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Develop to Design – A guide to emergency design for front-end developers

I will be talking about develop to design a guide to emergency design for front-end developers. This talk is primarily aimed at developers working in small teams who find hiring a designer too expensive, or for people who are interested in designing the experience for their own products. The experience of using an application starts even before registration, and it has to be maintained even when the user is not using your product.

Even minor things like the way you format and send your registration mate makes an impact on the user’s experience of the app design. Is hard and as developers we tend to focus more on functionality, but it is fun and it is a problem and problem solving is what we thrive on. We need to understand that design is more than making things pretty and goes a long way in developing to make your user happy.

I would like to stress on the importance of making conscious design decisions avoid making design mistakes that lead to jarring user experience by understanding a few simple concepts while having robust functionality. That said, there are no idle clad groups to design just conventions. Who am? I am an intermediate-level front-end developer, who is learning about design and user experience for the user, because at the end of the day, you are responsible for what you deliver see a at meta refresh


By Jimmy Dagger

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