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How to Sketch a Logo [No Drawing Tablet Required] | Tips and Tricks

We’ll choose the best concept and, lastly, we’ll revise our sketch until it’s ready to be digitally rendered all this done without a drawing tablet.

Okay, let’s hop to it. Hey tinker, yes Michel. How can I be of service? I need a fictitious business name for a project. I can practice on coming right at you. Thank you. Okay, it looks like we’re going to be completing a sketch for our brand new client chatter. Storm chatter storm is a speed dating social application targeting singles from 18 to 35 years old. Their slogan is to help people find true love at lightning speed.

Ah, okay, first thing we’ll do is find some reference material. We can use for inspiration from my computer I’ll, create a project folder within that folder I’ll create another folder called inspiration. This is where all my reference material goes, then I’ll search for graphics, images and existing logos. There are countless websites to find this stuff. Pinterest dribble, Google Images Behance after I’m satisfied with my search.

I personally like to print my reference images out and keep them near me. As I begin the next step of sketching thumbnails here, you can pull out a sheet of paper or a sketchbook. I like to use this 7 by 10 sketchbook, it’s small and portable enough to go with me anywhere. It’s the perfect size for thumbnails. I often start out by writing the name of the company I’ll count. The number of letters I’ll write some key words that pertain to the mission words that help to guide the concept, then literally just start Scourge.

Creating thumbnails is like starting a conversation with yourself on a sheet of paper. Your hand in your eye, coordinate on the page to test out ideas, sometimes you’re, drawing on purpose actively fleshing out ideas from your brain to the pencil as you do so. You’ll discover other ideas by accident when the ideas come play around with them. Even if you think they’re bad ones, you may have to go through a hundred bad ideas before a good one jumps out at you.

You can also try to think, like your clients, audience repeat the name of the company in your head, as you draw to be sure that you’re staying true to the assignment. Think of how you can visually communicate to people that your clients, product or service, provides the answers that they’ve been looking for or solves their biggest problems? Okay, so this is the concept I’ve chosen. This will look great as a small icon on a mobile device.

It really captures the essence of the company name and purpose. Now we’re going to begin revising the concept we want to increase the scale of the brand mark and get super focused on the details of the design. I like to use a printer scanner to scale up. My thumbnail images so that it fits within a letter size sheet of paper. If you don’t have a printer scanner, you can redraw this by hand. The important thing is to be able to work on the design at a good size, so we’re going to revise this now using a tool that every designer or illustrator should have a light pad.

I got this on Amazon for, like 25 bucks I’ll, put a link in the description. If you want to pick one of these up for yourself, another trick you could do is use a window in the daytime to trace your design. But in the end, if you’re doing a lot of revising a light pad will be a good friend to have nearby. Okay, let’s put a clean sheet of paper on our scaled up. Thumbnail, put some painters tape on all four corners to hold it down and turn the light on now.

I’ll put some guidelines on here with blue pencil measuring everything. To be sure, I have perfect right angles. I also use the stencil to get some good curbs and a ruler for straight lines, and just like that we have a revised sketch. If this artwork was more intricate, I might decide to grab another clean sheet of paper and further revise it, and that is how I sketch a logo by hand to wrap up this article.

I will scan this into the computer, open it up in Adobe, Illustrator and digitally render it my friends, I hope that you found this article to be useful. The goal of this blog is to help you survive and thrive in your journey as an independent artist. If you want to join the tribe, please click Subscribe. If you like the article, please click the thumbs up button and remember in your professional and personal life, to question everything and stop at nothing we’ll see in the next article you

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