Online Marketing

Troy McGee – Business Development Manager

Here in Silicon Valley, I’ve worked with everything from IT: hardware, software services and article marketing and promoting a lot of Bay Area, tech, web development and startup groups. So I love seeing things invented and created, and I think here then anywhere else. I imagine you see more people who are creating inventing and are passionate and optimistic about what they’re doing, and I love to be surrounded by people with those those characteristics and doing those type of things.

So I want to work in tech because I see it as a very efficient way to to get business done, to sell more products or to be more successful in what your business does. Who am I I’m a I’m going to find you partnerships, whether that’s with your clients or with your partners that sell your product, recommend your product or promote your product? And so I am much more interested in finding relationships that help us reach hundreds or thousands of customers.

Instead of I mean I enjoy working face-to-face with customers, but if there’s a way I can turn on a partner, that’s going to help us reach hundreds or thousands. That’s a strategic place that I’d like to work in my favorite thing to cook is sea bass with the lemon butter sauce and cayenne pepper. On top, I also love cooking anything with green chilies. I love to cook anything with green chilies, whether it’s green chili, chicken enchiladas or whether it’s a pulled pork, that’s been slow, cooked in a green chilies or green chili sauce or it’s like a carne Verde beach.

That’s been spiced and cooked with are in green chili. Sauce over I just love green chili,

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By Jimmy Dagger

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