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How To Create A Facebook Conversions Ad For Affiliate Marketing FAST and EASY!

. Now I’ve got your back in this article, I’m going to teach you how to create a facebook conversion set that will generate extremely cheap leads, which will lead to more sales and customers for your affiliate marketing business and before we get into the content.

If you want to know my number one recommendation to make money online, go ahead and click the first link in the description and if you like articles about entrepreneurship and online marketing, make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit that notifications bit alright. So in this article I want to go ahead and show you guys how to create a website. Conversions ad for your affiliate marketing business and basically, what we show here is a campaign that I recently created.

So it starts with three steps: right number: one: you need to create your campaign number two. You need to create an ad set, a number three need to create your apps, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to go in and show you a recent campaign, I’m going to show you the landing page as well as the Facebook ads and I’m Running to the landing page and the reason why I’m willing to do this to show you guys my heads is because I’m not done so, I’m going to optimize this ad um.

So this is the final product, but I’ll go ahead and let you guys kind of see into what I’m doing right. So, first and foremost, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to create a campaign and when it comes to create a campaign, if you’re going to do a conversion to add what you want to do, is you want to name your campaign? So I like to put my landing page name so as tsf. I know what that means, and then I put website conversions and then I put the date 11.

24, 18 right and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to campaign objective and you’re going to go to conversions next. Is you want to go down safe to drive now, because I already have a campaign created, I’m just going to go ahead and use the existing campaign that I have so I’m going to go ahead and actually delete that one. And if we look here right, I’m actually testing. So one thing that people um.

I know this isn’t a part of the actual training, but one people, one thing that people don’t do. Is they don’t test right? So I was doing leave form ads. I was doing website conversions and I was doing website traffic and basically I was doing the same audiences on all three of these campaign objectives and out of these three right now website conversions is performing the best. So, that’s why I’m creating this article, showing you guys how to do website conversions so, basically, first informs you guys, need your pixels set up to be able to do website conversions, if you guys know how to set up your pixel.

What you want to do is you want to go to ads manager, go to all tools and go to, and then you go to pixels and once you go to pixels you’ll go to you’ll. Just add the custom pixel um there will be a link down below. If you guys know how to add your Facebook pixel so, but that being said, the next step is going to the actual ad set. So I’m going to go to website conversions and instead of just where actually I’ll, create a dummy ad set to show you guys how to do it.

So what you can do is you can go to create and then you’re going to go in and give an ad set name. So I always like to do ad set one at 2 X, sub, 3, X, sub 4 and then what I do is I go ahead and name my ads. The same thing like ad number, one Adam, Adam, 3, M 4, so ad set 4 and then the campaign objectives. The next thing that I put and then I put the the targeting options, will cover in a second.

So what is my niche guys? Um? It all depends on what your niche is. If your niche could be weight loss, your niche could be, it doesn’t matter right. So in this specific one, I’m going to website conversion event so guys. This is why it’s imperative to have your pixels set up. I still have all these pixels set up on my funnel and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to do lead now. I’ll show you guys the funnel that I’m currently using the reason why I’m only going to show you is because it’s not optimized.

Yet this is a brand new campaign that I’m starting to run so all you’re going to show you my steps. My steps are terrible right now, but because the ads are performing so well by the way I use click for them as guys you guys can there will probably be a link down below if you guys going to use, if you guys want to get access to It ok for some reason it’s taking forever for my stats, ok, so Facebook guys! Now, if you guys notice up, I use this.

I have different traffic methods right so, but for the Facebook ads right now, one is performing at 21 %. The variation once per sending at 9 % right and I’ll probably have an idea. Why so will actually show you the the landing page that I’m using Facebook Ads now? Basically, here’s one some split testing the same ad copy or the same sales funnel copy landing page copy and the difference is one – has an image.

One doesn’t have an image right on the left hand, side now, here’s the thing. One reason why this one might be converting better than this one is because this one has an image, so it might be taking longer to load. So it’s decreasing my conversions right, so here’s the landing page, all the copies are exactly the same and then on the next step on the next step is my pre-sale page, which basically is a step before the before my affiliate offer.

So here’s my pre-sale page. It’s basically picture picture again. I might take these pictures off because it’s probably decreasing my load, my book, my loading speed – I don’t even know – that’s probably English, but it’s taking longer for my stuff to load, but basically the difference is. I’m split testing the copy in this that the cellphone copy in this right. So I’m not going to show you exactly what the copy is, but if you guys want to like soo min feel free, I don’t care cuz, I’m going to be optimizing.

This sales funnel, but what that makes that I’m doing a two-step sales funnel so basically landing page pretty so page and then after they’d offer got it perfect. So next is what do you want to optimize for so you want to optimize for leads, hey guys, I’m going to optimize for these, because that’s what I want I want leads right. I don’t want landing page views. I don’t want people to click my website on what to believe.

That’s what I’m trying to get so with that being said, Facebook is going to optimize your ads to get. You leads now as far as the daily budget. Believe it or not. I started my ad sets really low right and I shut them off quickly and then, depending on ones that are doing extremely terrible and they then doing pretty pretty decent. Then I’ll start then I’ll increase them to like five dollars right.

