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VidIQ or TubeBuddy (Best SEO Research Tool for 2020)

Two buddy honestly, I have an account with both and I’m constantly comparing trying to decide which one I like better. What I want to show you today. I want to compare apples to apples a lot of other articles that I’ve looked at when they’re, comparing maybe they’re, comparing a real free version against the free version. I highly recommend not getting the free version.

You do get so many more benefits getting that pro level. That bottom level, but from here I’m looking at myself, trying to decide which one am I going to upgrade and what are the features, but what I’ve learned as I was searching, this isn’t what I’m not. This is not what the articles about you trying to upgrade. I’m going to show you the features on the pro account and I’m going to show you what I’m doing to look at each one of the features one at a time, because each of them are Chrome extensions and what has been happening is all the features are On my page, at one time when I go in to upload a article, there’s two buddy features and there’s vid IQ features, and I actually like them all.

But I started thinking what, if I compared them one at a time without the other one there and am I missing something. So that’s kind of my goal for you. If you’re like, I am you’re caught in between the two of them and you’re like which one should I use, let me show you what I’m doing to help me with that decision and also I’ll give you a tip at the end that I’m going to use As well so, let’s dig in and let’s look at the features of each one and the price because, like I said, I’m comparing apples to apples, I want you to see that that you know both of them are the bottom level Pro account or plan alright.

Now this one is vid IQ and vid IQ. You know it has all the features here. How many right here you’re looking at this one see where it says 750 a month. A lot of people want to look at the free, but we’re looking at the one that you’re paying for at the bottom. Okay and as you’d see there’s only one user, which is good with me. One blog, that’s fine, competitor tracking, which I do like about vid IQ.

There’s a couple neat things even on the higher plans. But after that there’s a lot of description, keyword, search analysis, top tweets articles, things like that. I’m actually going to take you into my account. There’s a lot of analytics in there, but what I noticed when I was in there now remember this is where my brains go with the pro vs Pro. I noticed that there’s a lot of analytics well, a lot of these analytics are already in YouTube.

I found there wasn’t really for me. Somebody else might know it a little deeper, but there really wasn’t anything in the analytics that popped that I wasn’t getting from YouTube. So this is where the research is going. So, let’s jump over to YouTube to buddy. It starts at 9:00, but this is something neat the two buddy does have you. Can you can mark this where it says I have less than a thousand subscribers read what happens 450 a month.

I love that too. Buddy does that that they help the small blogs out one of the things that’s really hard when you’re new on this online business and trying to set up all these software tools is in the beginning, you’re thinking this is going to be free. Well, it’s not if nothing is free, the right, no free lunch right even with this, but you’re still trying to decide which tools do I need to buy, and I bought a couple tools that I absolutely didn’t need in the beginning, but I didn’t get scammed, but I got convinced that I needed them and I bought them so you’re going to go through that everybody does.

So what I want you to do is really start with the pro account start with something low and make sure you’re using it before you upgrade. But anyway, I love that about to buddy at 450 a month that that’s a piece of cake, alright and if you want to pay yearly – and you have more than a thousand subscribers at 720, okay, so that gives you an idea there with price. I wouldn’t want to slide down just so.

You can kind of look at features. You can go, google vid, IQ pricing or buddy pricing and then you can sit down and compare features, ok, so tons of features. Now I’m not going to go into all those features, because I have both of them and I’m going to show you what my blog looks like. I brought up a article right here and it has both of the features showing and you’ll see how busy it is. Ok, we’ll slide down there’s over here to the right, there’s checklists.

I can go in there’s even more information. My vid IQ score see where it says 72. I love looking at that score. Both of them see how these certain keywords that I have some of them are in blue and some of them are in green. The green, I think, is to buddy the blue or vid IQ, but both of them do the keyword, analysis, which is great so no difference there and it’s kind of neat to see that both of them have the same scores so keep going down.

When you upload your article, I love how see down here at the very bottom. I love how vid IQ will have the top 3 keyword searches. So I always like getting those. What else do I like? Okay, look up here in the right top right corner, see how here it’s telling me. I can open this up the analytics and it’s telling me exactly how many articles are being readed in the last 60 minutes in the last 48 hours.

Now being a new blog. That’s exciting to me because there was a time when I’ve run about 300 to 400, sometimes 500 in 48 hours and you’re thinking. Well, that’s not very much. It is if you’re, new and you’re small and it’s fun to read those numbers get bigger, and this is your total time read time 4000 hours. Yes, I just applied to be monetized and you can read those numbers increase. If that’s important to you, I guess once you get huge, that might not be important, but these are things I like, but somebody as I was reading another article or blog, they said take one of the extensions off and then see what’s there and then compare so.

