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How To Start an Ecommerce Business (Beginners Welcome)

So listen very carefully. Time is of the essence. People don’t realize. What’s the number one factor that creates wealth that creates financial independence, catching new trends early, so always be on the lookout for new trends. So in 2016 October 2016 I made an announcement to the world.

You probably saw articles people draw. These articles are everywhere yep. I was making the prediction: I told people the biggest opportunity. I know I knew for an average person to go from maybe a job that hidden light or unemployment to something real was social media marketing, specifically starting a social media marketing agency. Now a lot of people listen, I build like a test group. I trained up over a hundred thousand people and boy in hindsight.

Now everybody knows like social media marketing agencies did very well. Obviously, social media is the marketing platform of choice. Choice. Now people aren’t on TV, so forget all that 2016. You missed out. What is that prediction? I have for 2020, simple, simple, simple: the opportunity is to become an e-commerce specialist. Now you might say I already know he calls big no-no. An e-commerce specialist is different.

It has three opportunities: when your econ specialist, you can become an entrepreneur, you can use it to get a job or you can use it to build an agency or consulting firm. So you can start as an entrepreneur. Your own products you can sell. You can help a company that already you know, needs a chief marketing officer or chief to digital marketing, officer, EECOM officer and then of course you can start a consulting firm where you come into businesses and you manage you know, or he came into an agency.

Eecom specialist, you mark my words 2016, I said, being a social media. Marketing agency was the way to go. I’m saying now: ecommerce Commerce, specialist, here’s. Why well, first of all go on the Forbes list. Most people forget to look at the Forbes list. You go Forbes lists and you look at number one number two number three number four and on 500, you go all the way through the top 20. What’s the number one pattern you see remember you’re, looking for patterns, you want to reverse-engineer success.

You take the blueprint that people followed and you reverse engineer it backwards to wherever you are in life. Now: okay, simple they’re, mostly econ people, number ones, Jeff Bezos richest person in history, depending on what currency is, but certainly the richest person of our time, pure e-comm. By the way, the definition of my definition of e-comm, it doesn’t mean you have to sell a physical product, doesn’t mean you can’t have something delivered.

In fact, it just means that the purchase the transaction happens online and the delivery comes to the door, that’s pure econ. So if you can be a lawyer in two econ, you don’t require people to come to your law office. You maybe do a zoom call, that’s being that’s legal. Ecommerce attorneys type ecommerce. You can sell physical product like Jeff Bezos. Does the transactions on a web site the delivery comes to your door? Okay, so I just want to give that definition so back to the formalist number one Jeff bezel, certainly e-commerce number two Bill Gates.

Definitely e-commerce. You know Microsoft is all products that you buy online and delivered directly digital downloads. Now you got Warren Buffett, warm up, it’s a mix because he has 92 brands. A lot of them, though, are econ. Ok, he’s out now, by the way, the largest apple shareholder. I think in the world, then you have, you know Google guys to wealthy co-ceos of Google P recom. Then you have Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg everything he does.

Is he comp Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, Steve Ballmer, 7th Richard Manuel he’s with Bill Gates, and the list goes on and on there’s a few exceptions, but the majority of people EECOM, so the proof is all there. It comes down to you being like. When do I want to get on this train cuz, a lot of people are slow, Jeff doesn’t start in 1994. I started in 2001. Some people are like ah dire justice, social media guy that just popped in in 2015.

I’m like man having 14 years before. I put my face on social media. I was already doing ecomp started 2001. Google Ads 2001 2002 of building Google AdWords wall, seeing the market of econ just feel like wow. That name wasn’t even the name we had now. So we knew EECOM was going to dominate by 2030. Everybody knew that 2040. Nobody was like. Ah people still be going to stores, no Amazon will be delivering in drones.

Drive you know. Driverless cars will be delivering you food because anytime things fast forward very quickly. It leaves a lot of people behind. So when you look at your life, you got ta, go when the times change. If I don’t change with them, the economy’s ruthless man, unfortunately, people think it’s capitalism, it’s not just capitalism everywhere in the world. When trends happen in people in patterns, change and people don’t change with them, I mean that was happened back when, and report came out with the car people who were in the buggy business horse and buggy lost a lot of money.

