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App Description and Keyword research to get downloads in Google Play Store ASO Marketing

So I you I was using software back in 2013. Called SEO presser this software was like one of the best software that I’ve ever seen in terms of SEO. It actually knows what to do and how to do it. Now, after, like a 5 years, I kind of like a lost track for using the software, because I changed my you know: works system and stuff, but I kept you know searching for like a more better softer throughout this time.

But I didn’t find anyone. But I have a good news for you, guys those who bought my a course, which is a Google play black hats off a book. You will get access to the SEO presser for free and I bought the SEO presser for my clients today. I’m going to show you how how this works so, let’s get into it, so so so for this test, I’m going to use one of my app. It’s called quick cash earned money online at first I started showing some Facebook ads and I got like a really good user downloads in first two days, but after that it kind of like a went down and it went up.

I did a little bit promotion here, but it’s not getting what it’s supposed to get. That means it’s not getting any organic downloads. The reason is because I didn’t do much of the SEO or listing here you see these are all like. You know. If I click on here, you will see what’s the problem is so I have installed a seopressor for my website and I’m going to use it to find a really good keywords. So I I I paste the whole description and I went to Google and I started searching for Google Keyword ideas where you know my app is: I earn money online scheme, so I earn money.

This one is good, so I’ll type in earn money. By the way. This part is the SEO pressor software just really powerful. You guys I’ll show you guys how it’s so powerful, how to make money online. I’m just scamming through which one has the best way so best ways to make money, which is we can all best way to make. No, it doesn’t make sense easy money. So I wrote my description now, I’m going to check what is your pressure give it to me.

Oh quick, like this. Okay, so, as you can see, the score is nine, it’s very, very bad, and so it will actually tell you what to do and what not to do like your score is too low. You can improve it by following out suggestions, increase the length of the content. You’re, what count is too low? 258. Add your keywords in the URL. We don’t have to do. That include keywords in your title: there’s no title! So we are what we’re doing is optimizing.

The description so number one is what count we have. A very low word count, so, let’s see so focus keyword. Ears earn money, so we can just write some take on money. Yep, it’s getting better. We still need 206 to call the land of content we need to. We need to create more so, as far as I remember add keywords in a Meta Description increase the length of our Meta Description. Longer description can describe your content.

Better use. Relevant images in your content include keywords in your h1 tag, so this is very important. So I’ll make this. This keyword as an italic form so include keywords in your encode link. Decorate your keywords to improve reading experience. So it’s like terraform include LSI keywords in your content area of semantic value. We don’t need schema and, let’s say keyword, suggestion. Oh yeah. They this after actually scripts the whole Google.

It tells you what’s the best keywords or what kind of keywords you need in your article. You know to rank it more better, so, on money online now, scam is pretty good. This app is online, no scam, isn’t it awesome, like literally it tells you what to do and what not to do this dislike the best software you’ve ever seen in real life, so it went to 31 percent and what count is trails, but we still need to Make it a hundred percent, or at least eighty percent, or something and your keywords in URL? We already did that increase the length of a tunnel – it’s too short, okay, so we can so we can make this an h1 tag, oops and let’s see 37 % – that he was.

You know matter prescription under. So, let’s put our LSI keywords and see what we get, who 41 % and Quirino Meta Description use. Relevant keywords include keywords in your image: no, we don’t. We don’t need those. So it’s going to be around 70 %. If we actually, you know, add more stuff increase the length of a Meta Description longer, just one can describe your content, better user, ok, keywords in your h2 and h3 tag, so we did put h2 tag, but we didn’t put on h3.

So I’m going to go right here how to make money money from home. Let’s see it stir tag so, okay, so this one will make it volt and an underline. Well, it doesn’t have any underline yep. It just went by so make. Let’s put some LSI keywords and money: now our money instantly on money instantly and fast, because there’s the fast fast fast fast, Oh see, 51 % earn money online without any investment. So you really don’t to invest just read ads and you can make money.

Let’s put this, it didn’t work, but also we can make this mm-hmm. It’s still working. What I’m missing aren’t money instantly earned money now won money instantly on money extremely fast. There you go so I got three LSI keywords and I’m going to instantly remain: Oh, earn money fast on money. Now online earn money now so online to see. Just by putting one word, you can actually have like a really good score.

So it’s going to be around 55 yep earn money online in third investment, so you can earn investment. Let’s see oops yeah it got get mine now for free. I need to make my now it’s because of this. The fifty five fifty five percent. It’s because of this lens or to increase your keyword, count is slow in 391, so ideal length of an article should be around 800 words, but let’s see where we can go 425 still, though, just a little.

So if someone asked what’s the best length of a description or an article, we’re going to to go and see like WordPress beginner and let’s, like post one of their article here, see the article is actually law. But just for the sake of like how long your article should be, I’m just testing wow, it’s very long. Okay, anyways! I think we’re done here. I don’t think anyone even read those well. Their word count is 2008 yep, it’s so it’s more than 1000.

You need at least 1,000 cue words, but I think we’re good we’re good at 55 %, more or less I’ll, add some more words later, but for now let’s see what we can do, so we go out description and we just update the yeah, oh by the Way, Google will not let you use any extra phone that we use. So what we have to do is we click on the text and we will pretty much just copy paste the whole thing so guys there you go, we just updated our app and it will take some time to come.

But when it comes, I’m going to show you guys and don’t forget to subscribe and, like my article, if you learn something new and the software, this is free. If your, if you bought my twenty dollar program, it’s free hope to see you guys soon take care.


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