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Why I Stopped Using Silky Saws

Tell you what as an amateur, Forester and tool aficionado, I have come to love silky sauce. I just absolutely adore them the quality, the value that you get and just the incredible cutting potential of these things. Now, if you haven’t used, the silky saw well you’re in for a treat they’re, just they’re head and shoulders, above all the other ones that you have at your ace and your hardware store you even the Coronas, and all of that I mean they all look very Similar but the Devils in the details and the guys it’s silky, get these things right now.

What I have here are two extremely different saws. Now, what’s the application for these, you know what would what is what am I using them for? Well, we have a large piece of property. Forestry is a big portion of it, and what I have found is that these saws are so good that you don’t. I just rarely use a chainsaw in limbing type of operations. You know operations limbing, forest clearing, that sort of thing, wildland, prevention, they’re, so good, and the experience is so much better with the saw, especially when it’s hot, we don’t have the face shield.

We don’t have the hardhat, we don’t have the the chaps, the safety equipment, the earring preparing protection, the gas, the oil, the bar the expense, the noise on and on and on sometimes a handsaw is the better way to go now. My first silky that I bought was this one of the folding sauce, and this is the big boy, and I thought oh man, the bigger the better right. Of course a bigger saw is going to cut better, but I have not found that to be very good.

I don’t think that these big silkies like this, I I think I think that they’re they’re kind of they, don’t I don’t like them. How about that? I don’t I don’t like them. I think that they’re too big for the very reason is when you’re, cutting and working you need to have two hands right and this the ER goes on this and the way it’s designed and how big it is. You cannot with unless you’re Superman or The Incredible Hulk.

You can’t put a lot of tip pressure on the saw with the hand, it’s not very comfortable to hold. It’s definitely made for two hands. Well, I don’t typically want to cut two hands. Usually, I need to hold a branch but to have one hand to keep it from pinching and the other hand I want to cut with. I find myself getting very tired with this saw. I you knowing you when you have something in your mind.

You think this Sookie big boy, the mm, you know I’m a big boy and I need a big boy saw. This is going to be the best. But what I keep finding is, I start off with it and I end up not using it and no one wants to use it because it’s just too darn big, too darn big and too difficult to cut with you can’t get the pressure on it. Now, if you’re, the guy, that’s out there going to be cutting with two hands all the time? Well, maybe that’s for you go for it, but what we’re going to try today is – I just ordered this up.

This is the smallest one. This is the pocket boy and we’ll see if indeed this may be, a better cutter for the particular application, we’re talking about right there and then we’ll wrap it up. The folding saws are very nice because well the very reason that they fold they that you can poke them in a back pocket. These are sharp. You can’t put those in a pocket. You can’t work with them without a sheath, they’re kind of dangerous, and a lot of applications are not great this one here, but my plan is for it when it’s not being used in forestry is to I’ll carry this my dirt bike bag to cut any branches Or things out of the way and nice to have a folding saw you do not want a big open saw bouncing around in your backpack, so be careful when you’re buying these saws.

Also they come in three different teeth configurations. I made the mistake the first time I order one of these. I didn’t look closely at it and I bought one that had five teeth and the teeth were super fine. They were like grafting, a you know, landscape type of guy. You know he wanted to mr. Miyagi mr. Mr. Miyagi type of type of saw not good for her for fast cutting and for rough cutting in forest clearing.

So I sent that one back and I got not too even the media one about this super aggressive one. The one that has the big gnarly teeth it they’re, not that much different than the big one or the big boy either it has the big gnarly teeth as well feature that I’ve never really understood on this is that you can it’s got two positions. You can hyper kind of hyper extend the blade there. I you know what to be honest with you.

I haven’t really found it that useful it’s actually counterintuitive. I like to have a saw. That’s got even more curve than this, especially radius like this, because when you’re cutting overhead it helps to get the top of the branch cut these this design. The shape here is not super good for long reaching and cutting overhead. So enough talk, let’s take this over to a branch and see one-handed if the big boy or the pocket boy can keep up with the big boy.

So let’s see what’s what here, so we’ve got a a ponderosa pine here. This is very typical of the size of stuff that we’ll be cutting we’ll start with the big boy, the one-handed cut, because a lot of this stuff has twists and it’s got some. You know memory in it and it’ll want to twist up and it’ll bind and you need to kind of control it here with the hand. So it’s hard to be scientific with this, but what I’ll do is I’ll just cut my normal pressure, the best I can we’ll put a timer up there in the post, edit and we’ll see, but let’s uh I’ll kind of count the strokes here and we’ll see How long does it take to get through this with and what’s the experience with the big boy? Okay, so I’m counting 18 strokes, and what I have always noticed with this saw is its.

