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Red Dead VS. – Legendary Wolf

Series so today we’re going to be trying to tackle the legendary wolf and is going to be interesting. I believe he’s up here, bingo yep up here, so we’re going to be tackling this big boy yeah. So it’s going to be knife versus big boy. I’m here to see. If I could out maneuver him, I will so let me explain: the rules are arriving there.

So my knife versus series I’m going to try to kill you know a specific animal that would not be the game mmm, it’s mostly bugs and legendre animals, but you know I might do other animals wants me. Don’t let your animals in essence, I have to kill the animal. Wouldn’t I pretty much, but I am allowed to use certain buffs since I’m at a technical weapon disadvantage. So I think he’s like health buffs things like that.

So I’m going to kinda, you know get myself really buffed up really roided-up in preparation. For you know the fight there should be a lot of fun. You know, I don’t see a lot of people try and a challenge like this per se, but you know I the other day you know with bright day Redemption. There’s there’s a lot of flexibility herbs on how you can actually do things and a lot of people where they want to be.

You know get legendary pellets and you know the game and get like you know, go a star in all the missions, and you know like followed a normal hat of achieving or you know, completed that assignment or task within red dead. I am going to lean more towards doing that in the uncommon sense, with my bad John. Well, originally a bad art. This is my badge on, but a beard played out, so my bad John will be doing that job with a beer is going to be doing.

Uh, you know these knife versus challenge as well as we have the fists of fury challenge, we’re kind of legendary animals with nothing but my actual fists. If it’s at all possible to do that, so the I will have multiple tries or I don’t have multiple tries or both by knife versus as those my fists of fury challenge and only because out at least one. You know, I think at least give us some three tries and if I can’t kill the animal in three tries, reassess and see if there’s another way for me to possibly kill animal with a knife.

If not, then I guess it’s not doable all right, maybe not. Three tries – maybe I tried more than three times, because I do think that you know the animals they do have a certain attack pattern. I think you can study that you know if you should be able to have my new grandma beat them, assuming that you could get John to do what you want John to do what that was easier than I thought really does. That was it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used miracle tonic after all, Wow kind of feel bad for him. Okay, so miracle toddy and knife did the trick. Okay, I wonder if I could just be on my fist and investigate it. Wasn’t too hard? Okay, so we see um Wow literally three month, three slice and then it was over all right. Let’s run that back all right, so we’re going to take miracle cute miracle tonic with just our fist and see what happens.

I can find you shit, okay. What, then, why do you, betting goes far: yeah yeah, no shit, Sherlock that one I kept drawing my gun for some reason. I was like I’m trying to follow my fist. Maybe I can’t actually fight it with my face. That could very well be the case with a legendary animal different. Let’s do this round too bitch. Let’s go! Oh, what effective, yeah, okay, alright! So first time you got me second time taught him who’s boss, alright, so round.

Alright third trial is wit, a thorough weapon to see how that goes. Let’s go buddy see how you deal with a hatchet lost to the knife and the fist time for the hatchet, technically you’re, not damn to swings hatchet ain’t, no frickin joke okay, well, hatchet! For the victory Tim’s hatching this room didn’t show the damage how they do you showed it damage. I didn’t realize. Okay, hatchet does do more damage the action after that has more damaging than the shit shit, damn Oh to die to ready if it wasn’t for friggin miracle tonic which life it took see like literally, I would be dead, if was for miracle tonic, so yeah.

This doesn’t be pretty impossible without miracle. Tonic, be honest, all right, let’s go last round there, Kotani anyone find more without time all right got them. Let’s run this back without any miracle tonic see. If could actually do the same. All right, it seems like miracle. Tonic is definitely giving me the advantage just to power through its attack, because I only have to hit him twice, so it’s a good way to kind of get familiar with his attack pattern.

So that way, I could try to beat him now without miracle tonic kind of a way to test yourself. So, first we’re going to start off with fist which that’s going to be really hard but whatever, because I definitely don’t want to create a situation where I’m going to have to probably be slick cuz. I can’t take too much hit from him can’t cut him. I got him without anything: okay, Wow! I am surprised. I actually won that.

