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Tum Hi Ho Arijit Singh live mtv india tour REACTION!!

We all do juicy things in our YouTube: blogs. Yeah. We have our own personal YouTube blog. We have our own personal YouTube blog. You should check out the cooking that guys doing over there yeah. I do some cooking if you want to call, but today we are reacting, it is a one who’s whose birthday is it Rick whose birthday isn’t? Well? Let me see: there’s approximately seven point something billion people on earth there’s 365 days of the year.

So if you divide seven point something billion by 365 and do some kind of a ratio percentage-wise there’s at least five, oh good, one of those five is Arjun Singh who in love it’s his birthday, he’s an amazing singer. We’Re going to, I was going to say, is Arjun Singh going to sing for us today. He’S right. This is called tomb hi-ho. I believe Tom hi-ho, sorry, you know where I went. I hope, but this is from his MTV – Live tour in India.

So alright, three two one go: hurry G takes us on his wall from his small-town roots to his part, to superstardom. He began his training and singing at the young age of three. I got to know from my mother that I was attracted to music. Both standard method, the scholarships kay bouts our example, so I got into one exam and I got a scholarship. That’S the moment. My guru ji started thinking he it might be a right option for me to go through after twelve exam.

I was kind of sure that, okay, this is the way to know where company he came to goodbye and took pause, and a couple of reality shows. Oh he’s one of those with his unique singing style. It’S okay and worked with all the big names. It was very, very special appears where I learned, I think, the most being hearing away he had to struggle for a while before getting his big break. Dang everything is good in life because the energy is completely different than any other place on earth, but once he got the break there was no stopping the hands.

I love this commentator, the narrator. You need to concentrate on the song, it’s just you have to own. The sound, I think, that’s when you get that feeling that I’ll have to do something really really special to the some and that’s how I think the song will have that different vibe. He has broken new ground with his live performances. The grandeur of the music is different. You can really feel the grandeur is the best place to be to juice it another many you do yeah how how cool? I know obviously we’ll never ever experience this, but that that moment, when thousands upon thousands of people are singing your song yeah, that’s exactly what I honed in on and it it just reminded me of the instant thing that came to my mind was what a truly And I’m going to wax philosophical, a truly sacred intimacy between artist and audience happens, whether it’s singing of songs or just being touched because literally like for a song.

When you write a song that song came from in you and comes out and is inside of someone else, and it becomes a shared thing with somebody same thing: experientially when you experienced a beautiful motion, picture and you’re touched emotionally by an actor’s performance, what was in Them is now in you and that’s why you feel this sense of kinship with them. That is for me, one of the most important aspects of artistry, because I can’t think of any other medium.

We do as an endeavor as human beings that not only touches on the aesthetics that we appreciate and enjoy together and celebrate as human beings that make us human, but that it’s that it’s that intimacy, that happens. Something transpired that began inside of the artist and is transmitted into the audience, and they in turn give you back something of themselves. It’S a it’s a really really special precious thing, and yes, we won’t experience it that way that you know the closest I’ve ever come to.

That is is when you get a live audience in a play: yeah and then the interactions we have with the stupid babies over the past year is the closest that we’ve come where we actually feel that sense of connection. You know yeah yeah, that’s beautiful and obviously have to tell you guys that he’s an amazing singer. It’S that’s obvious. It’S hobby! It’S like! Oh he’s, amazing! No, but, like I didn’t know, he was like almost like an American Idol type.

I didn’t know he came from like those competitions right I’d write. Did I so he’s like a Kelly Clarkson type like he came from those type of shows now he’s just a household name yeah. I obviously he’s not touring now, but I wonder if he ever tours in the United States, because I would I would totally go see Arjun Singh. I would absolutely go sailin. If I’m not mistaken. I think when I was last in Calcutta.

I think the meet-and-greet that Indrani and I did was happening on the same day. His concert was happening. I’M surprised anybody came. I would be very happy I’d love a via Slee. I would. It would be very similar to I’m like when we went. We got the honor to read you stodgy Zakir. Hussain, live. We listened as much as we could to him before we went. I would love to do that with him. I would love to be able to see him in concert and get some of his music under our skin, so that we could really appreciate it.

You know so we could say a song and we could sing along exactly it’s beautiful to hear so many lyrics like they go dil se there’s so many times. We’Ve heard similar lyrics throughout we’re slowly we rot in D. One word: I heard a ton Xin begi, yeah zindagi. I I think it means like life. I think there’s something like that or I don’t know I hear it is every no dil is the heart. So you got ta. I know whenever with any plain song where somebody would say I cha and you’re all over the all over that that’s my next hindi scene yeah.

This is me three minutes do it over and over absolutely. That should be a thing. I should do like a article where I just sit in different positions and just say: that’s yeah like if I was a spokesperson for a product, they would just come on Taj Steve. I’Ve got it right now and buddy connected, and he trust me anybody connected with old monk. You need to utilize Corbin miles like the most interesting man in the world and all he ever does he’s seated in different positions.

Drinkin old mugs saying give it to the score: [ Laughter, ],

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