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How To Automate Your Social Media Marketing Agency (HUGE)

I got car money, fresh start money. So what’s up guys, my name is Iman. I’M the owner of a digital marketing agency, based here in London, we’re currently just in my home office, sitting down, and I was doing some work and the idea of automation came to mind.

One of my coaching students two, three days ago: Look if you are trying to build your social media marketing agency. If you’re trying to build your digital marketing agency, you really have to pick and choose where you allocate your time and where your time is spent. So I mean not only a favor marketing agency, no matter what you’re doing in life, you want to automate things. You want to keep things as streamlined as possible.

That way, your limited willpower and whatnot that can be spent on the most important stuff. And what is the most important stuff for a marketing agency owner? Well, I’ll go into that in detail in another article, but really its sales and delivering results. So, firstly, it’s we get clients then make money. Number two, it’s okay. We had these clients now, let’s deliver results so that they stay for a year rather than a month, because trust me, it is a lot easier.

Keeping clients than trying to get new ones. So back in the day when I first started my marketing agency, I would have all my clients assets whether I created them. So basically, assets are photo article graphics, so I’d have them all stacked up, and I would have my schedule my plan for the month when I’m posting. What and every single day I would go on my phone. I never posted manually and fuck-me.

He did take a really long time, so really I was only able to take my agency to another level once I started using tools like sprout social now, there’s other ones out there like buffer and HootSuite. I think, but for me sprout social is like by far the best we’ll go into that later, so yeah. It was really only once I had time freed up that I was able to work on acquiring new customers or delivering results, which has nothing to do with.

Actually distributing content, that’s all for brand awareness, so yeah. I tried out sprout socials 30 day free trial. I also tried out buffer and, as I said, HootSuite I used that for a bit, so I tried all of them out and sprout social. It came out on top for me and it was just a game changer, as I said not only a time where I actually have to physically, like post stuff, but also just the mental energy of knowing that it was taking care of that day.

Now these days I take automation to another level and one of the people that actually works. For me. He he schedules all of my clients content a month in advance, but sprout social. You can post on LinkedIn, you can post on Facebook Twitter. The only platform that won’t actually post on your behalf is Instagram, so you get a post notification and you just put that to it’s super simple. But once again he actually manages that for me – and he writes all of my clients, social media captions to really automation like I’ve got that down now, but look most of you guys will be exactly like I used to be.

I couldn’t afford someone to do that. For me, luckily now I can, as my agency has grown, so you got to fixate on automation and making this thing as streamlined as possible. So that is why you need to focus on automation so, as I said how to do it, if you can’t afford to pay someone a monthly retainer like I do to handle this stuff for me, then use a service like buffer, HootSuite, sprout social, now I’ll, actually Kind of be reviewing sprout social today, what I like about it, no sprout social, actually represents everything that I stand for.

My agency stands for, which is like new, fresh, innovative dope-ass branding, really cool visuals, so sprout social provides that and I’m just going to throw up some articles and whatnot see. So you can see the sprout social interface, what it looks like inside and what not also grab some clips online of that for you so yeah and sprout social. You can pretty much do everything you can schedule your posts.

It even has a feature. Will auto post it at the time that gets the best engagement for your clients? You’Ll actually track all the data, and I hate end-of-the-month marketing reports, but it’s so easy with a sprout social literally rather than spending hours that I actually used to do. Just writing out reports pulling in different information from different places literally and sprout social. It’S got a reporting tool like I just print it off, stick their logo on and that’s it you can track Facebook ads in their track.

Leads conversions like bunch of bunch of cool stuff. This is a bunch of cool analytics and, as I said, just the amount of time that it saved me has been incredible whether that be on actually posting this stuff, myself reporting checking different stats. Optimizing like it’s been a lifesaver personally and really the best part. Is they offer 30 day free trial? So that’s an entire month where you can test it out, see whether you like it or not, and as I said, I tried buffer sprout social and HootSuite.

So I tried all of them. I tried the free trial for all of them and by far sprout social favorite, so there’s actually a link to get that down in the description and it’ll. Take you straight to the promotional 30-day free trial so go ahead and click that link, because I’m not really sure how much longer they’re going to keep it up for and when it’s gone, it’s gone. So in this article we spoke about why it’s important to automate.

We talked about how to do it and, lastly, I want to ask you: why do you get into entrepreneurship? Why do you get into marketing is because you want a time, freedom, location, freedom and, as I said, without automating, you might as well be working a nine-to-five, because we want to be able to have all these systems in place so that you can take the day Off, if you want, you can go on a holiday if you want, because you know all these systems are working smoothly, you’ve put in all these automation processes and truly you’re self-employed anyways guys, that’s all from me today.

If you are not subscribed to this blog go ahead and click Subscribe and then right next to it, there’s a little Bell, click that so you get a notification next time. I upload articles there’s new articles on this blog every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. My name is Vinny man and I’ll catch. You guys in the next one


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