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Red Dead VS. – Legendary Wolf

Series so today we’re going to be trying to tackle the legendary wolf and is going to be interesting. I believe he’s up here, bingo yep up here, so we’re going to be tackling this big boy yeah. So it’s going to be knife versus big boy. I’m here to see. If I could out maneuver him, I will so let me explain: the rules are arriving there.

So my knife versus series I’m going to try to kill you know a specific animal that would not be the game mmm, it’s mostly bugs and legendre animals, but you know I might do other animals wants me. Don’t let your animals in essence, I have to kill the animal. Wouldn’t I pretty much, but I am allowed to use certain buffs since I’m at a technical weapon disadvantage. So I think he’s like health buffs things like that.

So I’m going to kinda, you know get myself really buffed up really roided-up in preparation. For you know the fight there should be a lot of fun. You know, I don’t see a lot of people try and a challenge like this per se, but you know I the other day you know with bright day Redemption. There’s there’s a lot of flexibility herbs on how you can actually do things and a lot of people where they want to be.

You know get legendary pellets and you know the game and get like you know, go a star in all the missions, and you know like followed a normal hat of achieving or you know, completed that assignment or task within red dead. I am going to lean more towards doing that in the uncommon sense, with my bad John. Well, originally a bad art. This is my badge on, but a beard played out, so my bad John will be doing that job with a beer is going to be doing.

Uh, you know these knife versus challenge as well as we have the fists of fury challenge, we’re kind of legendary animals with nothing but my actual fists. If it’s at all possible to do that, so the I will have multiple tries or I don’t have multiple tries or both by knife versus as those my fists of fury challenge and only because out at least one. You know, I think at least give us some three tries and if I can’t kill the animal in three tries, reassess and see if there’s another way for me to possibly kill animal with a knife.

If not, then I guess it’s not doable all right, maybe not. Three tries – maybe I tried more than three times, because I do think that you know the animals they do have a certain attack pattern. I think you can study that you know if you should be able to have my new grandma beat them, assuming that you could get John to do what you want John to do what that was easier than I thought really does. That was it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used miracle tonic after all, Wow kind of feel bad for him. Okay, so miracle toddy and knife did the trick. Okay, I wonder if I could just be on my fist and investigate it. Wasn’t too hard? Okay, so we see um Wow literally three month, three slice and then it was over all right. Let’s run that back all right, so we’re going to take miracle cute miracle tonic with just our fist and see what happens.

I can find you shit, okay. What, then, why do you, betting goes far: yeah yeah, no shit, Sherlock that one I kept drawing my gun for some reason. I was like I’m trying to follow my fist. Maybe I can’t actually fight it with my face. That could very well be the case with a legendary animal different. Let’s do this round too bitch. Let’s go! Oh, what effective, yeah, okay, alright! So first time you got me second time taught him who’s boss, alright, so round.

Alright third trial is wit, a thorough weapon to see how that goes. Let’s go buddy see how you deal with a hatchet lost to the knife and the fist time for the hatchet, technically you’re, not damn to swings hatchet ain’t, no frickin joke okay, well, hatchet! For the victory Tim’s hatching this room didn’t show the damage how they do you showed it damage. I didn’t realize. Okay, hatchet does do more damage the action after that has more damaging than the shit shit, damn Oh to die to ready if it wasn’t for friggin miracle tonic which life it took see like literally, I would be dead, if was for miracle tonic, so yeah.

This doesn’t be pretty impossible without miracle. Tonic, be honest, all right, let’s go last round there, Kotani anyone find more without time all right got them. Let’s run this back without any miracle tonic see. If could actually do the same. All right, it seems like miracle. Tonic is definitely giving me the advantage just to power through its attack, because I only have to hit him twice, so it’s a good way to kind of get familiar with his attack pattern.

So that way, I could try to beat him now without miracle tonic kind of a way to test yourself. So, first we’re going to start off with fist which that’s going to be really hard but whatever, because I definitely don’t want to create a situation where I’m going to have to probably be slick cuz. I can’t take too much hit from him can’t cut him. I got him without anything: okay, Wow! I am surprised. I actually won that.

Okay, I feel like it’s going to be worse when I get a load weapon now, let’s try on that time chasing that guy got a three-piece combo right there. That was kind of close, though you came close. I thought hiding behind just little log right here, will throw him off and prevent it from attacking me, but I guess that all right on to the hatchet – oh, my goodness, I couldn’t get any swing off. My hatchet.

Doesn’t have a lot of reach Wow the hatchet doesn’t have a lot of reach. Wolf got me. Okay! All right well played well played. He’s won one out of the series so well that cannon. When I was pressing the wrong button to attack he’s won one in natural series. Two kills overall per this episode. Okay, all right, Wolfie, not bad. Like literally, I was pressing the art too, but he’s like, because the hatchet did have less range in his attack.

His attack can’t power and true, so we could even they were pressing like prior at the same time, even before his like spamming are to to attack attack, attack attack and his TAC kept like hitting me seriously. Damn it in that right, save my life friggin bad job indeed, he’ll just happen. Just get like clothesline by a tree is that one literally Tuzla, ghost riding the whip in that one and freakin attack man, geez stik-tek, bastard, all right, machete, one now successful.

Okay, this series you’ll see when you kind of work because of the cleavers range good. They said to think about the cleave. The cleaver is I’m hoping that it’s a little bit faster than hatch, because the hatchet had a little bit more range in the night, but it wasn’t quicker in terms of attack speed. So I felt like it ultimately like lost on you sure I could probably rematch with a hatchet or maybe come out victorious, but then I’d be a little unfair.

You know we match until I win versus just letting him have that that win and me have that ELQ. I guess L of a series for Ella bat match Iren hatchet. Do not fail me now or cleaver sorry for that hatchet yeah cleaver! Technically she do as much damage she means it’s. The most powerful melee weapon see. I knew it. A new fuckin range, the fucking range I was swinging, but the rains like you see a swung.

He was out of range alright, so without miracle tonic, the hatchet and a cleaver are not a good weapon. Hmm, it’s good to know all right, we’re going to run this back one more time last match of the series. Well, actually that was the last night upstairs now that I actually killed a legendary wolf for real and move on that I tested out that my theory, so I guess you could say, is he loved matches? So, to actual I mean if I killed him, then in there with a hatchet, then yeah we’ve got a would be two girls, namaha boy.

Let’s go, I can actually spoiler. The tomahawk didn’t realize that hey can I swing with the no nearly there a bit? Oh, that was perfect. That was perfect. That was perfect and there we go boys Wow, one tomahawk kills it yes right at me. Oh ladies and gentlemen, there we go Wolfie times out sorry about the extra weight shit. That’s like almost poetic irony. To be honest, no ain’t happening all right.

Thank you guys again for reading my vs. Series against the legendary animals will have episode 2 up as soon as possible, probably like a week or two once I get back to it. But again, thank you guys to supporting serious NSA guys in my next episode. Bye,

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