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Chads can Block Bullets at Area 51 Raid | Martial Arts Tutorial

What about it? At 6:30 reporting live you want, and so today, because if you know like one day late, I’m going to show how all those Chad’s out there could have blocked bullets if they just had a staff and this technique, let’s get teaching them chats alright.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to learn a front facing the boast, a spin, it’s going to be a nice simple spin. Now, if they’re one meet, there is a lot of ways to do figure. Eights of both da Spencer tons of different variations know one way is necessarily better than another way, but I’m going to show you my way of doing the front we’re facing both that spin. So I’m going to try to teach you how to do this without hitting my garage too many times, though, what we’re going to do you’re going to hold it in your right hand, just like this, I’m going to hold a little lower on my body.

You can do it up here. If you want towards your chest, I wouldn’t go any higher than your focus and I wouldn’t go any lower than your hips, but exactly where you’re going to hold it and where you wouldn’t do this spin, it’s up to you and how much space you have. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to let it rotate just like this and let it pass that 180 degree turns by 90 degrees. Do you get just like this? Once you get there you’re going to use that momentum to transfer the post back into your opposite hand, then your re grabbing like that and doing the same steps over and over cuz.

That’s what you want. You want a pattern that you can follow so that you can do this for as long as you want to so one more time, nice and slow. It’s going to look like this you’re going to let it spin past that 180 degrees you’re going to grab it in the other hand, and you’re going to transfer it back over. Just like this, with both hands facing the same direction and then you’re going to do the same thing, and so when you go a little bit fast, it’s going to look something like this now, like I said earlier, there are many different variations of doing figure eights In doing both husbands, you have the other hyper figure.

8. That I think is a little bit faster, that’s more of an attack because more coming down, instead of in front of you, there is tons of these things. So if you have a spin that you want to learn that you’ve seen in Instagram or somewhere, send it to me over discord, send it to me over Instagram and we can try and break that down for you or if you have something that you’ve learned in Your training and want to you know, show it off a little bit in this kill me on this corner.

I love you guys sending me cool pictures or articles of you guys doing training stuff so send them in. I want to check them out. I want to see what you guys got what my ninja crew has speaking of discord once I hit 25,000 subscribers, I have a bunch of awesome stuff coming. I have to give away like I’ve been talking about, but I also have free voice chat for everyone who has been in my discord when I hit 25,000.

So if you do it after I hit 25 thousand subscribers, you maybe might miss out on you know having that automatic voice check, but for all you guys that are in my squad for all of you guys that are in my discord already before I had 25,000 Subscribers, I appreciate you, you guys are a G and because of that, you guys are going to get we’re going to go and chat some time. You’re going to have some discord.

Chats are going to be awesome. I can’t wait hopefully, so you guys can’t wait. Maybe we can play some games together. I’ve been playing Rainbow six, maybe starting up a minecraft server at some point soon. Just you know up to you guys. So if any of that I just shoot links down in the description, I have at the bottom of the description, a link to my discord. So it’s simple you just getting them be like join or accept, or whatever the button says.

But until next time it’s been a good satin bag, I was going to do all that fun like and subscribe, and Belle and Tom, and all that fun stuff in description down below, but until next time my name is DJ more. This is the modern ninja and I’m out you

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