Online Marketing

2017 InterAction Accelerate Business Development Summit

So from our perspective, it’s a great time to get this community together. Talk about that change and help our clients and our law firm speak of what they can do to rapidly accelerate their growth. Hence the name accelerate the most valuable aspect of accelerator it to me. It’s really the collaboration with people, as other firms understand what they’re doing, but also this extended partner network we’ve brought forth thought leaders and different disciplines about how you can best improve marketing business development, etc, and then candidly getting a look at what we’re doing in the Product and meeting our product and sales team around how we can help you get more out of the product.

You are do and really drive your business goals forward. This industry there’s a lot of sharing and collaboration. It goes on so it took big terms, small terms in his law firms can talk about, what’s going right and also what’s going wrong and making good ideas from other firms on maybe how to solve that they have a hundred and fifty folks. Here you can actually see somebody the second third fourth fifth times and actually develop a relationship.

It’s all CMO see articles one level down and that’s about it and that lets the conversation stay at a very strategic perspective that I think is really meaningful. I think this conference is one of those things. That’s like this apart as a partner is a vendor relationship for us, because we know that you really are invested in our success if you’re in legal marketing. This is one of the kind of hub conferences you can come to and see a lot of the people.

You already know it’s like visiting old friends and

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