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Johnny Knoxville’s Extreme Nut Shots | Ultimate Cup Test | Jackass

Kids, kicking me in the groin that was one of the worst pains because they could get between the nether region and you get right in the for Neil yeah, the coronal Ridge, [ Laughter ].

You don’t have to swing that hard wait. I got ta get everything in there and when you think, sticking out the side and get pinched when you follow through follow through the head towards my crotch, but you got ta be not be such a girl and that’s got bad news written all over it. Dude. That’s bad, that’s bad, [, Laughter, ], great shot, don’t sing best shot ever get in there. Please! No! No! You guys did not hit me in the leg.

Get him in the butt. Myk’s myk’s never been hit. It’s a pretty dead-on hit most of my packages in this region, and that was the paintball at the bottom. Yeah makes you do that, I’m going to drop it on his nut. Oh my garbage is going to do it back out. See you’re gay. Tell me here comes, he threw the ball up, but he came back down hit my leg, [ Laughter, ],

What are you eating? Check out the video below to find out about a healthy snack.


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