They didn’t change with the times. You see that in every century, for the last thousand years, some people are slow and they get left behind and I wish it wasn’t that way. I wish we lived in a more forgiving world, but I don’t know how to change the world, but I do know that it’s not the stronger, so the smartest who survive, but it’s the most adaptable to the environment in which they find themselves.

So I ask yourself deep down like am I adaptable, or am I somebody who, when the world gives me lemons, I just kind of put them in my mouth and goof or like the old cliche, goes: there’s a few people adaptable enough to go. What can I do with a lemon mix it with little sugar, little water and Nelson lemonade by the way, my first business when I was six years old? I started selling cherry tomatoes in San, Diego California, and it’s kind of the ghetto part for my mom didn’t want to leave me outside alone, so I could only sell when she could come read and then I remember nobody bought these little bags of cherry tomatoes.

Then I was like well not lemonade. Let me get some lemons sugar. My first lesson in marketing you got ta, add a little sugar to whatever you trying to sell it’s hard to sell bitter pills, so better turn them lemons into lemonade. So, for me, it’s like what Charlie Munger Warren Buffett say. What made them wealthy in 1977. Would it work in 1978 and what made him wealthy in 1978 wouldn’t work in 79.

They said you must become a learning machine. That is the, and, if you look at those two investors, they’ve averaged nineteen and a half percent since 1962, nobody’s done that you might have a friend in that I can do way more in nineteen percent. No, you can’t they’re, basically the highest return investors and their formula is very simple. The world changes every year – and I haven’t talked about these big macro trends that we see now so ask yourself: what are you doing to become a learning machine? Most of us see the news and they react to it all the world’s going to get worthwhile.

No humans will survive, civilization will survive. I’m an optimist, you got ta be enough to mister man, you got ta, be an optimist. Things will get better, but there will be a shift and so there’s an inflection point between the shift and how people buy and how people used to buy all kind of meat. And it’s almost like tectonic plates like they fight in one wins that four continents come from like North America and Australia.

It was like this tectonic shift and you have to ask yourself like okay, you get on the losing side of a tectonic shift, you’re buried. So that’s why the adaptability comes in. That’s where the learning machine comes where you’re at every point you’re like, where is the next ship coming and how do I get on that side? Well, I told you practically EECOM specialists. It. I’ve never come up with something.

That’s more comprehensive! If you don’t want to start your own business, you become an econ specialist just to get a job because come these by the tens of thousands are real, even restaurants or realizing. We have to have econ. We need to have. You know, Shopify store. This we need to be able to literally sell our product without maybe our awful clothes back up. We can’t rely on this, and so everything from restaurants to legal services to realtor’s, obviously, grocery stores, fashion brands.

You name supplement companies, they used to have stores those stores. Those those companies going bankrupt GNC is going bankrupt always on the teetering on the levels of bankruptcy. So your quick, the question is, I don’t want to be an entrepreneur, but I want to catch the next big trend, econ specialists. Now some of you say forget it. I want to work for other people. I’ve done that before most wealth is created by entrepreneurship, econ specialists, you’re going to have to know what I call the four piece: product: pricing, financial promotion, marketing placement delivery.

There’s four piece of e-commerce: you’ll meet some entrepreneur, the guy. I know one or two: oh look. I have many e-commerce brands. Some of them are pretty big, like I bought, Dress Barn, which is one of the largest clothing clothing companies by sales in the u.S. Did seven hundred forty million in revenue before I bought it last year over about 70 million a month that was doing we bought It and flipped it into an econ brand.

Okay. Instead of having six hundred fifty department stores, put it all online easier deliver to people the door, so I’ve got experience. I’ve got a great online grocery store farmer’s car of Mentor Box out many businesses. In fact, me, my business partners in the EECOM space we’re now in the ten figures of revenue, so eight figures is ten million. Nine figures is a hundred million ten figures when you start getting into the big, be the billion so we’re already in that place playing in that space, we’ve been doing it for.

