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Start A Hair Business on INSTAGRAM with NO WEBSITE | Instagram Marketing Tips

All of that needs to go toward your Instagram page. For my Alaskan local TV reporter Charlo Greene is right. That means it’s right now, give it up for the one and only Charlo, sticky, icky green. So one of our viewers reached out and asked me to outline how they would go about starting a hair extensions business only on Instagram, I don’t there isn’t any more information that they added there as to the.

Why, but I’m going to answer it. So if you are building a business with the intent of selling on Instagram, you will have to understand that your Instagram page needs to have all of the work and energy that you would have put into a website. All of that needs to go toward your Instagram page, so just because it’s only on Instagram doesn’t mean that it’s any less of a business. It doesn’t mean that you get a shortcut or get to get to the money any faster, because you’re cutting out the website understand that.

I think it would actually put you at a huge disadvantage because at least personally for me, I’m not giving you my money. If it’s not going through like a website that looks legit and has like a security certificate and then also through PayPal, so I can just I can make sure that nothing’s going wrong with my transaction if you decide to run off with my money. So that aside, I would make posting on my social media on my Instagram page my job.

Like that’s literally, going to be your job, you have to make sure that you have researched your hashtags that have found the ones that are working to get you. The kind of traction and traffic that leads to sales not just looks not just impressions, not just engagements for engagement sake, but the kind of traffic that is going to lead to sales. Like I said, am I getting started on social media article? You are going to have to understand that when people are searching for hashtags in a specific area, which is why I always say to lead with your geographical area in all of your marketing, but when they’re searching for a stylist or a style to get done, they Are going to search we’re an Oakland dish, Oakland hairstylist Oakland front will install like put yourself in your customers, shoes and figure out the hashtags that they are going to be searching for when they have the intent of doing something with that information.

So that’s a big thing that you need to understand. You also need to make sure that you have a way to accept payments. I always suggest utilizing PayPal. I think it’s the safest and most secure and adds that extra level of trust with your customers, because they know that they are protected when it comes to their purchases. So if you don’t have a website for the payments to automatically come up with the totals you’re going to have to know how to send invoices, which you can also do with your PayPal – account just login whatever the total is for the item that you’re selling create An invoice for that.

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It’S really really straightforward and send that off to your customer. They can pay that with their PayPal or with their credit card, and you will get a receipt once that payments been made, then you go ahead and ship out the items. So I would say it’s all pretty straightforward, but I would think for this sort of thing to work, for you to be able to only operate on Instagram, you have to have a really unique selling proposition.

You have to really be doing something great for me to choose you person random person only on Instagram with absolutely no other web presence over. Like me and my company, we we have website and we’re out here, marketing and doing articles and like earning your trust. So there are hair extensions industry celebrities. There are the people that slay the wigs like the Alonzo Arnold’s. There are a bunch of people with really huge names in the industry that can do this, and this is working just fine for them, but it works for them because they have a brand that is trusted.

They’Ve put the time and energy into amassing a huge engaged following that sees that they show up every day that sees them on social media, making these units that sees the skill that they bring to the table, and they know that they aren’t going to find this Somewhere else, so the option of going to a website and just choosing one of these wigs that are so custom done it’s just not there, so their businesses are thriving only on Instagram when it comes to you to selling bundles understand, that’s probably not if you were Selling units in a specific area – and you were the only person doing it and you were maybe making these units by hand – then that’s something.

But again you have to have something really unique that you’re selling. Otherwise, this is just not going to work otherwise you’re, putting yourself off at the ankles an instance where this did work, but it wasn’t because there was a celebrity involved, but this guy, no, he made $ 17,000 in his first couple of months without a website. But it’s because what did he have unique? He had the fact that he was a flight attendant.

He had receipts had pictures of himself in India in China and factories and would go to salons and go to stylists and say hey I go here. You want me to bring you back some hair, that’s what he did. Something super unique send them the invoice FaceTime with them, while he’s over there Disney. These are the bundles. You want okay, alright and that’s how he made his money. So it’s def doable. You just have to understand that if you’re just selling bundles you’re not going to win that way, if you’re going and taking an extra step in making custom units, that is an option.

But you have to approach the upkeep and maintenance and growth of your blog of your Instagram account like it is your job, because it is literally your job, so is it possible a building business only on Instagram? Absolutely what I recommend it absolutely not. Oh another reason why one is because it’s not scalable when you have someone that’s interested in placing an order with you. It takes you responding to them and crafting the invoice and sending the invoice and then getting it back for that order to happen, as opposed to a website where it’s working 24/7.

Whenever someone wants something, then they can just get it for us. We get a ton of purchases between midnight and 6:00 in the morning like a ton, I’m not about to be up at that time, working to respond to every last question and and request for a purchase and when you aren’t allowing people to purchase at the exact Time that they want to purchase, you are losing money you’re, giving people an opportunity to find someone else that can provide that service or product or whatever.

It is, unless you’ve built a strong enough brand like I am Alonso aren’t at. I am Alonso Ronald. You guys should check them out, he’s super super funny, but but yeah. So that’s how you build a business on Instagram. If you guys have a request for a article that you’d like to see me, do I will answer you just like. I do here hop in the comment section we’ll get to it till next time: guys: peace,

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