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Eddie Hall SHOCKING Heart Health Denial

This out, we’ll have something like 22 vials of blood done, we’ll do a poo sample and a p sample. If there’s any adjustments to be made to the diet, then the anal analyst, where phil richards will pull it up, sit us down, go through absolutely everything and adjust the diet just a little hunch. But I reckon he’s going to tell you that you’re eating far too many animal products and far too little whole plant feeds.

Am I right. People comment below you’ve got to stop eating mcdonald’s yeah. I don’t hold out much hope for them. Do you it amazes me? People’s total disregard for their health and longevity actually laughing about it mind you it wasn’t too long ago that I was much the same. Happily I made the switch before it was too late. Let me just point out that I told mike’s going to bring ice packs. This yeah, I don’t see the problem, that’s one gorgeous handbag, it’s like he’s nicked his man’s picnic bag, six and a half hours later right.

So we’ve done these uh the blood tests. That is one box of blood tests. I mean the the nurses have said themselves that this is probably the most vials they’ve ever done right, we’re here with uh bags of literally right we’re going to go post these off. These will be next day delivery. We should get all the results back within a week and then we’ll go, see phil richards and get a good breakdown of everything.

That’s to come. So hey guys, i’m sat with phil richards right now now phil is a good friend of mine. He’s been helping me since the back end of 2015. I’d say three weeks ago. We did a very comprehensive test, we did bloods, we did stool, we did. We did a little bit of everything it was. It wasn’t cheap. I mean all that it was about 1500. Quid for all these tests, but, like phil always says to me, you know people are so willing to invest.

You know in a new bike in I don’t know in moisturizing creams, getting the hair done, the nails done. Why not invest in your health? It’s way way way more important yep. I couldn’t agree more, which makes me wonder why you are so willing to jeopardize your health by eating such an inordinate amount of animal products high in sap, fat, trans fats and cholesterol. Being at such a high level in your sport, I would have thought that, despite the continued narrative to the contrary, you would be aware that plant protein is virtually as bioavailable as animal products, with none of the life-ending downsides and the two real standout markers for me, Which are in the red zone or your histamine? Okay and the you know the side effects of ex of excess in histamine and your levels are very high.

Are things like low blood pressure irregular heartbeat? You know lots of agitation, hives and also cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest. I hear that can be quite harmful, so the normal markers for that is below 1.2 nanograms per mill and i’m on you’re, very, very high, and the estimates are coming from your foods as well. Obviously, and then the ratio, then, between diamine oxidase, which is an enzyme which degrades histamine, so it allows you to cope with those histamine, is also exceptionally low.

The the actual ratios so, as you can see, there’s something it’s a bad thing, because you’ll end up having lots of atrophy also in the gastrointestinal wall, you’re struggling absorbing foods. Okay, so those are the the red flags on the um on the gastrointestinal boom and permeability. So how do I up the lower the histamine yeah up the yeah, so we can lower the histamine by when I do your nutritional plan, I will have foods in there which are not so high in histamine, so that the eye histamine foods are the aged cheeses.

The meats, the alcohol, so we can decrease those types of foods, yeah bring in more things like fresh fish and stuff like that and vegetables as we spoke about, but on the diamine, oxidase omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin c and you can actually take a diamine oxidase supplement. Even better than that, instead of eating highly polluted fish with its bio-magnified dioxins, pcbs, heavy metals and estrogenic micro, plastics, etc, you could take an algae supplement.

All the benefits and none of the downsides. Don’t get your omega-3 second hand. Okay, then! So if we go on to the um stool sample um, so we saw thankfully, the only red flags that we saw in a very comprehensive stool sample were um. We can go straight. Yes, this is a dna. You can see a pure. It’s a dna stool analysis. It’s one of the most advanced you know. I just feel sorry for the poor scientists that opened up my example.