What’s that way. Over a decade, we’ve spent six hundred million dollars on Facebook at YouTube. Ads you’ve seen me probably YouTube and Google and snapchat and Twitter, and all these, so we we’re already in that space. Some people say I’ll tie is that how you make your money teaching other people how to do stuff? Um like no, I make more money doing the actual stuff. I mean we’re shipping, some people say they’re doing EECOM.

They got 50 sales. I mean we’re doing yeah. Tens of thousands of shipments at a time between the different businesses that we have, and so I know the econ space and that’s why I’m telling you the hardest thing and the reason I’m recording this article is just to share. You know I’ve been trying to hire more EECOM specialists, they don’t exist as entrepreneurs or employees and there’s a lot of people.

I think they know EECOM, but they’re not well rounded, on another four-piece then on PvP is that understand: EP LCpl epc CPC. They don’t know what the baseline should be, that understand: SMS marketing, email, marketing segmentation – they don’t understand, you know, sourcing logistics, 3pls, verse, drop shipping, they don’t understand software, there’s so many things in fact. There’s you know 16 core things you need to know eat for econ and each of those there’s some sets of four should talk about.

There’s 64 things. You really know to become what I call it an econ specialist. The reason I record this article. I’ve been trying to hire people for my different econ companies I gave up. I was like I got, ta train them. I nah I was just college, isn’t helping either that digital degrees and all this? Yes, I call not to sound cocky of me and my business partner Alex have done more econ sales than I think.

Every professor in the world teaching econ combined. That’s nothing! You want to learn business from some things you can learn from a professor. I like professors, if I were an art, history, Egyptian history, I learn it, but if I want to learn basketball, I’m not going to go to college professor farm business. I don’t want nothing college, professor, it’s a big mistake and that’s why I’m for the most part, the wealthiest people in the world dropped out of college.

I’m not saying you should drop out of college, I’m just saying for that. One specific thing like becoming gaining on the Corp list: it’s not correlated! That’s why Elon Musk is like not it’s not correlated. What is correlated is skill, specifically econ skill, by the way notice that Elon Musk built Tesla very calm like there’s no car dealerships, you kind of put in your order online and you may go pick it up two for delivery, but not really it’s an econ play.

So you know I’m most pretty smart guy. What did he become wealthy from PayPal, an econ bank? So he see he sees the patterns. He continues on the pattern and now it’s even more relevant to you. So I’m making this article simply because you know people have been asking me: what’s the next big thing and what do I think of the time to live in it? What are they going to stop marking and I’m like get all that build the econ skill, I’m telling you, I told people in 2016 a lot of people, listen most people ignored and they’re, not one of them that ignored that think.

I was wrong now. Do you really think building social media marketing skill wasn’t a legit business, there’s tens of hundreds of thousands, the social media marketing companies across the world? I know I mean the US government and gave me the trademark on SMM a social media marketing agency, because they realize I trained a lot of people and there was a legitimate business that people a legitimate set of training.

So the thing is, it’s more saturated. Now push me a marketing is still like business, but it’s more saturated. Would you rather have gotten in in October 2016, when I said or 2020 well, early bird gets the worm when markets get saturated, there’s still profit, but not as much so. I found article. I was like I haven’t talked to you doing. While that’s long good look, I build a little test group called ECS EECOM certified specialist.

I built it to kind of use for interns, because I’ve tried to hire people. I’ve hired from Ivy League schools, Ivy League right. That’s like Harvard Yale these type schools. I’m already fired me not to say that those are bad schools. I’m just saying, like an Amish guy told me, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drinking. You could send a boy to college, but you can’t make them think you don’t have to think in this game.

You don’t have to have a real skill, eat coms like a chess game and you can’t just come a little. You know like hey, you know. I went to college for chess. You got to be like look, I’m in the trenches playing chess at the tournaments. That’s how you get recognition, it’s the same with econ, so I created this. You know four-month program that I use on interns and staff dividing the 16. Lessons goes to the four PS product pricing promotions.