It makes my forearms. It kills my forearms because I’m pushing so hard against this and I don’t have any assistance from the air goes or from the handle, and it tires me out. I do not. I don’t like the saw, never have liked it now. If we take the same thing here with the pocket boy, it’s definitely choked up we’re going to be closer to the blade the air goes on. It are a little bit better, still not great, but let’s see 18 was the count.

Let’s see what we got here. Sixteen okay, so what was the experience? It actually cut in fewer strokes and I don’t feel so pumped out my arm doesn’t feel near as tired as this. So is there a downside? Is there any reason to go with the big saw beings? This is the first time I’m using I’ve used this I’m just kind of thinking out loud, but the other thing is is I can put two hands on here pretty comfortably.

I can wrap around here. So if I do want to get more pressure, so if I wanted to put two hands on eleven strokes now with the big boy of course, I could put two hands on it. I’ll go as hard as I can. Okay steak still takes a stroke more. I don’t think that there is any place for this saw and the type of work that I do. I it’s too big to carry in a pack. It’s too big to use with one hand effective effectively.

It is, I just think it’s. I just think it’s kind of ridiculous. I just don’t see I just. I have never seen that the need for it or the purpose for it, plus it’s twice the money. I’m surprised that this little one kind of cuts as big as good as it does pretty amazing. So I guess the question I would be asked I’d have to ask myself is, let’s say: you’re going to go out and you’re going to work in the forest for a couple hours you can take.

One saw with you, which one you’re going to take you’re going to take the the pocket boy, or are you going to take the silky big boy? Well, I’m not going to take either one of these. That’s all I’m going to take into the forest is not even a silky. It’s the Ichiban, the Ichiban is hands-down. The very best saw I’ve ever used. Yes, I understand silky makes some saws like this very similar. I would imagine the experience is going to be very similar but they’re expensive.

This is not expensive and, as far as I can tell quality-wise it’s it’s just as good, if not better and performance wise, it’s better, it’s better than these folding saws for several different reasons. Okay, first off, let’s talk about cost. This are right here. The big boy is going to run you I think. Now the prices are going to change, but I think that when I purchased this, it was about $ 55 $ 55.

And what do you get? Well, you get a saw, that’s going to fold, that’s the difference right, that’s very convenient to have a solid that will fold. This saw, of course, is not going to fold, but you need a sheath. What I have found, it’s so big that it doesn’t fit into a back pocket and whenever it when you’re working, it falls out of the pocket, and you end up going back and looking for it. You know a good thing that it’s yellow, so what you have to do.

Is you end up having to buy the big boy she’s right, the big boy she now you’re at $ 55? How much is the sheath believe it or not? It’s $ 24, which is very expensive for a plastic sheath. Is it a good sheath? It’s okay, it’s not bad. It has minimal reticular retention. One way what would be nice is if it was a head retention, both ways. I don’t know, because you never know which way you’re going to put it in it does have a quick release on it, which is very much appreciated if you need to get in and out of equipment.

You can leave this on your tin pants and then, when you go to work, you can just snap that on there I do like that. So the sheath is fine, but well we have 55 65 75 or at $ 80 right here for the big boy and the sheath well right here, the Ichiban, the samurai, this one about $ 35 and you get the sheath and you get an excellent sheath. You get a sheath that has not only the quick-release buckle like we like we like, but it articulates, and this may not seem like a big deal.

But when you’re moving around and and you’re bending over having that little bit of movement with the saw and the sheath helps you to get a hold of handle, and it’s really wonderful – it’s really appreciated so $ 35. You get the sheath and the saw there ergonomics on this thing are absolutely absolute perfection, and I know that because I have spent so many hours using it and I never get fatigued when we do forestry work.

This is the saw that is fought over. This is the saw that everyone wants, because it has that wonderful curve to it. Now, when we’re like in the previous article, we’re talking about you, know the importance of living things up, we’re limiting up our trees, our stand as high as we can. What you find is as you’re reaching up, because it’s got this curve. You get a lot of you get a cut on the top. It cuts the branch more on the top and it’s easier to reach and it comes down and it breaks cleaner where the straight ones they tend to pinch more often so the ergonomics on this and the shape and the weight and the balance and the size of It it’s just everything, that’s just right: it’s just perfect the handle the comp, the compound and the rubber.