If you’re laughing at the stench, then you should know that the rotten egg smell hydrogen sulfide is responsible for inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. Helicobacter pylori as well, which is very, very common in a lot of people around 50 55 percent and as you said, that market eats away at the stomach wall. It can cause b12 deficiencies, which then leads on to other deficiencies because you’re very low in stomach acid.

You know you’ll end up there with lots of bloating, especially in in in the actual you know you eat. If you eat a fatty meal, it’ll just sit there for a long period of time. You can’t digest it yeah, especially if there’s protein in the meal as well, because that’s what the hcl is for some little bits of um over imbalance in the normal bacteria. But after asking my expert in this field, as he said, that’s all we need to do is increase your vegetation.

I’m shocked this particular marker here I did say this one you’re, this um private electri, that’s also um. As you can see, it’s part of the auto moon triggers that can cause chronic inflammation in the gap decade and that’s is like it could be, like tens of thousands of times higher jesus christ said this: oh okay, all right! Okay! So how do we get that down? That will also become by taking things prebiotics yeah pre-bought? Is it very good, let me decode that for you eat more legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, or, to put it another way, whole plant feeds.

We’ve got a high marker there yeah, and this is the calprotectin, which is an inflammatory marker given off by white blood cells in the bowel, which is showing us that there is inflammation going on in there. But I do believe from speaking to my expert again as soon as we start eating more anti-inflammatory foods, less animal products and processed junk and more whole plant foods. That will come down quite quickly and something I would check in about 12 months time and then we’re on then the cleveland heart lab panel and, as you can see here, the inflammatory panels.

The red flags here first of all in the inflammation panel, is something known. As lipoprotein associated phospholipids a2, it’s a marker which is telling us how vulnerable the blood vessel wall is at breaking. How much plaque is starting to develop there. This is a marker where the inflammation is at and whether you’re sitting down or whether you’re lifting you know a thousand pound, it’s there and it’s going on in the blood vessel walls.

Your blood vessels are under constant assault in case you’re unaware it’s kind of essential that our blood vessels are in good order. This is not good news and you should change your ways immediately unless, like most people, you want to be the cause of your own death from things like heart, disease or strike, then we’re looking at things like oxidized, low density lipoprotein, which is another predictor of cardiovascular Disease and again it also, this will come from inside the artillery walls.

Okay, so there’s they being sort of neutralized by macrophages, they become oxidized and they become very pro-arthrogenic so again, much more likely to cause problems within um, the narrowing of the arteries and eventually causing some potential problems down the line with a heart attack or a stroke. Sugar, so then we look at things like your cholesterol, your triglycerides and yeah they’re. All elevated no way um, but the big markers for us is this: it’s the ldl um particle number, so low density, lipoprotein particles, nearly double yeah.

You should be yeah, absolutely yeah. Well, you actually you’re nearly three times over. These are the most damaging of the ldl particles. Ldl is the only critical risk factor for getting heart disease, our number one killer. Where are you? I would be terrified right now. You know 935 and below. We want yeah and you’re, almost three thousand, I just my pants on his behalf. I guarantee that the reference number is probably about double.

What a plant-based doctor who prevents and reverses heart disease would aim for. So this means he’s about six times that so you’ve got lots of these particles to said which can slip into the blood vessel walls, and these are also very dangerous. The small low density lipoprotein part because if you speak, the cardiologists the real switched on ones, that’s they’re not really concerned about total cholesterol.

That’s that’s irrelevant. The reason that it’s irrelevant is that hdl, the so-called good cholesterol, has since been proven not to have a causal association with decreased heart disease risk. Yes, people with high hdl tend not to have so much heart disease, but adding in hdl to someone’s diet does not alter heart disease risk. Just like the more ashtray someone owns the more likely they may succumb to lung cancer, but the ashtrays do not raise the risk of lung cancer in and of themselves it’s the size of the particles, because they they like the sas they can slip in right.

