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CAR SALES TRAINING: How To Kill Mediocrity And Get Your Head Right

Now, I’m going to tell you this on the other end of this screen, I want you to take a good look at yourself. I’m going to talk to you real quick before I get into this about the end game. I want to tell you well, first of all, my name’s Andy Elliot and if you don’t know who I am I’ve been in the car business for over 22 years, I hold the record for most money made in sells selling cars in the states.

I made seven hundred fifteen thousand dollars selling cars and I want to share this with you. In one year I have a severe learning: disability, okay and when I say severe, learning disability like I’ll, just lay it out there, because I’m going to tell you this, I felt, like everybody, had one up on me in life. So, as I talk about testing mediocrity, I want you to think about you where you’re at, and I want to tell you where I come from, and I want to share this with you.

This is something that scared the hell out of me is that I figured man like I’m going to live. My whole life right – and this is me at 18 – I’m going to live my whole life and I’m going to go to heaven and I’m going to never going to heaven and I’m going to be like 225 pounds, I’m going to be out of shape. I lived on normal life and that’s okay. You know I did make a bunch of money, you know mom. I never had a mom in my life.

Five brothers and sisters right dad raised us literally made bad grades in school. You don’t like that was my life and, like I was going to go up to heaven and I cat the end of my life, like I’m good right and I get up there and I look at this chart. I’m sitting there with God God’s got this chart he’s and I like look at it and it says: Eddie, Elliott, 195 pounds lean and I’m like man was that the life I supposed to have was that it a B, Elliott, incredible business man, one of the smartest People in the world and I’m looking at this chart – and that’s that’s not me, but that’s who I was supposed to be, but because I let mediocrity and I let things that I’m not great at get in the way.

I never got that so I’m looking at this chart and when God’s going over with me, who I was supposed to be, you were supposed to help tons of people you you were supposed to marry way up and have an amazing wife. You were supposed to have three incredible children, yours forth and as I’m looking at this chart, I’m like. Oh, my god, man, like my god, like it, was that who I was supposed to be and my life’s over and at that point I decided that I can live as a victim, okay in mediocrity or I can decide to elevate up and decide to get in The Paynes own and suffer I let me tell you what pain is pain, is weakness, leaving the body and, on the other end, I want to share with you.

Nothing good happens in a comfortable environment. Nothing and I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you’re at I want you to join me if you’ve got issues. I want to share this. I wear a bracelet on my hand every single day. It says if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you in anybody and everybody that’s ran into me if you, if you’re struggling or if you’re, hustling and you’re, trying to put together a life for yourself – and I see I’m like man dude, this guy’s got Drive.

Guess what I’ll take my bracelet off my hand, and I give it to him every time I say: hey put this on man. Okay, don’t forget! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you some of you guys on the other end right. We talk about money, a lot of right, like I always talk about closing negotiations. Overcoming objections word tracks how to become a better salesman, but what matters? If you don’t have your mind right, you can’t even accept that good life and make good money.

You’ve got to understand, you can’t play the victim and you need to test mediocrity in your life. Are you trying to be the average? I mean the sorry. The best of the ten average people you’re hanging out with like is that your goal, or you try to be one of the best sales guys in the country. You know, because you have the ability to do it when I was 18 and I didn’t even have enough money to buy lunch, you think I ever thought about making a million a year.

No I’ve done it eight years straight now. Why? Because I know my weaknesses and I battle them on the daily, you know I want to share with you. You need to identify what your weaknesses are and mine was my biggest deal was. I was a bad bad test taker. I had a severe learning disability, so let me just tell you this like if I was going to take a test and I was going to learn something like I literally had to write down like I would take a page in a book and by the way, How I read a book is like this.

If I go read a book, the first book I ever read my life was Tom Hopkins low profile selling or sell like a line act like a lamb in every page I read, I wrote it down on a spiral. Notebook as I read it, the whole book and then when I was done, I like I was like opium yeah. You know. I heard that I remember this boom and I would pull it out of the book, but if I wouldn’t have wrote it down, I have stacks.

I have 500 spiral notebooks just from writing, because it’s the only way that I can beat the way that I learned, but guess what, when I get it, I’m deadly at it. But it’s hard for me to get it, and I want to share this with you. If I can take that learning, disability and I’m willing to go in and hustle and put in the work to learn it whatever it is that you’re struggling against, you can do it okay.

So I’m going to share this with you. If you’re out there and you’re ready to take on the challenge, shoot me a text message: nine one, eight, two, one: zero, zero, two, five, four, it’s real simple, say: Andy, send me the bracelet. I will send to your house a bracelet that says: if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and in 2020. I want you to take me to aakhri and I want you to get it the hell out of your life.

