Online Marketing

Episode 16: Where to Start with a Blog Content Strategy | Tuesday Tips

I also thought it’d be really appropriate to shoot from my son’s room as he’s building a Lego set, you know, creating a blog, creating a blog strategy is really like building Legos. Every piece of the strategy has a purpose and if you’re missing certain pieces, you know the end result is not going to be as good.

So when you’re, considering this type of marketing number one make sure that the writer understands the voice of the company and really the direction and what’s valuable to your brand. Secondly, make sure that they understand SEO and how to analyze, where your customers are and really how to speak to them in a certain way, instead of just the only voice, they know a lot of people hire writers that only know how to speak in their voice.

Number three be able to break down that blog, that form of content into multiple pieces. You can promote over a long period of time, purposeful with everything you do.

Content is King! Bloggers are the best! Add more content to your digital world!


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