Okay, I feel like it’s going to be worse when I get a load weapon now, let’s try on that time chasing that guy got a three-piece combo right there. That was kind of close, though you came close. I thought hiding behind just little log right here, will throw him off and prevent it from attacking me, but I guess that all right on to the hatchet – oh, my goodness, I couldn’t get any swing off. My hatchet.

Doesn’t have a lot of reach Wow the hatchet doesn’t have a lot of reach. Wolf got me. Okay! All right well played well played. He’s won one out of the series so well that cannon. When I was pressing the wrong button to attack he’s won one in natural series. Two kills overall per this episode. Okay, all right, Wolfie, not bad. Like literally, I was pressing the art too, but he’s like, because the hatchet did have less range in his attack.

His attack can’t power and true, so we could even they were pressing like prior at the same time, even before his like spamming are to to attack attack, attack attack and his TAC kept like hitting me seriously. Damn it in that right, save my life friggin bad job indeed, he’ll just happen. Just get like clothesline by a tree is that one literally Tuzla, ghost riding the whip in that one and freakin attack man, geez stik-tek, bastard, all right, machete, one now successful.

Okay, this series you’ll see when you kind of work because of the cleavers range good. They said to think about the cleave. The cleaver is I’m hoping that it’s a little bit faster than hatch, because the hatchet had a little bit more range in the night, but it wasn’t quicker in terms of attack speed. So I felt like it ultimately like lost on you sure I could probably rematch with a hatchet or maybe come out victorious, but then I’d be a little unfair.

You know we match until I win versus just letting him have that that win and me have that ELQ. I guess L of a series for Ella bat match Iren hatchet. Do not fail me now or cleaver sorry for that hatchet yeah cleaver! Technically she do as much damage she means it’s. The most powerful melee weapon see. I knew it. A new fuckin range, the fucking range I was swinging, but the rains like you see a swung.

He was out of range alright, so without miracle tonic, the hatchet and a cleaver are not a good weapon. Hmm, it’s good to know all right, we’re going to run this back one more time last match of the series. Well, actually that was the last night upstairs now that I actually killed a legendary wolf for real and move on that I tested out that my theory, so I guess you could say, is he loved matches? So, to actual I mean if I killed him, then in there with a hatchet, then yeah we’ve got a would be two girls, namaha boy.

Let’s go, I can actually spoiler. The tomahawk didn’t realize that hey can I swing with the no nearly there a bit? Oh, that was perfect. That was perfect. That was perfect and there we go boys Wow, one tomahawk kills it yes right at me. Oh ladies and gentlemen, there we go Wolfie times out sorry about the extra weight shit. That’s like almost poetic irony. To be honest, no ain’t happening all right.

Thank you guys again for reading my vs. Series against the legendary animals will have episode 2 up as soon as possible, probably like a week or two once I get back to it. But again, thank you guys to supporting serious NSA guys in my next episode. Bye,

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Red Lotus Bukido Seminar – Tomahawk Throwing

That’s what I’m doing wig tide mill! Man hit a sinker haha, that’s a good day. Let’s go already, I’m sure that mail guy was like oh last time. They bring me a bill thanks. Can you take it hey where you are with car target acquired, don’t worry yeah. How did you manage it upside down? That’s awesome.

I’m still waiting to get the handle in the booth. They really want to use one of ours sharpen the bottom anyway, twice as dangerous yeah put the spirit like put a spear in on it free now incoming bring out. We use a time lapse, article setup so after the throws we could stop and read the rotation of decided for over rotating or under rotating, very slow motion. Yeah, let move! I don’t have a camera for that.

That’s why we do we need a slo-mo camera. So I can we throw, we could analyze back spike, they show through would peer pressure. Do it if I throw it like its lucky, possibly go wrong anyway. Now getting somewhere in there that tree hurts now, that’s the kind of trail be fine. I try throwing it like that. It’s feeling really factors way. If there are you get in close, read over my face yeah, yes, I can’t think fast.

You’ll have to go home. Mr. Phillips nice easy knock it out. Boards in this buster moment very good. Alright,

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Will An AXE Split A Chain In Half???

How this all came about was unpicked was reading a movie Cool Hand Luke and, in this movie Cool Hand Luke. I think the Paul Newman Character was able to chop his ankle chains and free himself with an axe and three strokes.

