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Knife Unpacking from Forged in Fire: Knife or Death S01:E04

This box contains the knife that I used on the show knife or death, which was on the History Channel. It’s a cool show. I had a lot of fun, shooting it. If you readed it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is the most utterly badass knife composition ever created, but if you haven’t readed it press pause, go, read it and then come back.

I haven’t seen my knife since I ran the course and the course was really amazing hard challenging blades, so this will be the first time I actually get to see my blade and inspect it to see how it performs on those challenges all right from here to Here looks pretty good, I mean there is some some funkiness right, here’s a little bit more chewed up, but this is really where I was hacking through that metal sheet right at it at the end.

So I definitely expected a little bit more damage here, but I have to say it’s really, nothing arable. You can hear all the Jegs. It’s almost like a serrated knife at this point, so I have a lot of cleanup work on this. It is no longer a razor good job, knife or death. You put me to the challenge and I will be cleaning this back up, getting it back into sharp shape and getting it back out there and doing some more cut test with it.

I will probably make more of these knives. I like them, it’s the second one of that style that I’ve made this other one over here. In my other articles, probably you may have seen this as you can see. It added a lot more blade to this and, unlike the white blade format, I’m going to continue to adapt and work the handle. There’s some modern things on this, one that final on that one. You know I’m on this journey of taking this Celt Iberian style, worn knife and making it relevant to the modern daily limit and making it something that is very functional, so follow along that journey.

It should be pretty fun. I’m looking forward to getting this cleaned up and then throwing it through some more contests. So, thanks for reading I’ll see you later make sure you check out knife for death on the History Channel. You

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