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This is your first time here. My name is Leticia B and in today’s article I just want to answer a few questions that I have gotten over the last couple of days. If you follow me on Instagram or if you don’t my name on Instagram, is the same as my youtube blog name, so dazzling go ahead and find me on there and of course follow me on there. But if you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen me post about the different events that I have either volunteered at or worked at over the last three weeks.

The first event that I volunteered at was called the Chicago healthy hair affair and the second one was the Chicago stop of the hew affair tour and then, most recently, I served as a brand ambassador for design essentials at the Chicago’s ultimate Women’s Expo. Now I’ve been asked like how did I find out about these events and how did I get the opportunity to either volunteer or serve as a brand ambassador and to answer that question? Are those questions pretty much? I followed people on instagram like brands, and you know people who I know made that may put on events.

I followed them on Instagram and I really just try to stay up-to-date with. What’s going on. As a matter of fact, the young lady who put on the Chicago’s healthy hair affair, I think we’re actually in one of the same we’re actually in the same group on Facebook, and then we just started following each other on Instagram, and I saw her post about It so I decided to just you know, help her out and volunteer at her event and then for the huge Hugh, a ferret or same thing, the sponsoring brand, for that tour was actually my Elle organics and I do follow mile organics on Instagram.

So I found out not only through their Instagram but also another girl friend. She volunteered at the New York stop the Gila, Fair tour, and I found out you know because she posted about it. So I was like okay as a sign. I’ve seen it twice now. So I’m going to go ahead and volunteer for that and for that one I was actually a very interesting experience, because when I got the volunteer instructions you know I was told you know to be there at this time and then I got a follow-up email saying That I was going to be working with Camille Rose Naturals.

Now initially I was like oh cool. You know. Let me get to meet some people, you know come elros naturals and work with them and yada yada yada na me and two other young ladies who volunteer at this evening, actually worked at Camille Rose Naturals table. So it’s so interesting because people were thinking that we were actually like brand ambassadors or working for that company, but yeah. That was just a very fun experience all in itself.

So basically yeah. I just followed them on Instagram and then, when they posted about needing one Sears, I just reached out to them, and then I was accepted as a volunteer, and then we went from there now for the most recent event that I worked, which was when I served As a brand ambassador to design essentials, they actually reached out to me, and the reason why I think they reached out to me is one because, generally when I post on Instagram, I always use hashtags and a lot of my hashtags.

You know I’ll put like Chicago Naturals or whatever something that relates to your cago to naturals, and then you know they probably either went to that hashtag and found me or it killed me, because I also posted a product that I received from them. In my swag back from the hue of ferrets or um, and I made sure to tag them in my IG story, so it may also been. You know that way that they found me so really is so important to make sure that whenever you were doing a review – or you know whatever the case is or when you’re posting to Instagram, that you are definitely tagging the brands that you are using, because you Never know when they may reach out to you, so that was that was really good.

That was yeah. That Expo was way bigger than anything I’ve ever done, and it was just so overwhelming, but it was definitely a learning experience and I truly enjoy working with design essentials and then one other thing too, is that oh, okay, yeah, okay, slightly Beckett, so two things. Someone also asked me: how did I become a brand ambassador for Shea Moisture now that came about – and I actually believe I talked about this is one of my older articles, but that came about because I follow a more honest again.

You got ta be in the right place right time, knowing the right people, you know, but I follow them on Instagram and I saw that they posted about needing brand ambassadors and what you had to do was submit a article. I think it was like 30 seconds or one minute, or something like that. You know just a short article explaining to them why you would make a good at brand ambassador. So pretty much. I just liked my article talking about how is the first brand I’ve ever used when I first went natural because I used that coconut hibiscus line like it went and that’s like my favorite line when I first went natural.

So I you know basically just plain how they were the first branagh use, and you know what my platform is, and you know my youtube blog and how you know my goal is really to help other people learn and embrace and just love their natural hair. So I mean, after that I was accepted, so that is also has been really cool and I’m so pumped. So just think about it, because my next box has been shaped so make sure that you’re on the lookout for my next shade basilar box review and then the last thing is.

I actually just got my first well, I guess is well, it was my first glad just had my second one recently, but my first paid like I don’t know if it will be considered a sponsorship because they’re not necessarily sponsoring me, but I got my first paid Opportunity like a few months ago and y’all I have been so excited. I cannot wait to share with y’all what the products were and just share with y’all.

More give you guys more information about the brand that I’m working with, but yeah. That also came about because I was you know I had my youtube blog. So a lot of the reviews that I do is start from like the Shea Moisture stuff. I generally do them because I bought the product or I’ve gotten the product as a gift. So I really do it just because I want to do it and I did a article for you know. Some products from this particular brand and the owner of the brand saw the article and she was just so.

You know happy about the article and was just really excited, and so she pretty much offered me an opportunity to work with her, and that has just been so amazing. So really I say all of that to say is that you have to put yourself in a position to where. Not only will you have the ability to reach out to people, but you want to put yourself in a position where people will want to reach out to you.

You know what I’m saying, so you just have to make sure that you’re making quality content, making sure that you are keeping up to date with all the brands like if there’s a brand that you want to work with speaking into in existence, because when I first Started my youtube blog, I made shorts like write down goals and one of my goals was to become a brand ambassador. Well, no, I take that back. My first goal was to just work with you know a brand in general and that’s when I got my opportunity to work with chrome makes earlier this year and I was a part of their photo shoot but no photo shoot.

I was a part of their photo shoots and I was on their website for a very long time now. It’s just like whoa, okay, doors opening, and then after that I was like. Okay. Now I got ta, you know I got ta speak more things into existence. I was like okay, I want to be a brand ambassador for a well-known company, well-known brand boom. Shea Moisture happens, then I’m like okay. I want to work with a well-known brand like you know whatever, so then that’s when the Camille Rose.

Naturals, like the Camille Rose, natural, say what happened and being you know, contacted by design essentials happen and I’m just like okay yeah. This is really working. So then I was alright. I wouldn’t I want to get it checked all right. I want to make that go up. I mean I’m not really making grew up right now, but you know I want to make some money. So then that’s when I got you know the opportunity with the brand that I’m currently collaborating with, and I’m just saying alright, I can do this, you know so it was really all about sticking to whatever.

Whatever is that, you want to do, stick with it. Just continuously to grow, and you know your craft continuously try to perfect your craft. Just you know, keep getting better at it and just make sure that you are staying up-to-date with. You know the brands that you want to work with and, most importantly speak things into existence and not only speaking into an existence, but writing it down because writing it down I’m making making a plan.

It makes a huge difference. So anyhow, that’s all. I really wanted to say in this article – hopefully it’s not too long. I really don’t know i’ma try to edit it down if it is, but I hope that it was helpful and I hope that I answered those questions for you know anyone who may be wondering, but if you have any specific questions or you know, if you need Help with like you need someone to just like, I should media kid or you know something something like that, then let me know down in the comments section by the way y’all, I love when you when you guys comment on my articles, because I love responding to Articles and like you me, responding to comments and just having that conversation, but yes with that being said, I’m done I’m rambling now, so I need to go, I’m actually really hungry and I’m starting to get hangry but yeah.

I was going on my next article. I don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to my blog and I will see you and the next one and be sure to always stay dazzling.

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