I don’t want you to have it in there anymore, and what I want you to understand is this: is that being the best of the average people around you in going to work being a one-timer like making a great month? One time I mean: don’t live off, that you climb them out and you come back down and go climb another one. That’s what life’s about. I feel like, at the end of your life you’re, going to see your chart okay and don’t sit there and look at that chart at the end of your life when your life’s over and realize that you were supposed to be this incredible person.

God saw it. You didn’t see it alright. So, let’s move on here I’m going to talk about testing mediocrity. What I’m going to do number one! I’m going to tell you how you’re going to feel right going to where we’re going to go together from where you’ve been guys. It feels amazing I want to share this with you. I didn’t have any legs when I started when I felt like when I got into the business of selling, I honestly felt like I had no legs.

I felt like there was these guys that had this amazing platform, they were good speakers. They were good at talking. They were better looking, they had nicer clothes, you know I’m saying they had relationships with people that had business experience. Maybe their father was in the car business. You know I’m saying like they always had all these like advantages on me, but you know what I grew some legs.

I didn’t need them. I don’t want anything handed to me so, if you’re on the other end, looking for the easy way out, there isn’t one the easy way is being dead, broke and living in jail. Your whole life when, right now you have the ability to make more money than you’ve ever made in your life. Guys, I’m standing here, I’m the text message away: you’re staring at your phone, nine one, eight two, one: zero, zero! Two five four Andy send me the bracelet, but doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you by the way.

Can you help me shoot yeah I’ll help you, man, dude? I don’t care about your money. I don’t care about anything. You know what I care about. Is you living your best life and pulling you out of your comfort zone? Nothing good happens, being comfortable everything you want in life, everything and ten times. More is right on the other side of you being uncomfortable, live in that zone, all right use negative stuff.

The BS that used to make you weak use it as power now to fuel you, everybody said I wouldn’t make it everybody. Everybody said I wouldn’t make it. I want to tell you, you know how bad and I didn’t give a crap about what they said. It used to kind of eat me up a little bit when I was younger. Now it’s fuel. It’s like gasoline somebody’s, like hey man, you can’t do that yeah. Everybody says it can’t happen until it does right and I’m going to tell you this.

My fate thing to say is somebody to say: hey that can’t happen. I’ve got a salesman and I’ve got many, but I’ve got one specifically that come from nothing literally, nothing but goodwill clothes to get in the car business man. No parents physically abused as a kid right, dads murdered mom doesn’t give a about him family’s gone dude, no one abandon all alone the runt. The underdog I’ve been training him now for six months he was fired from the first two car dealerships within the first two weeks were of where he worked great guy great great guy killed her heart.

Give you the shirt off. His back has nothing, though, and because he’s so pre judged by everybody. Everybody just gives up on him, but leaders can find a way to take a man or woman and see in them that they carry something. Everybody has something special in them. Everybody’s got a unique trait that they could kill it at in the business. You just got to understand you and you got to quit thinking about what other people think about you and you got to know where your edges and what you’re good at my edges, I’m going to outwork the chart.

Remember I told you been in my life. I feel, like God’s going to give me a chart of who I was supposed to be I’m going to outwork that chart okay, I want him to say J, dandy, dang and it’s not about money. It’s about how many people I helped. Okay, I told you I want to make the best salesmen in the frickin country all across the globe in the world. I want to be a part of every salesmen success, and all I want them to do is get what they deserve in life.

You don’t get what you deserve, you get, what you negotiate your negotiate with your head yourself. Am I going to lay on this side of complacency and mediocrity, or am I going to get on this side? Am I going to see how deep the rabbit-hole is? Am I going to get myself and take myself to a level that I’ve never been to and by the way it’s going to be uncomfortable? Okay, because number one right now, you fear stuff.

Okay, you got learn, there’s nothing to fear number, two you’re afraid of stuff. Quit being afraid. I don’t know what you’re afraid of. I see people that reach out to me right and they’re. Like man, you know just when this happens, I’m really going to start pushing. What do you mean? Do it right now when you’re mess right now in your mess, make that your message come out? Strong man write your testimony write your book right as we go.

You don’t need nothing, you know what you need is you. You need to be your own biggest fan and I’ll share this with you. You take what everyone says about you negative and you use it as fuel. You never never take that stuff and back down and fill, maybe like less significant because of what someone else has people that hate on people or people that have already given up on their own dreams right. So they want you to give up on yours or they’re.

Pursuing their dream – and they see you as a threat – I didn’t realize it, but in 19, when I was hustling and everybody hated me, that’s what I was a threat to them, but I’m going to share this with you. I’ve worked hard in the midst of nothing. I made 150000 that year look at 19. You could do the same thing. I don’t care how old you are. You could be 65 and decide today’s the day you draw the line in the sand.

