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The Difference Between Business Development and Marketing

We talked about that before what our brand is right. I don’t know that we’ve talked about this extensively, it’s what we did today was today: business development or marketing no marking. I will all about awareness of Education right trying to teach some people some stuff – they don’t know right so mark needs top of the funnel top of the sales.

Funnel Frank, that’s the big open end right. So you know, if I talk to twenty-five people today are all 25 going to be clients now its top of the funnel right. It’s a big open, funnel. You know we’re going to get some pretty X percentage of that I don’t know what it is. Okay, marketing is typically broadcast right. So it’s it’s broad. You know social media. Your website right the newsletter gates, brah, hey yeah, so today was today.

I broadcast did I eat with real estate agents one-on-one and talk about their needs and their individual deals. No, it was broadcast right, okay, so here’s two things we haven’t done yet. I think that we need to do a better job on that falls in this category right. Some point: I’d like to have a monthly newsletter. Just talks about you know local land stuff. That’s going on in the region right and I need you know we need.

Our website need some work just been too busy, but we need some good content on there. Okay, okay, so business development is where you actually make your money okay. So this is important, but if you only do this – and you never do this – you go, but you go out of business right. You got to move people through the funnel okay. At the same time, if you don’t do this, do you get people in the funding to do this? So you need both right.

You need to get people in the funnel and you need to move some percentage of those people through the funk. Okay, who does this here well? Well, I’m I’m doing a bit of this, but like this is primarily Vanessa right who’s. Doing this me and Danny yeah, damn dream lamp output, Jackson, proposals – I put this under business development, because this is this broad of quick check. So this is on a specific piece of property.

This is a very yellow paper right now, they’re not paying for cortex. They know we make Danny and I made you pay a kid all day. You know like. Can you imagine how firm like a flex? So it’s some it’s sometimes we could get. Somebody like Elena trained a few quick checks, yeah yeah right people would do those all day long great, but at some point we will get at some point. I will probably stop doing residential quick checks.

I will only do residential, quick checks for brokers at bring us the normal thing. If you wanted to hire a kid to do resident like all they did with residential quick check, I mean giving, but at some point we will stop doing. There’s no quick checks, because that’s just it’s just! It is at some point now I’m going to do it right now for this Oakdale office, because we’re trying to build a relationship there right, okay, so they still may sell pasture land in almond orchards around here I seen a century 21 sign on a cow pasture.

On my way into work today, okay and I listen – I was up front with those people today I told him – I don’t like doing a lot surveys. I can’t make money out of it. I said homeowners are very hard to do with. What do you think? All those real estate agents were saying when I said that: hey no okay, all right so business development is focused right bottom of the funnel. This is a really important point that I heard that I wanted to share with you guys.

You know this could apply a little bit over here too, but people don’t build relationships with organizations for companies. They build relationships with people. Why has Dominic followed me to the last three jobs? Yes, city of Tracy? Now I think of baby, you think of Peggy right. You don’t have a relationship with the city of Tracy, you have a relationship with pay. Dominic doesn’t have a relationship with got with Oh devil engineering.

He has a relationship with random link right, so part of why I’m mentioning that is when we’re doing marketing and business development. I don’t want people to know, leave right now. That’s important, I’m not saying that our brand isn’t important. It is but who I really want people to know, Danny and Vanessa and Landon. That’s what people mean well, Monique Spanish. She kind of backs a house like.

I want people to know, but you know I I wouldn’t. I want people to be friends with Vanessa. Get up, look I’m going to use Dan as an example. I consider name to be a friend he’s, not just a business partner. Listen if Dan called me to mom said freakin, I’m on the side of five, I’m on the side of 580. My car is on fire. Nobody will answer their phone. Can you come get me? What would I say I’ll be there in 30 minutes Dan he’s a friend of mine right if he called me and said on in to my eyeballs on a deal gone sideways and I might get sued.

I need your help. I would help Dan and not charger. If I got my butt in major trouble and I called Dan and said, I’m being sued, I’m going to lose my house, they do not have money for an attorney. What would the improbable you he’d probably defend me Provo? Okay, so part of what we need to do. We need to get people to know you two guys. That’s why I have your photos on the website right, but, like that’s part of the reason why we need to work on LinkedIn.

I want people to be able to spined you guys on LinkedIn and get to know a little bit about you right, so we don’t work on that. That needs to be ironed. You know to week list of tasks, okay and that’s where these dinners and lunches are so important. You know Vanessa been an attorney this week for last week. I can’t remember you know, that’s somebody. She note there’s a face with the name. Now you know when Vanessa emails that office or calls him is that guy going to pick up yeah the chances of her now getting him getting him to respond, we doubled the chances of getting a response out of that guy versus a cold call right.

Cuz he’s got a face with a name right same thing. If he calls her, you know, he’s doubled the chances that Vanessa’s going to answer his phone call Frank because she knows who that person is okay. So just not always remember that people connect with people now. What businesses we need people to get to know us as a team.

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By Jimmy Dagger

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