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SEPT 18TH – