and a squiddy, so I know that this will become just like Zoe, okay. I know that that will become just solely my sort of practice knife, which would just become the thing that I learn how to do like surgeon chaplains with because I haven’t mastered desert chaplain.

I can do one, but after my second one it all goes downhill from there. So yeah. I guess that’s really it. So. Thank you so much for reading guys, if you did enjoy this article, don’t forget to drop a like. Oh sorry, I it helps me know that you enjoyed this article and if you are new, you hit that subscribe button. I do plan to release more butterfly my articles, I in the future, as I did said before, I did buy squiddy and a trident, so I will be doing a review on those when they arrived.

So yes, so thank you again so much for reading stare at you, melons and I’ll see you on the next article bye, guys

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