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Build your own Drone Frame

That’S right! How do you design manufacture, send off and get your frames so that you can hold it in your hand? Now, on this blog, I don’t always have the ability to do all the things that are very cool in this hobby, like design your own frame design, your own canopy design, your own accessories, like this axial holder, that I just printed.

So this was actually all done by Miguel senior member of the FPV community. Here in Houston. He goes by the pilot named El profie, and so he is actually one of the ones that I’ve learned quite a bit from in this hobby, he’s been in a few years longer than my three years or so, and so he’s always happy to help people tune To help people fly to help new people to set up races do time trials to sit. There read you fly through his goggles analyze your techniques and give you tips, and so it’s all about that ability to pay it forward.

And so when we get to the edge of my knowledge and my skill set, that’s what I’m going out to the community to find out from people who know better how to do it. So I’m going to show some of the pictures of the design along the way. This is a sandwich stop frame and it takes inspiration from a few of the existing frames on the market today that you may spot two or three of those things that he drew.

Inspiration from had a little bit of help from our friend made a in town, getting the final touches on this very cool house like a little mini. Mohawk fan right there and definitely now so one of the things that he told me he did when he was designing this frame was he wanted the ability to run? You know full-size stacks he’s done by 20 bytes. I think this is actually the second or third frame he’s designed in town from the ground up.

It’S using for press press nuts in the center right here to hold the arms in place and I’ll show some pictures of the diagrams of how those arms actually fit together. The arms are quiet long. They go all the way into the center and meet in the middle right here so that they can stay very rigid. This is a very rigid carbon fiber. It’S five mils. I think he’s actually going to make a revision to this and he said he’s going to bring it down to four and a half mil.

You can see that the standoff with is staggered. It’S slightly thinner in the front, then it is in the back. That’S an interesting design decision right. There has some gummies built into this layer that your stocks going to attach to he likes to use these very thick dog bone style, standoffs which I can tell just by handling them, are much stronger than the other ones, and I’ve been test printing, this AXI holder, Which is going to fit on these rear standoffs just like this and will hold the AXI antenna in there like that, and so you can see.

I still haven’t even cleaned up this print, but it’s cool like so definitely always make friends with the people in your fpv community because they can help you tune. They can help. You learn how to fly. They can help you, you know, even if you have the skills to do something like this, which I don’t have. I haven’t have a 3d printer, so he can give me some of those designs. I can test print them from him now.

One of the things that I don’t advise you to try to do unless you’re very experienced is to print a nylon canopy. So we have this printed by one of the top. You know canopy printers, there’s two major ones in the hobby that always going to want to go to there’s a Phoenix resolutions Chris Griffin over there and then there’s also brain 3d solutions. So those are the two big ones that I would suggest that you go with.

For if you need to get something printed in nylon, printing nylon is not as easy as putting PLA or TPU like this is at your house, and so you have to be careful to get it just right. So let the experts do it. It’S worth paying. The fifteen or twenty dollars, so the nice thing about when you have these frames cut, you can get them cut from CNC madness, which is a place up in Canada. A lot of the frame designers here, stateside use them.

They ship fairly fast there. They do good work. This is cut very nice and very smooth and very well. You can design decide on the type of carbon that you want. The layer thickness, there’s a lot of variety of options that you can choose from when you send it off now. One of my first questions to him after I saw this frame, which you know I thought it was awesome, was what’s the cost you know, and the cost ends up being about 60 to 70 dollars.

So you don’t really save a ton. Maybe if he started to you know generate a ton of these, but he didn’t do this for resale he just likes to be able to have full control over every aspect of his quads. Miguel is known for extremely clean builds, so, if you’ve enjoyed the builds on, my blog i’d have taken a lot of advice from him over the years on build techniques. I’M always reading what he’s doing and, of course, he’s always able to advise in the field when he sees that you show up for the first few times with junky cold solder joints, which is a no-no, so yeah, very, very cool, awesome job on this Miguel.

I’Ve seen it in action, it flies quite well, and you know I personally like to just buy my frame off the shelf and go, but I think it’s an awesome skill to learn. Fusion 3d learn how to do all these drawings, but I I’m pretty familiar with editing software, which I know isn’t the easiest to use. You know photo and really more article editing software. So maybe I can learn this too and start designing some of my own parts.

So awesome job very cool. If you ever wondered, you know how long it takes Miguel said it didn’t take too long for him to learn how to do fusion 3d. I really like that he’s left a dedicated spot in there for the battery strap to go. That’S handy he’s left a little spot at the back so that you can zip tie your power leads and keep them secure. Most of us are running three screws on our frame, so he’s went ahead and eliminated that fourth screw hole to add a little bit of extra protection and save a little bit of weight and material, and he added a couple of little holes at the front to Secure wires or other things like that, this actually holder is actually a dual purpose that he designed there’s room for a capacitor back here too, so his builds are really cool.

I’Ll! Try to get you a picture of one of these. One of these completed builds. Look like so that you guys can see it. So what you guys think leave a comment down below if you’ve ever thought about designing your own frame where any fpv parts, what’s your favorite part of doing builds? Is it assembling the frame soldering all up, and if you know how to use any of the software and have some cool files, do you upload them the finger versus? Do you want to sell them? Do just want to make it so that you have something unique when you go out to the field, this frame doesn’t have a name so post in the comments.

What you think the name should be. I don’t think you’re going to be able to get your hands on one because he’s really just making these for himself, but who knows? Maybe we bug him enough thanks guys,


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