So you could do as low as $ 3, but I’ll just start this at five dollars to add, set and then custom audiences. We’re not even going to do that but ages and my specific niche when you 25-plus I’m going to do men because my ads convert better with men. The reason why is because I’m a 24 year old male bought to be 25, so does my target audience now? The reason why I do 25 instead of 18 is because 18 to 24 year olds are broke right, and it is what is there’s some people who want to put most Lamarck.

So what having said I’m doing 25 to 65 plus right, I’m looking for where their money’s at now detail targeting what are people interested in well before? I do that right, we’re going to like we’re going to I’m going to go back to the diesel targeting I’m going to edit placements, so I’m going to do news feeds because the type of ad I’m doing right now is a article ad. You guys can do image ads in this specific instance.

I’m going to do a article ad, but I’ll show you guys how you guys can do an image ad as well, for those who don’t know how to create articles. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to optimize for ad delivery, so conversions and we’re going to do conversions, we’re not doing landing page one landing, page reviews or anything of that nature. We want conversion, so you want meats. Now I do set a paid cap because I do not want to spend me personally.

I don’t want to spend more than two dollars per lead period. So with that being said, your your bidding right, if you leave just a random number out there, most likely Facebook will spin like I’ve, had Facebook spin $ 13 for lead and I’m like yeah. What is she doing so when you set a bid cat right, two dollars? That means most likely you’re going to be getting leads for less than two dollars, or it’s not that so just set a bit of cap right next is your detailed target.

So the reason why I want to do that, it’s cuz it narrowed it down. So what are people interested in right? So I’ll just show you guys an example online advertising people would be interested in online advertising so that narrowed it down to three million people. That guys understand. I’m going to give you guys two pieces of advice. Number one is: if you create a very broad audience, it’s going to be you’re going to be able to scale it right.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend with your Facebook advertisement narrow down your audience as much as possible because going to be as targeted as possible. But if you have the cash flow right feel free, go ahead and have a big-ass audience. So all-night, advertising and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and narrow down my audience, meaning they have to like online advertising and also and what I’ll do is something like affiliate marketing marketing.

So that’s 170,000 people, perfect, that’s perfect audience size. So guys, that’s just an example of an audience size or excuse me of an audience and then what I’m going to do is I’m just going to go ahead and copy and add actually so I’ll, just go to add, set three conversions but I’ll explain what it Is so I’m just going to go ahead and duplicate an existing ad, I’m currently doing, and then an existing ad set we’re just going to go and use the ad set that I just created duplicate bloom, so whether you duplicated an ad ad for whether you duplicate An ad or whatever, right, here’s my ad copy, so I use a lot of you emojis.

I use think pattern just for up things like breaking news. My thumbnail is a girl in a bathing suit, which is click article sale, especially if I’m doing 25 to 65 year old men. My headline is death to the 9 to 5, and then I kind of have like a cliffhanger college dropout creates weird dot. It’s like what so this is about building curiosity, so first, let me teach you guys how to do this stuff right.

So what you want to do is you either want to go ahead and upload an image or a article right? So if I was going to go out and upload an image, I could upload any of any of my images right like I could just 4/4 time stake out. Let me see I’ll do like this. One me hanging in a palm tree right so hard to do the same thing, especially if you guys aren’t, if you guys, aren’t doing um. If you don’t have YouTube or articles like I do right so I’ll show you guys the most practical one which is image ads right.

So breaking news. Kid treats weird niche laptop business that took him from dead, broke slaving away at a corporate desk job right. So I’m tapped I’m trying to keep it short sweet to the point, but I’m also trying to tap into that pain right people who hate their corporate job. People who are broke. People are slaving away right and then I basically sell them on their once in their desires right to quitting traveling traveling the world and only four hours per week.

Now. What think I would say is: let’s be honest here, guys I’ll just be very straightforward with you. I do not work for hours per week. I work more than four hours per week, not because I have to, but because I want to because I couldn’t imagine working four hours per week like I can, with the amount of money I make and the how passive some of my income is. I got the easy work four hours per week, but I don’t, but this is just me being a marketer selling people based off their once inner desires.

Oh my god, I’m working forty hours per week! Well, if I could work four hours per week, oh the dream! Right so guys at the end of the day, there’s curiosity, I’m not telling people what I do giving people a little bit talking about my weird niche, laptop business and um yeah. I mean that that’s pretty much it now. The headline depth to the nine-to-five people are working 9:00 to 5:00. I mean it speaks for itself now.

Here’s the thing guys. I highly highly highly highly recommend you’re, not stealing this this ad, and this is why, right because this ad isn’t optimized for is optimized right. I just created this campaign, so it’s not optimized yet now, if you guys do this isn’t proven to convert yet is what I’m trying to say and and what I would do after actually publish dish and I’m going to publish this. What I’ll do is this right? I’m going to go ahead and split test images right, the thumbnails! Well, first, I’m going to split test audiences.