Placement gives them that well-rounded and now they’re going for me and some of them, some people work for me and then they go on. I have many people who work for me and now go off to become an econ entrepreneurs. In fact, my best friend Jeremy, from when I was two years old. He came a work for me for five years. He met a girl who was working for me. They got married, they launched the econ brand called omen.

All it’s a clothing brand out of the UK he’s never worked today. It’s his life, since fact I haven’t seen if he he just travels around the world, he’s in Bali right now through all this, and it’s not a company, that’s making 100 million bucks a year, but it makes some. I don’t know the exact amount, but it makes it bright. Fifty sixty thousand a month you know profit. I don’t know those numbers update, but I know it’s significant amount compared to the average person and when I problem not saying if you go through and learn econ, like my test group you’re going to become like my friend, Germany, I’m just telling you like, I built This training and my best friend took it.

He transformed his life, he was studying to become a lawyer and then he came to forget that I’m going to come work with you died, so I’ve been building this, but I’ve never formalized it until last Friday. I put this thing out and I was like. Let me just share this with the world see if anybody want to get in, I did 1 zoom live call 700 to it. So I’ve built this step by step 16 week, training the end of the 16 weeks.

There’s an exam: if you pass it, you get a certification, EECOM certified specialist, that’s not a college degree. I didn’t go to college, so I’m not going to give you a college degree, but it’s a legitimate certification that you use for yourself and it’ll open some doors. A lot of people know me know that I know econ know that I understand the game of online, and so it would open a door for came to work.

For me, it will open some doors, but ultimately, what opens the doors that use having a real skill set now’s the time to retrain the brain get in on this, so I’m going to put a link below or here in the corners I mean you can click It go read about how the test group works. Go read about the four-month ecommerce certified specialist program, see if it’s for you. I got some rules. You got to take this seriously like I’ve done it where I just open it up to the world, and people don’t take it seriously.

It’s just like this is one that’s going to get saturated, so first come first serve. You know and put this link it’s open for three more days now I go through some question. People at you know common questions like how do I know this will work for me, I like how much does it cost? Why does it cost money you know? Is there a refund policy? What, if I don’t how many hours in a week do I need to spend on this? I don’t have a lot of time.

Maybe I’m busy what happens if I fail to the exam at the end? Okay, so let me just go through this real, quick, some common test questions. The most common question is like how do I know this will work for me, a couple things. Look I’ve trained, I think, for an individual personal brand. Well, I’ve had more people go through. My training than I think anybody in history it’s hard for me to exactly verify that, but I’ve had over.

You know several hundred million people read my free business training. My youtube blog just passed 2.6 billion minutes readed, something like that and then you know my paid programs. I’ve had, I don’t even know the number, but let’s just underestimate, let’s say five: six hundred thousand people have gone through. That’s a lot just in the last five years, like most universities, how, like forty thousand people go through per year, I’m averaging one hundred thousand people.

So I I know how to I know what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve launched some things and I’ve learned. Oh, that didn’t work and we continually adjusted and adapted this program is badass. This is the real deal you mark my words you miss out on this one it’ll just be like 2016, the people who missed out s, I’m amazed that we like it’ll, be 2020 for the bike. Well, it’s still working our bike yeah, but it’s more saturated.

Now you can use this to launch your own business. Your own EECOM sell your own products and use it to get a job. You can use it to be a consultant or launch an agency. So there’s this multiple angles on it: another conquest. Okay, why do I target money for well? If I made this a free training, because i’ve done that before a million people will go through it this year? If you want that level of competition – oh, I can make it free, but I’ve also learned like I’ve made stuff free.

Like I had a free three-day training thing. Average person went through half of one article and people pay for stuff. They go through it more. Like my 67 steps, article people paid 67 bucks and got 67 articles averaging 3045 minutes. People got through the whole thing or I paid for it and they got the value. So I crack success stories and case studies and testimonials. I don’t get that many testimonials from free stuff.

I can I optimize around testimonials. Some people think I know I don’t believe you’re just doing it to make money. Okay, whatever you think you know, I I make more revenue from econ brand that I own and I don’t teach about because it’s been a thing. Oh you only get rich by teaching other people out of here. No, it’s a good theory. It makes people feel better about themselves. I teach this stuff, partly because there’s profit in it.

