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I work at danske commodities. We are an international trading company for energy, related commodities and located here nas. Our team is called portfolio development. We are very much a think tank or an R & D department of an organization we create and implement new ideas and business opportunities and develop new products and services for our customers, I’m responsible for one larger business area and then like a number of smaller projects.

I interact with a number of different stakeholders externally and internally: customers, regulators, partner companies and different departments inside of our company, and also we use a lot of time on market analysis to see where the market is moving. And where can we see new opportunities and danske commodities? I’ve also been a member of the task force for innovation management and I’m still today engaged in developing and implementing concepts and tools for innovation.

I studied the master and innovation management at Aarhus University BSS. Innovation is such a password, and so many industries, and that program has really taught me what it means to mature the innovative capability of an organisation and how we can advance and mature our processes. Our structures around developing new business. The master degree was mainly structured in four parts. I would say we really wanted to look at innovation from different angles, so we looked at how do you drive innovation on an individual level on a team level on a company level and on an industry level? So we had a lot of courses on entrepreneurship, new product development, intellectual property, but also new concepts like open innovation or user driven innovation.

A lot of new businesses have emerged over the past years, also as part of the liberalisation of the European energy market. So that’s definitely a path. I want to continue. You

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By Jimmy Dagger

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