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He’s from Canada and MJ kicked butt last month and made a bunch of money. Now, listen to me. He didn’t always make a bunch of money. Okay, I’m just going to sell it up like you know, man ask some questions, and hopefully this will help you guys, where you’re at if you’re struggling, listen, 90 % of the sales people in the country are struggling right now, selling cars a lot of the time.

They’re this far away from breaking through and crushing it, and the reason why I want to do this in an interview with MJ is that he’s had the same challenges and he pushed through and now he’s going up and MJ invested with me. And that is why um he bought the course together. He bought a word track. Look um his spend some time training and 20 years old. I’m going to say this if you’re 30, if you’re 40, if you’re 50, if you’re 60 all ages can do this, am I right MJ? Oh absolutely, I mean it’s very easy to follow.

You’re, just the person talking to a person on the screen and if there’s, if you can’t understand from that, it’s not going to get any simpler than that. Yes and listen MJ! Let’s talk about it! So you graduated school, you, you got into college for a minute and you decide college wasn’t for you, you jumped out of it. You got into a car dealership, you worked hard just like everybody, and your management was very discouraging.

For a little bit. I mean a little bit, I mean it wouldn’t be all of management for sure, but for sure there were some people that were making me kind of just want to leave the car business. I I thought it was actually me thinking that, oh maybe I’m not ready for this business. Oh maybe they’re right! You know I’m too young for this. I’m a mr. Know-it-all you. I think I know too much, but in reality I know nothing.

But then, at that point I was like you know what maybe it’s a time to try a different dealership. I want to try it a different dealership. Was there a couple months same kind of idea? I’ve, just I just wasn’t excited about the you know, selling anymore or not just selling, I would say just the product and the environment, everything and in general search very discouraged at the time when and then when I was given the opportunity to try the first store.

I didn’t ask any questions I just moved and over here when I moved I slowly started seeing things compounding. I started seeing all my work that I put in the year before slowly picking up and I started, and I Anna and you know I started on the use department and I was just second months and they said you know what man you’re doing great here. We want to move into the new department, but then I did so well in user, like you know what actually we need? A young guy, like you in the US Department, just stay where you are man, you’re doing great things, and this is where I started getting happy.

I started seeing you know, started bringing back the real me. I had the excitement I had. The drive was like you know what my management loves me. This is a story. I want to stay at there’s no way, I’m leaving this place. Okay, let’s say something real quick before we go to the next question, sometimes and Grant Cardone says it’s a lot. You may be in the wrong vehicle, I’m not stating that anyone struggling needs to say that it’s their store.

They need to look at themselves first, but it could be a possibility if no one in your store, believes in you that you have to choose one or two roads, one, you run everybody over, you make it happen or two you go find a different set of Leaders at another store – am I right. Absolutely leadership is key. I mean at the end of the day I followed this ever since I I was an entrepreneur in an entrepreneurial person’s spirit at heart.

Ever since I was 15 years old and ever since then, I’ve always followed this rule that you are the product of the five closest people around you and when the five closest people around you are bringing you down they’re all you know, and I’ve learned some of The stuff in your course, and I’m like man, this is actually exactly what happens at a dealership where things are not going well, you know the coffee drinkers, just gravediggers right, bringing it down doing nothing all day and then waiting for that person to drive through the Lot and then go be greedy and run for that up now, moving to a different dealership, where the environments happy everyone’s, you know, kind of, like me, majority of my dealership was actually young guys.

I can really resonate with a lot of people here, they’re, not much farther than me being the young guy yeah. I like you, you’re, going to get you’re going to get some jokes later on you just, but that’s just for for fun. You know your period you’re. The young guy they want to treat you like, you know they want to kind of bully you around, but not not not to discourage you just you know they call it in this business.

You got ta have thick skin and that’s that’s what they’re trying to do? They’re just trying to play with you, so don’t get discouraged from that. If you’re a young guy starting out in car sales, you just got ta fight through it and what you got ta show people is, you know what I may be young, but I’m selling more cars than you yeah, but you’ve got to be a fighter. Am I right absolutely you don’t saying it’s not always easy and you have to stay a loner.