You could be a teen age, doesn’t matter, I’m 40 years old. I feel 18 all right struggling the darkness. Maybe what you need. I needed that dark place for a minute. Okay, I believe in God – and I want to be in the light, but man I was in a dark place. You know I felt like I was the only one that honestly believed in me just about this much and no one else did, but I felt like man I’m going to do this and once I decided that I made that choice, it was over and I made That choice in a dark place and when you make that choice when you’re struggling and you do whatever it takes to make it no matter, what do you know what happens? You freaking kill it all right, so check this out, I’m going to talk about relooking at your situation and I’m going to talk about the way that you used to stuff.

You see it differently now, it’s it’s not changing your lenses! Okay. So if you take a pair of glasses right and you change the lens out on them, you know what happens prospectively, you start seeing things different. That’s what you need to do. You need to see yourself differently. You’re need to see your life differently: okay, you’re, valuable and you’re worth it, and guess what we’re going to get into the grind.

But you have to accept what your issues are and what your problems are before you can fix it. If you don’t accept it, if you’re pushing blame off on someone else, you’re never going to kill it. Look. I want to share this with you. So there’s a book that I read, it was called extreme ownership. It’s a Navy SEAL book, okay and it talks about. Basically, taking ownership for everything, everything is your fault and I took everything in my life and I didn’t play the victim anymore.

I took responsibility for it all right in my mess and I took that and I was walking around. I was like hey, I’m good, I’m good. You know like I wouldn’t good, though, and some of you guys if I have to meet you right now, I’m like hey, what’s up man, how you doing you’re like good man, I’m good, I’m good, you’re, not good! You know what the deal is: you’re, not good. You need to call out what your problems are and you need to fix them.

So we can take your life and elevate it to where you’re supposed to be and take that freaking chart right and make sure that you’re going to get who you’re supposed to be not who you’re settling for. So you got to figure out who you are accepted and a lot of people walk around like I’m good, but guess what people don’t want you to do that they don’t want you to fix it. People don’t want you to change, so you got to audit your circle and get everybody out from around you that doesn’t have the same vision as you, because you can’t do it working around haters or living around haters around you, especially if you’re looking to them for Advice, look if I want to change my life and I look.

I’m dead broke right now. I have not a dollar to my name and I decide I want to get out make $ 100,000 this year. If I walk up to another salesman, be like hey man, you don’t want to. I want to change my life man like I really want to change my life like. I want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year over this. You know what he’s going to say to me: man, man, dude, just try to make 50 grand. You know, I’m saying like that’s what I would do and this business is not what it used to be man.

What are you talking about this business right now? I got kids that are 20 years old, making twenty five thousand a month. They’re texting me non-stop, their pay stubs, showing me where they come from because we’re training together. I got guys 60 years old, sending me messages saying Andy. Nobody would hire me, but now that we’ve done this training together, I literally have taken myself as a mature adult at 60, which someone wants a higher six-year-old and guess what they gave me a job paying me a ten thousand dollar salary because I’m handling their marketing Team in this side now because of the stuff that you taught me listen, everybody could have went to the grave right with like all this still in them, but they decided to play it and that’s my fear, go to a nursing home.

You go to a nursing home, you know what you’re going to find out you’re going to find out. All the old people have to talk about is regret. Nobody talks about how great of a life they have. Oh, my god, listen how you doing going to a nursing home. Oh my god. It was amazing. Like my life, god I just there’s so much. I want to tell you that I did and it was amazing. No no go! You know what they say.

They talk about regret. The regret that I would have is not playing all my music before I die. Okay, that’s my regret. My regret would be that, on the other end that you’re you’re, not even brave enough to send me a text message and just say: hey help me dude, let’s figure it out, I’m telling you I. I am vouching to help any and every person out there with any struggle that wants to kill in a business and my therapist no ways.

I don’t need to know that logistical problems. What I need to tell you that I got your back if no one else has your back. If everyone else says like hey, you know this guy’s, a loser. Don’t do that you need to do this. Listen if you know what you want to do and you want to kill it team up with me, nine one, eight two, one: zero zero. Two five four text me right now, I’m going to talk about this starting the journey.

Most people won’t even start the journey. They talk about the journey lots of talk right, yeah man, 2020 a new decade. This is what I’m going to do. You guys talk about everything you have no action start the journey with me start it man in your mess right now: okay, quit living the fake life that you’re living and quit caring about these people that are judging. You write them off. Okay, because look at this, I’m going to tell you this when you care more about how someone’s judging you, then you wanting to change you’re going to stay in the same spot, you’re at right now and nothing’s going to happen and you’re not going to shift some Of you we’re going to look up in three months and you’re going to be a different person.

