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How To Pick A Blog Niche – 30 Day Blog

And this could help whether you’re starting a brand new, blog or perhaps you’re thinking about going into a different niche in your blog. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at a few websites and we’re going to start with Jennifer maker.

She is a super super successful blogger who is totally killing it. She makes six figures, seven figures blogging and she does all very niche and she’s super super niche. She does only cry cricket cricket, crass um, she’s, a Jennifer maker calm, and she just shows how to do anything on the cricket. Look how cute that rainbow is how to personalize your cues with iron on vinyl, and so I would say of everybody that I know that she is absolutely the most Nietzsche person.

Okay, so now we have spaceships and laser beams. This is more of a general niche blog. This is from my internet friend Stephanie and she does. She started with party ideas, games things baby showers and then she decided that she was going to branch into food, so it doesn’t mean if you start one way and we’re going to talk about that a little bit with my blog in a little bit. It doesn’t mean if you start one way, that you can’t go and have other niches after that, but you want to pick something that you really enjoy we’re going to talk about that a lot more.

I wanted to show you a few of the different sites. First, okay, so this is hilarious. I love Jen she’s, another internet friend, she’s, primarily a food, blogger, okay, and what she does is recipes. But then she has this whole group of things um. What does she call it? She she melts stuff. So if she melts crayons, she does real well, she has a blog post about melting um, the little hard candies chocolate chip cookies, anything shed, she’s hilarious.

She says if she could melt it, she can get traffic to it, so hers is mostly recipes right. So this is a functionally a food blog. I’m going to close these as I go, so that so that I don’t samandar nettle, no faster okay. So this is a friend friend in real life. This is Lena and she does make money. So how did you extra income she’s a ton of free printables which drive a lot of traffic and the funny thing for her? Is I mean they’re, not fancy free, printables they’re, just like how to print a rainbow, and you can see somebody printing this out and sticking it to their window, while everybody’s sticking things to their windows.

So this is super easy she’s. She doesn’t make it hard. She also has a little section on how to start a blog, so you can use that on you’ll see a lot of the mom bloggers do that this is a gal. I love this is Carly and she does um like work from home. How to give yourself an hour now the funny thing about Carly. This is where we’re going to be thinking about things. She started with pregnancy, birth and labor and breastfeeding when she was a sorry about that when she was a new mom and that was all her site was about, that is the stuff she gets the most traffic for and now she’s like okay, I don’t have babies Anymore um, so now she wants to branch into other things, those aren’t as popular right away, but eventually they could become more popular, but she isn’t um.

She isn’t just abandoning what she did before. She still occasionally writes about that, but she’s segwaying into something different. Okay. Next, Oh Living Well spending less this, this lady um. She her name is Ruth. She does really well. She started her blog because she had to learn to save money and she’s a financial blogger. So when we’re going to talk about niches or Nisha’s, however, you want to say it um, you can do a niche out of anything like hers is a money-saving blog how to eat, how to eat well on them.

On a budget pantry staples, simple changes: you can make to save money, so hers is all about not Finance necessarily but personal finance more on a smaller level, brilliant business moms, this lady toad. I love her Beth Ann um. She is uh. She was kind of about how to make money, but I kind of segwayed kind of focused her niche right into Facebook ads now, and she does a lot with that and she also has a podcast.

She interviews, people she has a planner. She does Instagram things like that, so her source, more business-related and I think, a lot of times when people think about having a niche they think. Oh, I have to be a mom blogger, but you can be a business blogger. You can do whatever you want now. This lady Gillian, she has a huge site like this – is the largest party site on the Internet. She started it with user-generated content and what that means is that the people who come to her blog are the ones that help give her ideas.

So these are other people taking pictures of their own party, and that gives her all of the content for her blog and she does very well on Pinterest we’re going to talk about how to market your blog. We’re going to talk a little bit about setting up your blog, I’m going to talk about lots of things over the next 30 days, but today we’re just talking about much, and so this is my I blog. This is my main blog and what’s what I’ve started with it? I want to talk to you about this a lot, because this is super important.