Would you agree? Is it lonely at the top? Oh yeah should be lonely at the top. You know you have to stay away from those haters and matter of fact. You have to use that hate as fuel put a bit of your pain to run over and then oh, I and that’s what exactly why I do what I do, because I have so many naysayers, so many people saying you’re going to go nowhere in life. Oh, what are you doing being a car salesman? Oh man and you know being being born born in Pakistan on a brown guy.

You know I got my family all. What are you going to do without a university degree who’s going to marry you, although all that kind of stuff, but that is literally the fuel that makes me go everyday because car sales there’s endless opportunities where you can go in your life? Man, that’s sales! Guess you can be a Salesman next year, like you know why we want to put you in finance department who knows you might become a manager in no time.

I know I know some people that became management in five months yeah. Absolutely this business is so good to those who take it serious. Would you agree absolutely yeah, I mean you got ta treated like a career man if you’re here, just because you’re thinking this is just another little gig for you to make money just part-time sigh. This is a side you’re not going to go anywhere in this business, I’m going to make it you’re right and so, regardless of race, regardless of age.

Regardless of background right I mean it doesn’t matter, I don’t think any of that matter. It doesn’t matter the fire in the belly. Am I right absolutely and and you’re in a business, we’re talking to people every single day and all they want is someone who understands their pain understands what they’re going through and you just got ta help them find. Then you got ta, be the solution maker yeah problem solving.

So am I right? Yes, absolutely you have to learn the skill along the way and you’ve been investing in yourself. You trained you train every day. Absolutely I ever since 16 years old I have splashed. I would say thousands and thousands of dollars in different courses and I’m talking, like literally any kind of course, Amazon business courses, Shopify business courses, I’m talking literally ATM business courses.

I put thousands of dollars, but you know what all that money I spent wasn’t money wasted. I learned so many more things and I know so much more than people that are my age people, my age, the majority. What they’re doing on their weekend just partying yeah, I don’t go to party yeah, you don’t need to you’re going to crush it. I can’t wait to see you at 22, 25, 30 years old, but some advice, some advice for everybody tell us this through.

All of this grind that you’ve gone through in your 20, obviously you’re, still very young in life, but you you’ve already tasted rejection, hey you’re, not going to make it. You know and you’ve had to push through it all last month. She’ll, have you finish out alright so last month, so in my company we have an event: that’s been hosted for the last 31 years, where all our dealerships in the whole city, all our inventory, goes down to one place, and now we have an indoor sale in Basically, a winter time in a winter setting and people want to be inside warm areas – it’s minus 40, 45, some times out here so yeah.

So before before last month, I I will say, I’ve had I’ve had some good months, but I’ve also had months where I’ve made minimum wage sure. I there’s been months like that. There’s guns like that man sometimes like the thing is a lot of sales. Guys are going like this up down up down and down because if they’re just discouraged, they think that there’s there’s no way they’re going to get out of the rut.

But the thing is you got to be the difference-maker man, so I was in a setting. I was the youngest guy there. I was going up against guys that have been 20 30 years in this industry yeah and I was like you know what what are these guys doing wrong? I looked around and I said what are these guys doing, that I can be doing majority of these guys are hiding in cars waiting for that up to come down. What I did is I created a lot of my own traffic, I’m the person that was getting on Facebook, calling our friends going on snapchat Instagram all these things that are modern and I was finding traffic and your brain being.

The thing is right: absolutely like you: if you’re not prospecting in this business, you keep just people got to remember this. This isn’t a job. This is a business. This is your own reasons. Thank you, you’re, the at the end of the day, you’re the master of your own destiny here. So, if you’re, if you’re not going to go out there and grind for this job, then you know: why expect another minimum wage? You know check no job so having gone to that 12 grand month.

