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Irish People Try Weird Coffee

Try share jokes means all that fun stuff soon join us. You pretty bad and coffee. Like I don’t drink coffee. I get like the jitters. Really quick, you strike me as a spiced pumpkin, latte kind of guy like is it like instant coffee or is it like mad crazy, off-the-wall kind of it’s 100 % going to be instant or any of these coffees extracted from a cat’s, anus good, good little instrument? Now my coffee look fresh welcome to try bit of a non-event yeah.

Do you know what it tastes like the kind of coffee that, like beat cops, would drink? You know when they’re on the beat, I only got shown the coffee bean. I just got shown us. I can get put into it at all. That’S nice! I really like it. It takes a coffee. I don’t want even compare that to Irish coffee is not often that Irish coffee have alcohol in it. Let’S try that. Oh No God’s sake, there’s a spine off of that holger’s classic roasts.

It’S not it’s not a cafe coffee. But oh, it’s like good home brew. It’S a donut shop, coffee I’d like to swear, but I don’t want to be focused that can fuck off there. She is oh, it smells actually much better as well. It smells much much better. Oh, it smells great, it smells like smells yeah very. This is like a mocha. It actually is more like a hot chocolate. Isn’T it yeah? It is. You know what that’s weird, but it’s alright, I’m sorry, but that’s not coffee.

I don’t know what that is. Hmm that is not comfortable there. I’M shaking that hot chocolate with like depression. Yes same, oh my god, that is sad. That is so hard to be a snob to make it so hard to live. Marshmallows be nice in it. Do you think blowing? No! No! I don’t like wet marshmallows. That was your nickname in school. Look at us there’s no way a person that we know sort of waiting there. This is like hot chocolate have an ugly baby with with coffee, and you love hot chocolate, so you can’t be like hot chocolate.

You’Ve got an ugly baby, so you have to just be nice about this. Oh look at his face. Well sure, I’m coffee, oh fuck, overwrought! This isn’t soup bit of a stronger taste. / smile brother smells worse than the first one, no same one as the first one. No, I took the smell worse than the first one. It’S much milder roast. Oh smells. Alright, mmm, that’s water, like I don’t taste as absolute water. Did you get this in the bathroom bitter, it’s bitter coffee, mushrooms are berries, would ya, there’s no flavor less! It’S rotten, it’s Blackwater! Look at this dip Tyrion a moment.

I think it’s better than the first one. I disagree. You gave the first one negative to who this gets. A fucking kick in the face any time, mom, there’s so much work on it. Is this main to confuse people, mushrooms, mushrooms, it’s not like mushrooms, that’s just soup! It’S really! This is caffeine. This is what it does to me subscriber says as the fun guys fun guys. I see what they did. Thank you.

Have you ever been sipping on your coffee, they’re, right and you’re just thinking I just wished that this was more and more sure me. Oh, I would not be my cup of tea. Look at all those parent accounts on top. Is this Tirion fruit? Coffee, don’t tell me it is there’s no plan to play now. I do, I guess felt I can smell the earth. Food smells like feet, smells like feet, soup, alright, that butter and coffee it’s a pot of coffee.

What is that? It’S fruit, a stereo Julian from coffee you, sick, twisted, I’m fucking, triggered the second action sure is coffee. Look at that looks like vomit mmm. It actually looks like vomit smells like a freaking out brain. I don’t know. If I can do this, you can’t do this James. We can do it if we do it together. This is dead. This Is It this. Is it yeah, so Justine’s having a breakdown yeah? Anybody has that skipped ahead.

Yeah, it’s great! You know I want to be known as Sir Donal king of the jurian, so I shall enter this jury in this. Tell me mother, it’s so lumpy, so lumpy, Oh so lumpy up until the day’s good either. No, it doesn’t no, no, it tastes like poop fruit. That’S why that’s what? Oh, my god, that’s! Why was it it’s inside me? I can. I was so mad at you that time you made us read the Irish accents, but this is something fucking extra.

I didn’t order this excuse me. Could I get a coffee with some fruit that tastes like a poo, please on a bit of sugar and milk? Thank you all right who me: why are you their email dresses, delicious coffee at home, another cop bullshit? It should be called poopy underscore shit tasting underscore. This is the worst fucking thing. I’Ve ever had coffee, hot shit, milk poo I’ll go up. I don’t Anna get the fuck off either.

I just wanted this inside me. I can’t get that in my mind. It’S in viña, it’s no part of you. It’S going to grow a durian tree. Odor are traitors to humanity. Whoever made the durian tree had a royal discussing the rod shit. Then you tried to kill us with durian fruit. I don’t know what that was about. To be honest, do you you sick, perverse people? I liked the first one. No, the mocha one was nice, but I liked the first one.

We do it one. Last time, Rafi yeah, like that click on the subscribe button, there’s also merchant oysters bells, is also it’s crap Justina and you want to say I was a breakdown going na course stage. One that works there we go subscribe. Is he Justine meltdown in a future article? Karl admins

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One reply on “Irish People Try Weird Coffee”

This is hysterical. As a retired US Navy man, coffee I prefer is something your “spoon will stand up in”. Mmmm. Caffeine to jump start the dead. Yes, I have now started to drink flavored on occasion, but these folks are correct. None tastes as good. And what is it about the Irish and the Instant Coffee? They will rave about (hot) tea but will drink instant? As for tea – they look at Americans as looney when you ask for “iced tea” ! Maybe, there is a marketing challenge for someone enterprising?

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