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We’ve actually learned that two more clients in December. So you know, we’ll just add, like the new results and stuff like that, obtain revamp in the portfolio that we can send on to future potential potential clients anyway, one of the one of our ads starts doing really well, so we spend five hundred.

Thousands in ad spends, you know, we’ve got five hundred thousand Aspen for our clients and we got them a two point. Three: seven return on adspend, which means that we have aired this clients over a million dollars this month, which is absolutely amazing when you think about it, and a lot of people ask me how come you get paid so much to do what you do online? How come you get paid? You know wig at home and stuff like that, and the reason for that is because Facebook Ads it’s a high income skill.

Okay, it’s something that not a lot of people can do it’s something that you can live or it’s certain that not a lot of people can do as of yet you know it’s not common, it’s not a common thing to know Facebook Ads, and that is why It’s a high income skill because number one if you’ve got an e-commerce store or you’ve got an online shop and you can. You can scale that shop through Facebook Ads. We can Lesley create a high income from that.

Also, you can sell it as a service to other people that don’t know how to do it or you can help other businesses grow by using Facebook Ads, and that is a difference between you know: high income skills and low income skills. So, for example, if you work as a baker know you get paid hourly, you get paid 10 euros an hour, something like that. It’s a baked bread. You know that is a low income skill.

If you get you know, if you stop working, they can find someone else. They can find someone else to do it for you, but with Facebook Ads know, let’s say I stop where humana clients that clients are going to struggle to find someone who is just as good as me in facebook has just ago that our agency, obviously I’m not You know I don’t do all this by myself, so that is why this is a high income scale, and that is it.

That is why I have got the possibility to work from home because you know, and I’m literally a more money than people who were. You know in shop in a restaurant in a bakery. You know anything like that. A lot of people think that’s weird, that I have more money at home than they do waking a full-time job, and that’s because I you know, focus on high income skills, and that is also something that I really focus on in lifestyle design.

Mastery, which is my course, which is actually coming out the 25th of December, we’re getting so close to it. You know we focus on high income skills that allow you to end money online waking from your laptop or from your computer or anywhere. You know: wake from home, wake in thailand, wake on the beach. You know wherever you want, I don’t recommend the beast or Wi-Fi is not that good there, but you know you can, let’s see where from wherever you want, because these are location, independence, jobs, okay, so in my course, actually going to go through Facebook Ads sales.

So we’re going to do a six-figure sales training as well in the course it’s one of the course modules. It’s actually six biggest sales training guys how to get those high ticket clients how to do it. You know how to reframe the whole sales process so that you do not come off as salesy, but you know you do actually close the clients we’re going to focus on Facebook Ads, like I said, social media marketing.

So literally, I’m going to show you guys my business model and how I help clients in millions I’m going to show you a drop shipping and it’s going to be taught by someone who’s and half a million dollars. You know with drop shipping in the last year. So, literally guys, there’s going to be professionals from all over the world coming on this course to show you how to do it, how to a money online and how to in a lot of it as well.

Okay, so stay tuned for that. If you want to know anything about my course, click on the first link in the description box down below know the landing page is already done. You can already see the modules, but it’s not Emily’s, 221st. Okay. So if you want access to it, send me the Emily Instagram or even have to wait to the 21st of December make sure you get it. I am planning on closing the course you know a saying among two people, so I really want to focus on you’re, giving people a personal guidance, really coaching people through the process, because you know the more.

I help people, the more I get people to reach success. Obviously, the best the reputation of my course so at the same amount of people, I am going to close the course so make sure you do get in on time. With that said, I want this article. You know finish off my portfolio so hope you enjoy the article like the article, if you did like the article, if you want more out of life, leave a comment down below and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the next one got to do what I got To do

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