Hell you’d be so different. We have to change your name, you won’t even be the same person. Okay, look there’s Andy Elliot right, there’s me and then there’s the way that I see myself when I’m in the zone, I’m not Andy Elliot, I’m a different person. Okay, because Andy Elliot was supposed to be a 225-pound dude that likes to eat like candy and stuff. All the time right I like to read TV, I like to be lazy.

I like to kick back. You know I’m saying I don’t like to go to the gym and grind it and sweat until I want to throw up and get knowledge. I don’t want to do that stuff, but you know what I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want that. Mommy voice in the back of my head said: hey everything’s, okay, no, it isn’t. Okay. What it is is that it’s time for me to get to work – and you guys want to outwork that chart that you’re supposed to live, you guys want to really have your full potential.

Give your kids, what you’re supposed to give have your future family or your family right now get everything that they deserve. Maybe anything and everything you want in life is literally just the choice of you deciding that you don’t care anyone else thinks anymore and guess what team up with somebody that believes in you and I don’t care who you are on the other end, I don’t care What you’ve been through, I believe in you, 100 % all right.

The third thing, what it’s wrong with you has to be a focal point. Okay, so what I did, I thought told you. I had a severe learning disability and what I did is that literally I went to the store, I bought a stack and a spiral notebook and I took – and I started writing and writing and writing and writing and writing so I have word tracks that I use All the time and do you know what those word tracks were only learned by writing it down 25 times now, guess what I’m done? It’s in me for the rest of my life.

That’s the way that I learn, but because it takes me so long to learn something. Do you think I’ll? Let that stop me no and for people that want to say man that guy’s not smart. Listen, I’m going to tell you this you’re right. I wasn’t born smart, but I’ve gotten really smart, because I study non-stop and guess what, when you talk about family and you guys live in four different goals and stuff, guess what a lot of people they just have financial goals.

They don’t have marriage goals or father goals. I’m going to tell you. This live in the fulfilled life has nothing to do with money, but I think people underestimate the amount of money that it takes to live. So that’s why we have to get our crap together and start getting that money, so we’re not working 15 years from now still trying to make it. My goal is next year you guys team up with me. Recession hits in the next year or two: you kill it and make more money than you’ve ever made in your life, while everyone else is crying and screaming like little babies – okay, we’ll capitalize on it.

So I want to get to this last part strategize on one problem at a time. Okay, this is how you become unbelievable one problem at a time, just one pick it reach out to me so, hey Andy. I got three things. That’s the big issue right now: number one! I’m lazy just call it out, I’m lazy and I’m not saying that you but number two listen man. I play the victim right. You know I’m saying, like my wife divorced me, my kids don’t want to see me and maybe that’s you or maybe I’m 18 years old.

You know I’m 19, I’m 20. I want to get in cells. My parents say I’m stupid for getting in cells. They don’t want me in it. I don’t want to go to college, listen dude! I got you, I got you, it doesn’t matter, I’m a mom. I’ve been staying at home for the years with the kids I’m getting in the business guys. Women are killing it in this business. Whatever it is, I don’t care, let’s focus on one problem and let’s smash it out and then let’s move on and then before too long.

When you look up all your problems are handled, you’re a whole different person, you’re getting the life that you deserve right because you’ve put the hustle in right. You have to be willing to suffer for this new life you’re going to suffer being comfortable. Why not suffer in the pain zone and get what you want? It’s addicting it’s fun now with that being said before you know it all. Your problems are fixed and look stop trying to be the best of the average people around you and, lastly, don’t be a one-timer.

Let me explain what a one-timer is. A one-timer is somebody that does something one time and that’s their identity that they carry with them. For the rest of their life, one time you made one good month, you paid $ 20,000 I’ll, walk up to the salesman. I’m like hey! What’s going on man, hey how’s your month, I’m pretty good, hey! So roughly what? What kind of money are you earning? You know not about 20,000, no, no, no! No! Your year-to-date is seventy-five thousand.

You made a $ 20,000 a month and you’re owning that in your head. Why don’t you tell yourself you’re worth 20,000 a month right, but you work like a $ 6,000 hand. That’s why that’s what you’re consistently really making look at me? I want to tell you this. I can take you if your goal right now is to make twenty thousand a month. I can take you to have a goal of making twenty thousand a week and hitting it but you’re the one that has to put the work in just like.

I do just like I’ve done and just like I’m going to continue to do. But if you want to take this journey I’ll, take it with you guys, send me a text. Nine one, eight two, one: zero, zero, two, five! Four, let’s test mediocrity text me. Let me get you this bracelet. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and, let’s not be afraid of anything, have a great day.

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