I mean, let’s be honest, I got employees to pay health insurance, I’m not going to. Why would I go in my own pocket to teach, but that’s not the only reason. I genuinely enjoy the business that I have in the in the training space just because it’s cool to get testimonials every single day, it’s cool to go out of public with people. Okay, I want you to know that you’re 67 steps what may change my life, like? Not a bad business, a lot of businesses suck you get people mad at you all the time.

Well, this isn’t one of them so sure I’ve gotten flack and people go. Oh, this is a get-rich-quick scene notice. I haven’t told you’re going to get rid from this. In fact, I can pretty much tell you you’re not going to get on the Forbes list. Not everybody can be a billionaire. Not even everybody can be a millionaire, but I have a firm conviction that financial independence through EECOM can be achieved in almost any country.

Cuz. That’s a common question Thai. What if I don’t live in US, what probably been a small town in the US, so it’s equal um! Why does it matter where you live? If I lived in Nepal or Bangladesh or I live in Botswana or I lived in Poland or I live in Saskatchewan Canada econ you could sell, I could sell right into the u.S.. U.S. Is the largest economy or the EU or Austria. I would go into the easy economies.

First, I lived in Brazil all of our lived in Africa. I live in Australia. If I lived in India, so econ’s a beautiful thing because it levels it makes the world flat. People say what, if I’m young one from old with econ, when you buy something on Amazon, do you look how old the seller is or third a female male mom? You don’t care! You look at that ethnicity, it’s all so beautiful thing about EECOM.

It levels the playing field. So don’t worry about your age. This program is powerful, even if you’re in a part of the world or a demographic, that’s cetera, that’s discriminated against. She calms the great level of Rann. Nobody cares, you could be ugly, could be overweight. You could be eight years old, I mean a lot of. You saw people getting older, Charlie Munger’s in the game. He’s 92. I think now.

Another common question is: is a refund policy? Yes, got 30 day refund policy, the first 30 days. I call a 30 day challenge where we give you the big overview. Get you started. We even have another level once you’re inside, where we’ll help you build a Shopify store, or you can builder on your own and then you know level 2. You get more bands. Can get into the financial side of things we get into forming? You know what kind of entity should you form? How do you set up the business? Should you raise capital, and so it’s kind of getting? How do you determine the product you should sell? The pricing should use quick funnel.

Should you Shopify? Should you use WordPress? Should you use you know, there’s all these different platforms. We talked about the digital platforms like the kajabi x’ and the in the teachables, and things like that. Okay, then we’re going to get into the marketing side the Facebook to YouTube the snapchat, the email marketing SMS, the viral article marketing you know, should you sometimes people ask me like okay, John I’m marketing, you know.

What’s better, Facebook Ads are usually we’ll get into all that google shopping, we’ll talk about, ok and then the last month we get into a little more technical stuff. You do not need to learn how to be a computer programmer, but you need to understand the basics of the app world about the plugins on places like Shopify. If that’s, what your the persona and digital product we’ll talk about, Amazon, how to sell on Amazon, deliver masses, the largest marketplace in the world and it’s multiple teachers.

Obviously I’m going to be teaching. My business partner Alex dr. Dr. Alex, is going to be teaching. He just sold his company. His econ company for 300 million dollars in August ran the New York Stock Exchange Bell a lot of million millions of people readed. I went there to to cheer them on um. We got my business partner Rudy taking businesses from 10 to 100 million. We’ve got a dream, Morrison and different people that I know.

Basically, anybody who I consider a blackbelt meaning they’ve done like over 100 million and EECOM, I’m letting them come and teach, but primarily it’s for different people, teaching you’re going to go step by step. You need the common question. Is how much time do I need for this? So I’d like to be able to devote at least an hour a week. Okay, now you don’t have to complete it in four months. You have up to one year, okay, so year to year program, but I didn’t want to give people.