Today, we’re going to put that to the test For this test, we’re going to use some standard logging chain. I believe that this is 5/16 pretty heavy-duty stuff and The axe that we’re going to be using is, of course, a heavy duty chopping. Ask -axe of the basque design. I chose this one because it has a lot of weight to it and a big cutting area. So let’s put it up on the Block and see what happens So, our first chop We’re going to use a big-.

This is about a 6×8 Doug Fir piece of cribbing, And I’m just going to go directly onto the wood and to see -this is a pretty heavy chain. I don’t know if Paul Newman’s chain was going to be. It was quite this heavy, but we’ll see what happens. I fear that it’s going to push it into the block, If that happens, we’ll put start putting some harder surfaces on there, but let’s give a swing and and find out We’ll Glove up here.

…. Alright, let’s see… [ Chuckles ]. I don’t know about this. That might be some Hollywood, but we’ll see Oh Man, What happened there, So that was as hard as I could swing…. Got- it aimed- right there hit right where I was aiming there right across that link, And the problem is that the force of the axe pressed the chain down into the wood, and it just wasn’t enough backing there [ Chuckles ] That really pushed it in There that you can see.

.. Where’d, we strike right there, So we got through not very far, not very far at all, probably about 35… 35 % through the chain. So, let’s put a little bit harder surface on there, a little chunk of plywood and try it again and see what happens All right if we put a little piece of plywood across [ t ] here that that’s pretty hard We’re going across the grain rather than Into it and I’ll get a new piece of chain here and hopefully hit it Right there.

.. See, if that doesn’t, do it, Okay, going to go right there for that one, pretty small target here Hard as I can go…, Oh Goodness, That is a lot Of force and that didn’t work very well, either It just mashed it down into the plywood Boy. I’d say if you were on a Florida chain gang and you had a block of wood, to cut your leg shackles with you might Well, you might be there awhile. There might be a better option.

Okay, there we can see So that right there actually cut through even less than the first one That -I thought that that would have Been harder than that Well, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to put a really hard surface down, which is going to be a little bit hard on the axe, But…. We can always fix that. Alright, how about a piece of mild steel? What if we put a mild steel on there, That’s certainly not going to press through This was the first strike.

The second strike, the third one… We’ll try to go right through there To see. If we can chop through that in one hit, Even against the wood, you can see we’re getting uh, certainly getting a little bit of damage on that axe, but still plenty of edge there. I don’t think we have any prob-. I think it’s definitely sharp enough, but let’s see what happens here, You know what I’m going to put some safety glasses on There.

We go hard as I can. What happened there? Oh goodness, look at that that did indeed cut through that chain-link. Look at that. It cut all the way through on one side and Almost all the way through. On the other side, You can see the first two strikes here. It looks like maybe hit the same piece right there, But I want to see if we would like to see if it’s possible to cut through that chain in one strike.

Let’s try it again. Let me see if I can swing it even harder That steel on there Will cut, try to cut through this one right here. It doesn’t have any Nick’s in it right. There See what we’ve got there yeah again. Look at that! That’s a pretty amazing! That’s a clean cut right through that that deal, But it didn’t cut all the way through I’d like to see if we could get it one Chop. If I hit it perfectly and hard enough, I’ve bent our bar there a little bit hard enough.

I think We could actually do it. There’s a lot of force there a lot of force. Let’s see, let’s try this piece right here. Okay, let’s give it all. We got a one chop through a logging chain And a piece of steel. The white Dodge pickup, a lot of folks, have been asking about that. If I got a new rig, It’s not mine, it belongs to a friend of mine, Who is one of the volunteers, for the fire department He’s putting a new transmission and he doesn’t have a shop to work in so he’s.

That’s why it’s here he’s just finishing up putting a new new tranny in and exhaust system. So If you were wondering okay, let’s pull this tight, I Really liked it would like to chop this I’ll. Try it one more time And see if we can get all the way through it, nice big heavy axe. Oh we did it. Let’s take a look at that, so it is possible. It is definitely possible. It works Sure enough. So I guess Paul Newman actually could have chopped his chains off with an axe.

There’s a link. You can see, there’s a certainly the two pieces and That’s good to know. I guess I’m surprised, I didn’t think I didn’t think you could chop through that with one hit, but boy that axe sure put to Put the hurt on that flat bar. Let’s take a look at the edge. I’ve been really impressed with these Basque Axes. You know a little bit of chipping right there, nothing that can’t be repaired actually quite easily, But that is very interesting.