The way it feels you never get any blisters on it. It fits my hand perfectly. They even have a little kind of a guard right there, which is nice. When you’re sawing that you don’t come back and rake your knuckles on it, I mean it’s really incredible. The amount of thought and attention to detail that have went into this went this went into this saw. I can’t help but think whoever it was that built this.

That came up with this design. They must have been a tree person. They must have have been familiar with saws used saws, because what they’ve come up with is absolute perfection and for thirty-five dollars with the sheath. It’s just unbelievable. It’s hard it’s hard to it’s. You can’t be beat, I haven’t seen anything out there now, every time I do one of these saw articles, someone comes out and says: well, the best saw out there is the great big silky that or they call it, the katana boy.

You know it looks like a it’s like a samurai sword. You could it’s huge, it’s ridiculous. I don’t know what what the purpose would be. You know I mean I guess to get to quote: captain man, narrating mentoring. I think we’re delving into the world of fantasy. While talking about katana boy style saws, you know saws need to be used with one hand, because sawing is a two hand procedure. You have to have a hand that sawing you have to have something that is controlling you’re, holding or working with the hand you know.

Taking care of bind or just moving the branch away so sawing me is not a two-handed sport. It’s a one-handed sport – and this is this – is the one sorry silky, but I’ve just that’s my experience. So how about this little guy? This was the first time that I’ve used it. I’ve spent an hour so of it today. This is a great little saw right here. So this what’s the price on this one? Well, it’s it costs even more than the samurai right there I mean this is thirty.

Four: thirty six dollars. Last time I checked this one here. I think I paid $ 40 for it on Amazon with shipping, that’s $ 40, but you get a folding saw and when you start looking at the form factor, well it just blows it away. If we’re in a condition where we need to be packing stuff hunting, bushcrafting survival again dirtbiking, you know I can’t I can’t handle this. I can’t I can’t take that it’s it’s it’s too big.

Now, if I knew if I was going on a ride – and I knew that we were going to be the first through after a winter blow down we’re going to have a lot of trees to contend with, I would take this saw and I would strap it To my chest, protector right, I fastened it to the radiator guard or something to this, to the to the bike where I could just pull it out and cut and not have to fool with the folding.

But if I was going to have something just just in case in case, I needed to clear the trail or a small one that was not necessarily going to be, in my hand, to be used all day, then this is a good way to go. This is perfect for your truck. This is perfect, for survival saw. This is perfect, for a hunting saw. Bushcrafting saw it’s, it’s really, wonderful, the big boy. On the other hand, I’m sorry I just don’t.

I just don’t think it’s a good design and – and just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s better. We saw right there and I didn’t cheat and I didn’t try to make one win to the other. This one. This little guy cut in fewer strokes than the big one did with less effort, but neither one of them can compare to this. So this is a tool, that’s essential if you’re a homesteader, if you’re an outdoor person, if you like to work in the yard, I just don’t think that you’re going to you’re going to spend $ 35 better than this.

I get the question all the time. Hey we’ve got five acres; we want to do some clearing. We want to do. You know we’re in the urban interface we want to you. We have to don’t worry about fire. What chainsaw should I get like? Well, I don’t think you should get a chainsaw at all. I mean. Are you heating with wood? Are you? Are you doing that type of work? Well, no! Well we’ll get this one right here and get two of them.

You can get two for what seventy dollars. One for you, one for your wife or three. If you got family get one for all of you, you can wreak havoc on trees and brush and forest with a family with armed with these guys, they’re they’re, really really wonderful, there’s also, I should probably mention this. So the all the pocket boy did come with this, and a lot of guys were saying: oh, it comes with a with a scabbard.

This is not a scabbard. This is a display case for for a retailer with a hook on it could it be used. I guess if I was going to use this I’d, probably pop rivet, a piece of leather on there, maybe a little strap or canvas, and you could thread that onto a belt. Maybe just drill two holes and zip tie that little guy bends it out a little bit and thread your belt through there. It might be kind of handy, but it’s so small that you can keep it in a pocket.

The other thing I was thinking, I’m really conscious of wait. Am I like a my dirt bike pack, I was worried, you know with all the jostling. This is kind of sharp and that could cut a pack, but you know that might might be. Maybe that’s wouldn’t be a bad idea stored in there, but I can’t I can’t justify the weight. I can’t take all that extra weight at all. It all adds up, but that’s it that’s. My kind of my my take on saws get yourself an itchy bond.

I’ll put a link about Amazon store. This is not a paid endorsement. This is not I’m not affiliated with any of these companies. These were all purchased with my own money. This is my experience that I’m sharing with you guys so don’t forget to click your thumbs up, appreciate the the views and the support and we’ll see you guys on the next article.

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