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Review Of The Rapid Fire Knives By Off-Grid Knives

This one here is the OG 220, and this one here is the og 219. So G stands for off-grid, not original gangster. Just a sidebar anyway get sent a lot of knives to review. Many of them never make it to uh the coach, shelter, calm website. These two did and let me get into some detail on why these two knives did make the cut.

I’ve been reviewing off-grid knives for a couple years now, and they just seemed to get better and better quality’s, better more attention to detail. They recently upgraded their manufacturing plant and they came out with a bunch of new models, including these two. The reason why I am reviewing both of them at the same time is that they are pretty identical. Besides, of course, the color and the actual handle the blades on these rapid-fire models are made of us, eight Japanese steel, and they are cryogenically treated.

That type of treatment allows the blade to perform much better last longer and usually reserved for knives. What I have to your price tag usually found in our Special Forces community, so on and so forth. So the fact that you can get this type of treatment on a blade or this type of quality at a budget price definitely was something that I wanted to share with you, as I alluded to earlier. The main difference between these two rapid-fire models is the actual handle the og 219 has the g10 composite handle.

Resin and fiberglass mixture makes it very grippy the. On the other hand, we have the og 220 that has this scalar type handle once again all about personal preference. Both of them are relatively good to go whether you’re handling and operating in an environment where you have alcohol all over you sweating, which is usually an issue of mine, rain or even blood. The blade itself is pretty beefy. Incredibly, sharp, I mean definitely razor sharp and it has this nice serrated edge here.

Also that’ll do some serious damage. It’s made to be able to be deployed with just one hand, so you could you could index it with your index finger rapidly, deploy it. That way closes here with the body close it back down, or you can actually use the thumb to drive it float forward and deploy it. That way. So it’s nice to be able to have both of those options once again, usually reserved for knives with a heavier price tag.

Now the pocket clip itself is also very well made. Well, designed it’s really on are going to stay on there not really loosen up on. You does come with three screws, which is nice, which makes the integrity even that much more on the clip, especially for those of us that do carry it in our pocket, and you could also adjust the clip. So you can put it up here, so it allows you to carry a tip up or tip down depending on your preference and how you decide to Train speaking of training.

The teacher and me definitely wants to harp on the safety aspect. Make sure that you sure, if you do choose to carry this blade or any blade be sure to practice with it open it up, deploy it feel comfortable with it. If you’re going to carry it in your pocket or wherever you’re going to carry it, be sure to practice over and over, deploying it and feel comfortable with it make it a part of you. If not, it’s just going to end up being a liability, and I don’t want that for you at all.

I also wanted to bring up that these rapid-fire models come in an off-grid box, so if you are giving it as a present, it’s pretty cool. As far as the appearance, if I could figure out how to put this back, I guess it does go like this, so pretty form-fitting good presentation, if you are giving it as a gift. Another reason why I gravitated and like these rapid-fire models is because they remind me of my EDC, my everyday carry, which is this zero tolerance, zero, three zero one model.

Now, by no means am I saying that these rapid-fire models are in the same league as this zero tolerance. What I am saying is that many of the features of why I choose to carry this zero tolerance on a daily basis are found in these knives, but keep in mind that these knives are probably about one seventh of the cost of this zero tolerance model. So bottom line, if you’re in the market, for a folder that has a lot of the features that the big boys have, that pretty much a budget price definitely take a look at these rapid-fire models.

I think they’re going to impress you the same way that they’ve impressed me this is Helder. I hope that you found this review helpful.

Knives and daggers are awesome! Plain and simple, right? Let me say, I enjoy my dagger collection with a little music playing in the background. 


By Jimmy Dagger

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