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Creators such as Casey, Neistat, Tess, Christine and soon bla muchos. Today, we’re taking the steps to become better content creators by attending the art, tutorial, influencer marketing event sponsored by but first, if you’re new to the blog, I’m Lila’s, I’m Maria, and we are the moment, tips and we’re all about living, loving and traveling.

And if you were to don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button to join us in our adventures, let’s go thanks again for coming. We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s call up our incredible moderator, Terry Flynn, great people in the audience we’re here to talk about influencer marketing and now I’m a marketing reporter at digiday, I’ve been covering the tech industry for years, hi, I’m Aaron, Henley and work for a catch up.

We are in the division of schedules, weapon, entertainment, I’m Dan. I started a big signal for a social media agency, robaix mechanism, which is a larger creative agency, hey guys, knocking John Horowitz, and I had development for Jerry media hi everyone. My name is Natalie’s a fat thanks fiber for having us, I post things to the Internet for a living, and my area of focus is social media. So I blog about blogging.

I tweet about tweeting, it’s very meta, hey guys, I’m exacting and I’m the director of brand marketing here at fiber very happy to be here. We’ve got a great group tonight if I were to become an influencer today. You know like quit my journalism job like if it even like possible, like I, don’t even know how to start an. How do you really compete in this world of like some guy, who makes 2 million dollars in one weekend like how you get there? First of all, I can’t speak from experiences.

I don’t have too many galleries or that I have an engagement rate, but you know I think it’s you know finding your voice and finding the blog that works for you and starting to build from there. When you start to count your fault, I think that’s a losing game. You know you know I just personally. I just hit like 50 that you know on Instagram. I don’t have the most followers. I worked really really hard for that, but for a lot of people that still small potatoes and – and so I kind of figured out that if I play the game of quantity, I will lose.

But if I play the game of quality well, I may have a chance at winning you’re a giant, but like you look at the little guy here’s how to help ya. It’s really really hard brands. Ask us people, ask us all the time should I buy my and then wipe it and just try to start over from scratch. You lose a lot of followers right off the bat when you start posting your own stuff and they’re like who’s, that that’s not what I signed up for it.

There’s always this new platform, new wave or new niche to carve out it. So I think, if you’re you’re careful and identifying like an opening, you can do it, but certainly it’s getting more and more competitive. Every day of that, I would say to like, I would reach out to someone and then ask them to for something just for you, like you, want it to be a partnership and a collaboration. I think asking somebody else to post something that you created is probably the recipe for disaster Chrissa t-shirts beyond during every day.

I won’t buy you pizza. If you get me to eat so we’ll meet up and that’s how it happened. So I would say just authentically approach, whoever you’re trying to get ahold of [ Laughter ]. I travel and I think one of the things that would actually really help me out. Restaurants, that have a green bar. You can sit so we’re done with the influencer marketing event. It was absolutely amazing. It was really good.

We got so much so many tips, teeth, tips and tricks that tip see teeth. It was great tips and now it’s time for us to start applying that information. That we got made some great people in there great influences as well, and it was a great networking platform. It’s definitely and the information that they share from our professional perspective like aliens, the people who blog and everything it was really good.

We got some definitely really good information from Natalie. She gave us some solid information regarding traveling and what we’re doing here and I’ll Channel the blog, so we’re definitely going to put that in good practice. Now I love what she said and you just have because she conversation alright. Well, that’s going to do it for us guys we’re going to make our way home now so until next time remember to live the life, you want love the life you live and travel.

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