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No 6 Field Knife – Woodsman Collection – BeSpoke Post

My name is cougar, and this is another episode from our bespoke post series. This time we didn’t get one of the monthly boxes. I went ahead and opted out of the boxes, some of them weren’t once I was real real interested in, and I did see something that I did want to get as you can see. It is a long box and if you can read that right there it does say bare-bones and if you have readed some of the other episodes you may know who bare bones is we’ve got part of, as you can see here, the woodsman collection.

Now this is what I would consider and what a lot of a lot of youtubers, especially guys that I read and follow and and whatnot, would consider this to be a bushcraft knife. Now, as you can see here, we have the the knife. It comes with the sheath here and it has all of the kind of classic known features that are part of the bare-bones kind of series of knives and edged implements and and various other types of things.

What they have is an oil canvas sheath right here. It does have a liner on the inside of plastic liners, it does have their nice leather accent piece which is on basically any of the sheets that they have. You do have a leather, basically a leather snap, keeper here and the snap which is a, I believe. That’s either like a copper or a brass and then on the back there you do have a simple belt clip there.

I now let’s go ahead and take this out and, as you can see, it is a pretty decent sized knife. This is a six-inch blade, as you can see there, and then we also have a walnut handle, which is standard for all of bare bones kind of knives and everything they do. Have this little copper insert here to put a lanyard. Of course they have their little information thing here and now it does have two rivets here and a little seal stamp there.

The rivets here are actually screw in type. They use an allen key so or an Allen, wrench and you can take and tighten and loosen those up. I’m sure if you for some reason need to replace the scales, let’s go ahead and check out and see what our little note card says here. Alright, so looking at the little booklet here, it’s not real big just gives us some basic things. They do say that this was basically why this was designed.

They give you kind of an understanding of the premise of the design and how the why and how they designed it. The way they did the little quotes in here as well, and there is a cleaning and maintenance section here. They do say that, for the blade you should apply a thin layer of protective oil after each use, because this is a high carbon blade now something else that I will mention about this. You can see right here.

They fairly thick blade, but the interesting thing, I guess, is it’s a little different than what I’m used to seeing for something that would be considered. Maybe a bushcraft knife. Usually, I see them and they have something kind of like that, maybe like an apple seed kind of grind, which is, I mean, that’s kind of the shape of it or you have something called a Scandinavian or a Scandi grind. It’s basically flat until you get down fairly low on the blade, then it starts to chamfer in a little bit, and then you finally get to that point.

Where you’re going to put the edge on this one is actually a flat grind. Now flat grind is where you actually have it ground from top to bottom totally flat, and then you put the edge just on the very the very very edge of it. You put that additional that additional angle in to get the edge, so it does make it overall thinner it. It worries me in the effect or in the sense that you don’t have that extra material to support the edge like you do for like a Scandinavian or an apple seed type grind.

One thing I do want to see, though, is this – does seem to have very nice edge on it. So let’s take a quick look and see how this does on the old arm, hair here and yep. There’s the back, there’s the front right out to the curve. It’s just as taking the hair right off and yep, so nice and sharp straight out of the box, shaving sharp as they say and yeah yeah that cleaned that cleaned it off really easy.

So now, let’s go ahead and take this outside, we’ll see how it performs all right so we’ll try this ash right here see how she works. It’s pretty long. It wasn’t cut very good on the ends, so we’re just going to have to try and hold it here the best we can all right, not bad. You can just see some some of the marks from where it rubbed on the side bit. So surprisingly, this uh this dealt pretty well or this handled that pretty well.

So I think this is going to be a pretty good, pretty good, bushcraft knife for me. If you follow the link down there in the description below and you guys do join, I get a little kickback from that. So I got a little money back from that, but so do you so we both actually make out on it. You guys get some money off of your first order and I get a little money off of one of my next orders and also while you’re down there go ahead and check out our social media.

We got links down there for that as well. On your way, down are on your way back up, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button as well as that subscribe button. If you haven’t done so already, either the red one down below the article or there’s going to be one floating around in the corner or something like that and you can click on either. One of those make sure you hit the bell there is that little bell icon.

It is going to notify you of when we have new articles coming out here on world of me. Alright, everybody! Well my name’s cougar. This has been another episode from our bespoke post series. I’d like to wish you all a good day, and I will see you later bye,

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


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