When I started, I wanted to do marketing for entrepreneurs, and I did not want to get niche down and then I was just coming off of my real estate career. So I had written a kind of blog post about how to my kids are homeschooling. Now so you’ll see those notifications how to be a realtor. How did you marketing as a realtor things like that? So that was my very first niche and it was an accidental lunch and then in so I started that in 2008 I was just trying to get business for my services business, so you can start a blog not to make money on traffic to your blog.

But you can start a blog to get service people, so I know that I see Pat was here. Okay Pat was here um. She has a financial services she’s a financial advisor things like that, so her blog is going to want to focus on ways for her customers to save money, to protect their investments, to do all those things, and now hers is a little bit more complicated because she Has to have hers, go through a compliance department, which is fine.

It’s going to take her a little bit longer to get started right because she’s going to write a post and then it has to go to compliance, but if she starts writing posts now, what will happen is they’re going to build up and she’s going to be Able to do it all of us have to start that way. I have like 800 blog posts. I started with one blog post, like everybody else is going to do, but when I started my Etsy that was in 2015, my traffic doubled, because I was very specific.

It’s a very specific niche for Etsy sellers and most of my traffic honestly comes both to Etsy or to real estate. I do get some for product photography and things like that, but a lot of my traffic comes to those two niches which that has really helped me alright. Last but not least, about picking a niche in my life. This is so interesting, and this is why you should just start um. I started this blog artsy fartsy life about two years ago, when my dog nipped a lady.

She said he bit her, which I guess is true, and so I was a little depressed and when I’m depressed I write so I started writing and I wrote about essential oils, because that I took a class about it and then I just started writing blog posts About how to use it for anxiety, how to use it for ADHD, how to do all those things, and then honestly I let it sit for about a year I wrote occasionally: oh, I wrote some posts about like how to dress yourself as a woman over 50.

I wrote some posts about who I wrote about our adoption story and it was truly a general blog and then my mom, who has dementia, moved in my mother-in-law and I started writing caregiver posts. And so these get the most traffic from Pinterest to my site and Pinterest is my highest traffic source, and so I I get the most traffic to these just far and away and that’s fine it. But it’s a little part of my site over here.

My family part, and then I decided I was going to take this seriously. I was going to take this website seriously and really try to grow it, and I had a friend saying well: why don’t you just make it a dementia site and for me that isn’t um, it’s really the stories that I hear and the questions people have they’re. Just so sad and that’s not something that, like I don’t mind them, I’m more than happy to answer any other questions, but I don’t want to build my whole fun site on something.

That’s just not that fun. So I decided to start doing crafts, which I started with journaling, okay, and so I do magazine journal pages and that’s fun. I get traffic to that and then finally, I wound up with adult crafts, where I kind of do, I would say well or so I do painted crafts, decoupage crafts things like that, and that’s what I like doing. I even have a project sitting over there that I’m going to be doing.

That should be super fun. But if you’d asked me the day that I started my blog, what I wanted it to be about, I would have said, maybe adoption, maybe essential oils. Maybe things like that, so what you need to do is – and this is the best way to do it you need to for a week or for today, if you want to stay open to 30 days, but for a period of time write down everything you like To do okay, so if I were to pick things I like to paint I like to cut up magazines, I like to sell on Etsy I like old things, so I have a vintage Etsy store, I’m a really cool creative sign over my head and an old Rodeo pointy guy, I like dogs, my dogs are here um, I like cats.

I, like I, don’t like cooking, so I would never have a blog where it was cooking based. I did think maybe I could do some cocktails because I do like cocktails, but I’m going to find out. I don’t like doing that either and that’s fine. What you’re going to do is. I would pick three things to start with. Okay, I know a lot of people say: Jennifer maker says pick one thing to start with, but for me, if I had picked one thing to start with and stayed with it first off, I wouldn’t have liked my blog as much because then I would have just Been stuck with essential oils, which I like essential oils, but not that much and I would have then maybe gone to dementia, and I don’t mind writing about that, especially when something comes up that I really think I could help other people with.

I don’t mind about that, but what my real left turns out to be is to make these crafts, and so you want your you want to have not a general blog everything. You know you don’t write about what you had for lunch. You don’t want to write about what your kids are doing. Nobody cares. You want to write about something specific that you can help other people with, but I don’t think you have to pick just one thing, especially if you’re just starting

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