That’s what I’m doing right now and I’ll show you guys in a second then. The next thing I’m going to split test is, after I find a winning audience. I’m going to split, says thumbnails. If it’s a article or images, if it’s images, as so I’m going to split test different images, then the next thing that I’m going to go ahead and split test is my headline rights, but that’s my headline. Then I’m going to go on the split test.

My ad copy and then once we do that we should have a winning ad we’re going to scale it up, but once I’m driving quality traffic guys it’s not just about the facebook ad. It’s also. Where are you sending right if you’re, a landing page and stuff? Isn’t converting right, you’re not going to make any money? So with that being said, once I’m driving quality traffic and want to start optimizing, the split testing this as I go along right so right now this one’s converting at 21 %.

So the objective is to get it to 40 to 60 %, eventually right. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go and publish this? Is there anything else that I want to do not really so I’ll, just publish, publish this and then you have a Facebook ad, but I want to go ahead and show you guys a couple things to look at right. So I’m going to go ahead and only do the the convergence campaign so but guys so I’ve dipped three different campaigns leads website.

Conversions website traffic. If you guys want me to show you how to create different ads, going and comment down below and I’ll be feel free, right or I’ll be more than happy to is what I meant. So here’s ad set 1 here’s my ad sets there’s different ads and then there’s different targeting right. So it is what I want to tell you just because you think is a good at doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good ad.

You want to make data-driven decisions right, so over here right, look! All of them are $ 2.00 bid caps and aren’t any of my leads over $ 2, no they’re, not right so over. Here I have 26 impressions. 83 cents spent no leads right over. Here. Is the one I just created and actually have to edit the asset name to online ad and affiliate marketing right, publish? So next is so this one right here at the end, guys is a brand new campaign.

I just did it um. Last night, before I went to sleep, and I woke up – and this is what we’re looking at so far so um – I want to show you guys things that you should look at after your ad is up right, so leads to leads, and then over here we Have six leads so which one is performing better, obviously this one. So these are two two different ad sets so right now, I’m using the same ad. Besides the one I just created, cuz remember, I was doing article ads, I’m using the same ad across all to be these ad sets.

So the first thing that I’m going to be split testing is my audiences. Once I find a winning audience which looks like this one, then I’m going to create, but if I go to ad set what if I go to ads, I’m going to create multiple ads within this ad set right. But what are some things that we should look at right once the ad is up. This is what I look at right. Obviously, the cost per lease that’s most important right, but the question is: how do we get low cost per these right? So right now, twenty to twenty seven dollars believes that’s like unheard of I’m going to show you why so um, who knows where that’s going to be at later on, but basically cost per link.

Click is 11 cents and the reason why this is so crazy right now is because my click to rate on this ad is thirty point: seventy seven percent. Now what that means is out of a hundred people. Thirty thirty people, click on my ad, so my click. The rate is insane right now: um, I’m a very optimistic person, but realistically is my click-through rate, probably going to stay around this. No, but as long as my leads are below a dollar, I’m happy right.

So what you should be looking for is your cost per clicks and your click-through rate, so your click-through rate is simply out of a hundred people. How many people are going to click thirty percent? Thirty people click right. If twenty people click that’s 20 percent, if 10 percent or ten people click that’s ten percent, so the higher your click rate, the lower your cost per click, as well as the lower your cost per lead right.

So what I’m going to do is with this audience. I’m going to let me personally, I like to wait about 20, not 20 %. I like to wait about a thousand impressions right, so I’m going to see now, if there’s a clear, concise winner guys, then I’m just going to go and shut off the losers and then I’m going to go ahead and probably scale this ad right. Here I mean at 2727 cents per lead I’ll, definitely scale this, but I’m also going to go ahead and start split testing different ads within the specific ad set.

So I’ll keep this ad set I’ll shut all these off and I want to start the testing ass and then what I’m going to be split testing is my ad image or thumbnail my headline and my my headlines and then I’m going to be split testing. My my um, my ad copy right and what I like to do is a minimum of three variations right. So right now we have five total. When I first started my campaign, I had nine different variations.

Cuz I had three different ad sets or excuse me three different campaigns, three different ad sets for each campaigns and then the same ad. So what I’m doing is I’m split testing three different campaigns and then the same ad sets on three different campaigns. So a total of nine different variations at five dollars, a pop which you do to math. That’s like not a lot of money and out of that right, we had a couple of.

We had a couple of things right, so the website traffic is really not doing good per lead right. If you look at cost per leave, four dollars and seventy cents. If we look at my website – conversions, 39 cents right, so you make data-driven make data-driven decisions. Don’t just assume I would be biased if I said website, conversions would be better than traffic test, it try, it out, see what works best and then the ultimate goal is to kill the losers and scale the winners.

If you liked that article be sure to like comment and share, and also be sure, to smash the subscribers button and notifications about a join wolves nation. Lastly, if you’re, tired of working the nine-to-five, you want to be your own boss, you want to travel the world, create a life by design or even just the freedom to work whenever and wherever. You want make sure to check out my number one recommendation to make money online by clicking the first link in the description, and I want to thank you for spending your valuable time with me.

I know you could be spinning it somewhere else. So, thank you, and until next time your friend and mentor Eric Geller’s jr. Checking out

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