I don’t be, will know I’m going to do this over ten years, no four to twelve months. Maximum. Okay, so if you want to take twelve months, you can just do less time per week. If you want to go through a real fast, you can spend three four hours a week. You break it up 30 minutes a day. We have easily downloadable lessons article or audio, you can do it while you’re on the treadmill. You can do all your jogging, you can do a wall you’re, you know doing the dishes or cooking, and then some people ask about the quiz by the way.

I’m going to put this link below you have less than three days, so some people are asking like. Why do you a certain amount of days left? I want to create a test group. I want to get a focus group of people in close it and take that group, and so in this test group there’s going to be benefits to this test group that nobody else has got so your snooze, you lose I’ve also learned, you know it’s just like You go to the grocery store and have like coupon like this is ten percent off today.

This so there’s a reason and people this is for those of you on the fence. Let this be a motivation you might miss out on it. I found that that works, better they’re, not trying to be cheesy, and but you know, every store in the world has timelines. If you want to get something Amazon to, let that be a lesson to you about income. What’s another como question: what if you can’t afford it? Well, then you can go and look.

You can learn EECOM on YouTube. You can learn econ here here, forums, it’s just if you want it all put together on the step by step program. You know I don’t find that anywhere. Also you’re not going to find, I don’t know anybody teach unique, I mean you should learn from Jeff Bezos, but I don’t think he has a test group. You should learn from Mark Zuckerberg, so I don’t have their credentials, but I don’t know anybody online.

That has the credentials that we have, I mean you. Can google ty Lopez USA Today Dress Barn you’ll, see made one of the big big acquisitions, 20:19 ty Lopez, New York Post blue apron about me competing to buy blue apron another huge econ business about me bidding to buy forever 21 in January. So I’m up. You know these are companies that are doing seven, eight hundred million forever21. We didn’t win the big.

I got out big, but I was right at the table to buy 3.5 billion dollar revenue company with massive EECOM. So, my point being it’s like: I can tell you you can look around and try to learn this on your own, but you’re not going to get people with credentials because they don’t exist. How much in the world he comes new. You might think it’s old. It’s still new, it’s old for Jeff Bezos, but the average business owner the average individual.

They might know social media market, but they don’t know econ econ is different. You’d, be good at social media and make no money. I know so many social media influencers. They don’t know econ, so they have millions of followers, but their bank accounts like true you’re, going wait. A sec can’t like you, want social media marketing is part of this we’ll be talking about that. But when we talk about the framework of like how does it work eat with econ? That’s what you need so there’s not much more.

I have to say late at night from the record. This announced a test group snooze you lose, you could try it on your own. Certainly people have figured out he calm about this program. Just makes it easier. If you can’t afford it, that’s fine. I missed out on things too. All the time can’t afford lots of stuff and never ends. Unfortunately, there’s always limited capital in the world. It’s a cool or econ product.

You know what’s a good econ bra water bottles like this non-stop talk, so anyway I made the prediction: I wanted to put that out there on YouTube on Facebook all over the place. So people know 2028. I called it again become a real, deep domain. Ecommerce specialist get a certification. What will help you gives you something to move forward doors and gives you the achievement of a goal? If you fail the exam, you can, you got ta wait a week and then you can take it again, we’re not out to get you, but it’s not a BS exam that you can just like.

It’s not going to be like true/false questions that are obvious to choose right, so focus accomplish something. Man goes in three days, click the links for those of you get in you immediately start. You got immediate access to the course. We have the ability – or you can schedule call with my team – go a little further. We’ve got some more advanced stuff for those of you who are a little more advanced you’ll, see that you click the button.

You go to the page. It’s a 256 bit SSL encrypted page safest. I mean it’s safe. Nobody sees your credit card, we don’t see that number and as quickly as you fill that out and get in you’re in begin to learn today, don’t procrastinate. As I told you, there are weeks there are decades when nothing happens in there weeks. We’re decades happen times. Flying like that’s the thing about the world, so it’s not always flying for the best, so you better turn the lemons in lemonade.

You better turn the dislocation of business and employment into, like I said, with Charlie Munger Warren Buffett, you becoming a learning machine. That’s the way out, learn something the more you learn the more you earn. So for those of you who listen, good luck and if you don’t believe me, that’s fine we’ll see who’s right in a couple years.

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