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What you start out, boys actually start off with homemade or once I have gotten off myself this neck guys. This is take a cut, think two feet off this knife up a table that we threw out to think just not took me three to four days to make. I need clean it up tall the city a lot like to do this next uh guys rocket I’ll get there I’m going to try to make a handle.

Besides electrical tape handle nice, maybe the bounder pounder to users. My cooking knife haven’t done in a while. There’s one thing and keeping now go closer: all these little mirror butter knives go hook in the back of that one set the sharpen up that one tape handle this was up first, when I try to do try to copy it off of my Khushal knife. That’s in a lost and after I had the thing sure you got same.

Let’s go tape handle this one. Please grab you can just bend it. I’m thinking about making a thing. What’s it called you, milk stuff in a furnace? That’s what I’ll call now look like. My cat just one little butter knife – this will be coming in a later article. I’ll show you guys how I made those knives. I did form a little bit survival now. It’s my knife collection have a whistle. Yes, it is very loud, so I’m not going to blow for you guys.

It’s still came one of my survival cases. Listen wrestling’s on the mic. Guys missed you guys. Now this bullet he has a date on the bottom. There’s now have a date wait, but it’s number two, two three there’s a two, two, two caliber pretty sure. That’s what that means. I found this bullet at all. Schools track. It was amazing, busy yelled at me from bringing it to school and didn’t. I keep lots of pencils.

I have still got 100 more. My just cannot have enough pencils. Carpenters need pencils. Oh who do go some that I found a little hike step me, my friends. They don’t acid action. We got lost. I got in total for this jewel that a little bullet shell necklace there, my mom, doesn’t know, but they had police come and all that test it. They thought it was weed and all the flight is like that move. Just little broken off pieces like come on school good, you know your bark is we have a couple lighters survival? Oh, don’t cut yourself up, Unitas no torch little flower.

One thing got me scores is some my dad’s knives. I don’t have any of his. Neither I have stuff that he did. I found a fit before we passed him after he passed away. We have a black seagull, duh, pin we’ll go with a night that I start to fix up the bone, handle this kind. What I took it off – oh you see this wound was broken. Take it up all day easy! What’s up you just read me struggle put my keys on the knife doing how little Walmart AK I’m just going to say that now don’t get law on access hatch! It going things stare, complete trash, look the penny handle on it still pretty so I’ll use it sometimes so pretty good, no ass, but it flow.

It’s big, big break easy, so we got that go for no survival thing. I take this. I took in this hunting couple time with my friend and he’s invited me out hunting my grandpa’s binoculars. I should not need getting me make them all he passed away before. I could there’s something, but I use daily off them and dad lost a couple pieces. I order those pieces a lot of stuff with that thing. Let’s go at night cause this night.

Well, we got ta put 150. Let’s hang up it 20. Just going to push all day, I’m serious! That’s out the tags $ 200. I see knife love death. Nobody care what I saw the Sun. I forgot, I’m so sorry, so here’s your lock pull that down. This opens that go hook on the back of it. So I still puts up $ 400 a night play nice. Twenty bucks, ten dollars, I use a sidewalk, don’t know I have here – I like on it good little tool there like and now.

If they get this one get a better one, hello in Milwaukee. What I would go for this is a don’t say that tell me that uncle, I think he said he got a hundred North Dakota screwdriver ahead in a handoff, think it to so flathead. You call that bad, that’s uh come on scout. What it was, I think of it later I’ll, tell you this little thing pretty good, so the head, no thingamabob a knife, a little actually pretty good, not fitting this little thing.

This thing off of ebay, running on an auction comes with a lovely but little buckle. Metal thing will down a couple times at school. Yeah well say he’s a male King right, but I don’t know good night leave me alone, okay, so this little knife, thing’s heavy or what it’s made out of pretty sure what they said these are made out of. But no does this seem like not a sharp knife. Really big, I would say not you carry me, got this book.

Okay took the price, got this for five bucks, pretty good, we’ll go on anyone, know Billy the Kid dude go down the column, Billy the Kid! Here’s another that it come on. You have to know who Billy the Kid is. What’s in it yeah I burnt it. This is a collector’s item. It’s happen. All the like to yacht me go ahead, do it and you guys want to hold job very show being done with them like Norma, I’m going to shelf bag going home, for you guys want to pause it.

You guys can do that down. Phone be quiet same cover, my ass, with his idol photos in my workshop whetstone normal stuff. I have a couple tools, my grinder all that lovely nonsense. Let’s get all this stuff put it away. You got the Kershaw benchmade going now this knife heck of them bottom. That’s bottom: this thing is middle. The bullet middle cop told you the top this to be in there these to go behind me fit that’s everything you make goes, let’s go to my height and Joey’s.

Second, this is what, though, I’m pretty heavy go in the corner. Over there, Big Mac shopkins over there I’ll see you guys in a second, I have one of my swords. It’s out in the guard, all these innocent god. I was like in hunting a couple nights ago. The other Coons attacks with CAD okay dogs going to neighborhood thing to do so, we’ll go with my one. I don’t think even as I have so Florida think we blow things, look dagger up front.

There’s a sword. Four-Foot doing a half foot sword, there’s a tip. They get think last thing. My uncle used it for is chopping pumpkins for fun, good, ninja, kids on her today, you don’t live it stuff on all day, you get it back. Yes, I hear supposed to be, but please go yeah yeah. No! That gets wind up on my wall, and so they said to hang that up. Then I try to enjoy you guys. This, like great uncle’s air gun, shoot 1.

23 vowed. Never take me for this. One was one pop. I usually shooted. 10 20 pumps just pretty hard. This has been our family think it was around 100 years before I got it not last year. So do you buddy a lot of schools and bunnies are going to be killed at this thing this year. Hopefully we have safety, all safety, only good thing about this. I want to change about it. It has to be loaded to me. I’m safety, there’s a thumb.

That’s wasting bullets right on top, it’s a hard cider on it. You guys can see down that. I can help you guys, but they’re right here, two screws and see you to suggest it get this thingamabob take out super fast, lose it look how small that is good! That’s we haven’t see too see. Point 20, Cal, guys and sword said, fly dragon. I broke it, that’s whatever God fix it. I guess I was like good run with it.

I need to be shopping again, going from work in sometime soon, hopefully, and I’m not, I love like knives joining that collection, so I just wan na say. Thank you all. So much for tuning in the next election. Thank you all. So much very much appreciated and you all have a good death. Don’t forget to check out my stream later tonight. You know what go Gus 5 o’clock he’s the one that got me to 30. Subscribers go check them out guys

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


By Jimmy Dagger

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