Let’s do that now, I’m going to take one of the extensions off and I’m going to show you how up in the top right hand, corner there’s three little dots, open it up and go under more tools and then over here it says extensions. You can turn off and turn on your extension. So let’s turn off vid IQ, okay and we’re going to look at two buddies. So now that word, that’s off I’m going to refresh my page and then we’re going to go back and look and see what it looks like without buddy.

Is there anything that we’re missing? Okay, as you can see, I came back in and I had to refresh the page, so there was a lag for me anyway, but now there’s only green next to all those keywords. The one thing that’s really neat about this. This is one of my older articles and I brought it up on purpose, because I want to show you how you can use these tools when you’re uploading, but it’s good to go back like this one here it has been up for about seven months.

It’s got like eight thousand views, it’s my number one ranking article and I can go back in and maybe get rid of some of those tags that are not ranking and maybe do some research on the side and then change them up. If that makes sense – and now I have two buddy okay, this is what I’m using so notice. The analytics that I had up in here in the corner is gone. That was one of the things that made me decide.

I want to keep at the very least the pro account with vid IQ again, I don’t know which one I’m going to upgrade, but I definitely don’t want to lose those analytics. I look at them, I like them, so I can go here to to buddy to help me come up with more keywords by just selecting this icon and I can select here where it says, keyword Explorer and it’s a free tool or it comes with two buddy And in this tool I can put in the word HootSuite, I could even say HootSuite versus buffer.

That’s the name of my title of my article. Let’s see what happens, what comes up and what its going to do? It’s going to give me some longtail keywords over here to the right HootSuite versus, but for 2019 HootSuite versus buffer versus later. Maybe I could take off the vs. Buffer see what happens, but these are all keywords that I could try to put in and take out. Some of the ones that don’t have anything – and it’s all right here within this program – okay, who’s, sweet tutorial, HootSuite review, HootSuite social media marketing, so I could add those actually I could click them hit copy to clipboard and go right in and add them in.

So that’s how easy it is to continue to use these tools, so that’s to buddy and I’m going to go up on the side. Another thing that I like the two buddy has is this little checklist: there’s 13 best practices and one here I’ve got 11 out of 13. I think I I don’t post directly from here to Facebook or Twitter, I kind of do it a different way, so it doesn’t pick it up, but those are two things that are on there all right.

So if you looked at this with two buddy, I would almost think if I didn’t know what else to buddy did behind the scenes it looks like vid IQ would be better, but let’s put vid IQ on and take two buddy off now. Remember, you’ve got that keyword, search tool, that’s right at your fingertips, all right, I’m going to pause, which won’t be long for you and I will pull up a vid IQ. I got to change it and refresh everything all right.

Welcome back. I know that was like two seconds for you, but um that IQ is on now and notice. I’ve got my analytics up here at the top, which I like and then right here in the center I’ve got some analytics. There’s an action score 72 out of 100. The higher that score is the better and different things tags with volume see my tag. Volume is low. Again, that’s telling me you need to go in and change some of your tags up.

I left it here on purpose. Just so you can see and then again all the tags that are ranking have numbers next sim, the higher the number the better and then I’ve got these higher ranking tags at the bottom. So my my advice to you, if you’re in the same dilemma like which one should I use, use one at a time and ask yourself, is that something I want or don’t want now I’m getting ready to decide which one I’m only going to upgrade one and Here’s my tip to you go into only one of those two accounts and go to that higher.

Let me go back up to the pricing, maybe get the legend account for one month with two buddy use. It see how I like it and then back it down to the pro both of them. Allow you to do that and then the next month get the vid IQ top account and I think it’s called a plan and it’s the boost plan right here. Okay at $ 39 a month, yes, this one’s cheaper. Sometimes I don’t look at price as much as the value of the product, which one am I really going to use, and I see good things in BO.

I know vid IQ is really good about comparing you can go if you get the boost, you can go into your competitors page and it’ll. Give you a spreadsheet that you can export of all their articles and their keywords and which ones have ranked, and things like that you could go in and export it and then get lower your account and then use that data to drive your content to decide. What kind of content that you’re going to have you don’t want to look at your competitors, stuff and recopy it per se, but you want to say see what are they doing? What’s ranking what are people searching for and then you can say? Okay, I can do the same topic, but do it better, maybe add more information to it so that my audience can get even more out of it, because you’ve got to remember: there’s billions of people out there and there’s someone out there for everyone.

If that makes sense, so hopefully this helped you just you know to kind of get a feel of what you need to do, to look at vid IQ and to buddy. I’m not going to sit here and say either. One is 100 percent better than the other. I’m finding some features in each one that I like. So if it’s going to help me with my business, then I’m going to use them. I just now need to decide which one am I going to up my account with.

So if anybody uses these, they and they’ve made a decision. They’ve done. Some research feel free to add that in the comments, not only will you be helping me, but the other people that are reading it as well. That’s what this is all about, helping each other before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe. I am posting articles three times a week, Monday Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:30. So don’t forget to hit the notification button as well and I’m thank you for reading and I’ll see.

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