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Red Lotus Bukido Seminar – Tomahawk Throwing

That’s what I’m doing wig tide mill! Man hit a sinker haha, that’s a good day. Let’s go already, I’m sure that mail guy was like oh last time. They bring me a bill thanks. Can you take it hey where you are with car target acquired, don’t worry yeah. How did you manage it upside down? That’s awesome.

I’m still waiting to get the handle in the booth. They really want to use one of ours sharpen the bottom anyway, twice as dangerous yeah put the spirit like put a spear in on it free now incoming bring out. We use a time lapse, article setup so after the throws we could stop and read the rotation of decided for over rotating or under rotating, very slow motion. Yeah, let move! I don’t have a camera for that.

That’s why we do we need a slo-mo camera. So I can we throw, we could analyze back spike, they show through would peer pressure. Do it if I throw it like its lucky, possibly go wrong anyway. Now getting somewhere in there that tree hurts now, that’s the kind of trail be fine. I try throwing it like that. It’s feeling really factors way. If there are you get in close, read over my face yeah, yes, I can’t think fast.

You’ll have to go home. Mr. Phillips nice easy knock it out. Boards in this buster moment very good. Alright,

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By Jimmy Dagger

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