You Know what I would really like to know is: can you cut a big fat cable with an axe? You know all those movies where they cut the cable, So here’s an old logging choker, That’s pretty much served. Its purpose is starting to fray and every time I grab it. Stabs me in the hand, I’ll be glad to get rid of it, But I always read, though you see those old movies where they’re like a fishing boat or the old Sailing ships or whatever they were, there, always get the axe.

You know something It’s it’s dragging the ship down And they always have an axe at the ready and they cut through those gigantic cables. On that I don’t know about that. This stuff is pretty tough, but let’s try it and see. This is probably about a Maybe a 5 – that’s probably a 3/8 cable. So it’s not an insignificant bit of cable. But let’s put that up on here and see if that will indeed chop in one hit: Okay 3/8 cable hard, as I can How’bout that Indeed an axe will definitely cut a cable, it’s multi-strands there, it cut through all of them, except for one little piece.

So that’s that’s, definitely a truth too Yeah that actually cuts pretty simple. There huh that’s kind of interesting, So there we have it. I hope that answers your question. Unpicked and axe will indeed cut through a Logging chain in one stroke, as well as a stranded cable. So Well that was fun I’ll spend the next hour working the chips out of that axe. So, just to to tell you guys, what’s been going on lately, So I haven’t been putting up a lot of articles because, as as you know, I’ve been on two wildland fires And I’m.

I guess I’m happy to report that I think wildland season is over. For the year It has been raining solid for two days I talked to the guys that are on the fire and they’re pretty much pulling everything and wrapping up and everyone’s under the Pretty much in agreement that the season in this area at least, is completely over. Just starting to get snow on the mountains, I think it looks like to the north.

There Mount Fuji. There is starting to get a fresh cap on it and it’s just incredible how quickly the seasons change when we were just sweltering in the heat on that fire. Back to tin, pants and warm clothes and long johns and getting ready for winter, so there’s a look, got a whole bunch of stuff To share with you guys, We’ll be finishing, bringing in the firewood We’ll be doing some work with the firewood processor.

I got a whole bunch of stuff to get ready for winter. It’s just today’s. I don’t want to get out there and do it, because it’s raining and it’ll stop here in a few days And we’ll get out there and get those last things finalized. We got a whole new load of logging, a log truckload of some really great wood That I’m splitting with a couple of the guys at the volunteer fire department. We got some nice lodgepole from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, That is a bone dry, so that lodgepole makes really wonderful, firewood, smells great And we’ll be cutting that a bunch of that here pretty soon Anything else to report, I’m really enjoying the poison oak that I Picked up from the fire We, I have it on my neck and covering about a third of my body And that’s always a good time, if any of you guys have a recipe To give me some relief from that.

I would be all ears because it is absolutely miserable If you’ve ever had it in this area. It feels What it feels like these little like little drops of acid Wherever it is all of your body, And I knew it. You know it happens to me every time the same way, And I knew I was going to get it. What I, what we do is we have the all those fire hoses and we drag them around through through the forest, and It’s got that poison oak all over and that oil gets on that fire hose and when we were doing a back haul, we’re pulling All That hose and bringing it back in when we were done with it, You know we were throwing those big bundles up on her shoulder and I got it all over my neck And I don’t know if it’s spreading and I’ve got it on my legs and on My arms and it’s just hateful, It’s absolutely people.

What else was there something else someone to share with you? Oh The van the welding, so I’ve got a welder coming Brian who, But you guys, know Brian. He works for me a couple days a week. He’s actually he’s a pretty good TIG welder. Apparently he hasn’t done aluminum, but he’s done a lot of steel and chromoly Doing bicycle frames. We’ve got a Lincoln welder coming that we’ll be able to do TIG And I’ve never done it before so we’ll do some articles on that and kind of I’ll be curious to see how how well Me not ever being able to not welding with TIG.

I can get up to speed on that. I’ve always been something I’ve always wanted to try. So we’ll share that experience as well. Maybe Brian can share a few tips with us that he’s picked up. He seems to be pretty well checked out on it, But I guess that’s it. So, thanks for reading and we’ll see you guys on the next article

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