Do a lot of damage and get out because I don’t even know about it – he’s trying to insinuate that only the small ldl particles are of concern. But if you look at the data in men, the small ldl particles raise the risk for heart disease by 44. But the large fluffy particles still raise the risk by 31 in women. The risk is 63 for small and 44 for large. We need all ldl to be low, ideally 57 milligrams per deciliter or better hard to do unless you avoid animal products and processed junk okay.

So my cholesterol is two three six yeah, so it should be at most 200. At most 200, if you’re happy to be normal in a population where one in two are affected by cardiovascular disease and one in three die of heart disease. I’d rather bulletproof myself. By aiming for 150 or lower again, though, total cholesterol is not half as important as total, ldl yeah below 200 yen right below 200, around 236 and not too bad, not too bad depends on how much you want to live.

I guess yeah, that’s fine clueless! So what you’re saying is it’s the parts the size of the past absolutely yeah, it’s going to cause the damage without a dead door, no just ldl in general, but the smaller particles are more damaging. It’s a bit like asking if you’d like to be stabbed with a big knife or a big knife, no knives zero knives to me and you can keep both types of ldl particles too. Your vitamin d, it’s in the it’s in an okay zone, but we want it up to 60 to 80.

. We almost want to double it. Ideally, he needs to double his vitamin d. This is a vitamin that people criticize a vegan diet for lacking in and he eats farm yards full of animals on the weekly. Ideally, vitamin d needs to come from the sun and failing that, we all need to supplement vegans and carnists alike, so we can do that through very intelligent sun beds and before you use sunbeds. The reason why people one of the reasons I should say they have the skin cancer, is because they eat too many omega-6 fatty acids, things like chicken, eggs and refined oils, it’s okay and they’re very low in antioxidants, and that causes the uvb rays to cause the Damage to the skin on average plant foods have 64 times the antioxidants of animal products.

Things to emphasize would be fruits and vegetables, particularly berries and herbs and spices, particularly amla, which is available from asian supermarkets, so out of nearly 400 markers uh phil’s. Just given me six six things to take basically multivet without iron, if you look at meta-analysis of multivitamins, they generally show to do if anything at all more harm than good. I am not a fan of shock, gutting synthetic vitamins and minerals.

We should get all of these as far as possible from whole plant foods, the fish oil plus with the vitamin d and biomagnified toxins from the oceans, the sewers of mankind. Do yourself a favor and switch that out in favor of an algae-based omega-3 all those toxins? Actually accumulate in the fish oil, which is obviously the q10 and yeah. It’s got the vitamin c in there as well. It’s got the vitamin e in there yeah, not vitamin c.

We can regenerate our own coq10 by eating chlorophyll-rich green vegetables, while also exposing ourselves to the sun for vitamin e eat things like sunflower, seeds, almonds and sweet potatoes, and then the vitamin c plus yeah magnesium, four eight thousand milligrams per morning or to do it more Healthfully, you could just eat more whole plant foods and then a prebiotic was 25 million prebiotics you mean soluble fiber and resistant starch aka whole plant foods.

Anyone else see a pattern emerging four different types of probiotics are not really worth much to optimize health. We need to strive for hundreds of different types. Sauerkraut has about 700 different types. Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage, which is a whole plant feed. Then you win yeah yeah you’ll. Put me onto that inulin. You mean that stuff found in whole plant foods such as lentils. You don’t need this guy’s supplement regime.

You need to speak to a green grocer, be a lot cheaper and healthier too. Thankfully nothing’s too bad your cholesterol, your triglycerides and yeah they’re, all elevated 935 and below. We want yeah and you’re almost three thousand. It’s a marker which is telling us how vulnerable the blood vessel wall is at breaking. How much plaque is starting to develop there? The big markers for us is this: it’s the ldl um particle number, so low density, lipoprotein particles, nearly double yeah.

You should be yeah. Absolutely yeah: well, you actually you’re nearly three times over you’re nearly three times over nearly three times over. I was just saying nothing that i’ve been told, i’m healthy and everything’s all good. They are talking about the number one cause of death in humans. Denial is not just a river in africa. I hope that eddie may give this book a look and potentially save his life.

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