You know I have to I working with you. My goal is: I want to hit that 30 grand month I want to. I want to go further and but you’re not going to be able to do that unless you invest in yourself, I love it dude, I think that’s an asset. Well, let’s end on this note and obviously the fact that I love sometimes taking a minute just talking to someone that’s pushed through the struggle, because, on the other side, there’s like it hasn’t always been good and now that you’ve tasted what’s good, you know that hard Work and training is going to take you to the next level in one right.

Exactly because I fight don’t work just as hard as I did last month. There’s no way I’m getting the months like that or harder, but smarter too right. Absolutely because you could, you could work 80 hours in a week and then still have a horrible month unless not working smart, that’s right, and then what what advice would you give to anybody in Canada? How great is the market in Canada? It’s all perception is there? Is it as the market rate? If you work hard and train yourself, you know what it doesn’t matter where you live you’re in the United States, America, and that your population is 350 million people.

I am I’m in a population of 36 million in the whole country where I live. I have more population where you live you’re in Oklahoma. Aren’t you yeah and what’s that 250,000 yeah there’s not a bunch yeah, I I’m in 300,000, you you sold $ 70,000 worth of product and a bunch there’s no excuses. There’s no excuse economy. Yes, all here man, our economy is not as good as yours. That’s for sure a dollar is like a dollar 37 or something right.

Now, I’m not even sure it’s it’s not it’s not the best. I know you can buy a 299 course, but it cost you 400. Oh yeah. I always like man. It’s $ 2.99. I paid $ 400 of this course and I was like I better be using this and I I don’t even care about that. Little dent because I’m going to be paying as much money as I want to get your seminars and I’m definitely going to be at a seminar, because the value that I see in your content there’s not a lot of people out there doing this.

What you’re doing providing sales training directly first car sales guys? A lot of the training I see on YouTube is from like they’re, very well, very general and from people that are like you’re 40, but I’m seeing some training from people that are like 65 and their ways are just old and very expensive. Customer TuneIn work you’re right. Actually, the thing I learned from your articles was actually how you can actually be nice to a customer and still earn their business.

We got a sensitive customer now in 2020 yeah. If this is that yeah a very sensitive time, yeah yeah, you just got to be more skilled, that’s it right absolutely and you can never not learn enough. I could be 90 years old and learned something new every day, yeah yeah, no I’m going to and I’m not saying it doesn’t. You have to learn from everybody. I’m going to cardones tonight still for three days in about five days me and my wife were flying out not for anything specifically but just to be around the energy and to shut my mouth and just learn.

You’re going to be in an arena. Full of entrepreneurs are going to learn so much and those are like-minded people who want to get ahead in life. It’s not a bunch of naysayers and people that want to bring you down yeah. I love it. Man well listen! Dude! I want everybody to know that everybody’s going to have a struggle everybody’s going to have a down time, you’re going to have another, but so will I and it’s what we do with those bad months? It’s the way that we believe in ourselves the way that we tell her itself.

Our lives are going to go the story. We would continue to write every day about how our journey is. If it was easy, it wouldn’t mean anything to us. This is a very hard job, but only the hard things are worth doing. Also, it’s way easier, the more skilled you get it right. Absolutely. I cannot stress this enough what you just said. This is a very hard job. It’s not easy! That’s why you don’t see a lot of young people in this industry because management is not ready to take them on, but if you, as a young person, are getting in this industry and you’ve got that opportunity, don’t waste it don’t waste the opportunity.

You need to realize that there’s something special about you, then a manager saw and gave you that opportunity, so don’t waste that yeah pay it forward and never never let anybody give the opportunity to say to that manager. That was a bad hire. You proved them all wrong if you get your battle, you fight like never before people literally used to say at just a month in. Oh I’m surprised you made a month here.

Oh, I’m surprised you’re here for five months and it’s going to be the same thing again and again until they’re going to see that I’m on top and they’re not love it. Man, well, listen, dude, you’re, an unbelievable twenty-year-old, you’re amazing and I’m glad everybody got a chance to meet in day and we’ll look up in two or three years. We’ll do another one and we’ll just see what happens hell. He may be a GM down there and Canada crushing absolutely mad.

Think big dream big and do it awesome

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