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Real Estate Blog Ideas: City Data

So I am here in the front page and you do need to have an account. So if you don’t have an account, go ahead and register first, but once you have an account, you’ll just go over to forum and then once the forum loads, you can type in whatever you’d like. So I’m just going to go ahead and search the forum and I’m going to type in the city and then click find and then what will happen is you’ll get all of these posts here.

So the first two are ads. So let me scroll past both of those and then now we can see a thread for all of like potential blog posts, so I’m just going to go through these really quickly, and so let’s see this one’s interesting so help family moving out of Santa Monica. So, let’s click on this and see what they’re talking about so basically they want to move out of Santa Monica and they’re. Looking for family friendly, great schools, backyard space progressive, not too conservative, not too hot, so they basically gave a list and they posted it.

And then a lot of people are actually giving their advice on where they should move, and I assume that what happened was someone actually recommended Brett Rancho Palos Verdes to this family? Okay. So that’s a potential idea. So let’s go back and see what else we can find so, let’s see here, okay, so Palos Verdes info, please, okay! So let’s go ahead and look at this one, I’m recently new to LA. I currently live on the west side and I’d like to basically see where else I love the outdoors and animals.

I’ve heard great things about Palace for days, but I’m confused about the difference and then what they say here is interesting. So they say I hear that Rancho Palos Verdes is the least nicest rolling hills is very nice and which has views of the port and what’s the difference between Palos Verdes States and rolling hills and Rancho Palos, Verdes, etc. So this is actually not true. So all of palos verdes is actually really nice, and so I’m not sure where they heard that from.

But I actually might look at this as a potential blog post, because if they’ve heard this somewhere, then that’s something like a myth that you can actually dispel and yeah sure enough here like down here. This person says all of Palos Verdes. Is nice not sure why you would prefer a view of the port or Catalina or Eastside? So basically, what you can do is you can kind of scroll down here and see what people are saying and then look at this one? We used to live in Santa Monica, but we moved to Palos Verdes Estates six months ago and we love it.

There’s no traffic congestion, it’s on the peninsula, it’s extremely safe and then here are the answers. They basically answer all the questions that people are saying so essentially what I would do is you can turn all of this into a blog post, and you can basically dispel myths. You can say what the difference is, because Pels Verdes is actually it’s like for municipalities combined into one which is called Rancho, Palos Verdes, which is the name of the city.

So you can start to talk about all of those things to like break down your entire city. You may have gated communities went within each of the cities and you can write a blog post about that. So obviously, if people are confused about something about your farm or your city, you can write an entire post on the truth. So that’s an easy way to do it, and the other interesting thing is that this is the second person that is interested in moving from Santa Monica or from LA Westside to Palos Verdes.

So I might have a blog post that states something along those lines like the keyword might be. You know moving from Santa Monica to Palos Verdes, something like that, because if people are obviously coming to city data to post as a forum as a last resort, that means they couldn’t find anything about this as a blog post. So I absolutely would have something. Probably you could get two blog posts out of this one, one it’s going to basically talk about moving to Palos, Verdes or the benefits of living in Palos Verdes, and you know all of the things that people you know want to know about Palos Verdes and then The second one would be something about moving from LA Westside or moving from Santa Monica to Palos Verdes, because again, people are searching for that.

They wouldn’t have put it in for him if they didn’t want to know. So that is how you can look for blog post ideas in City data.

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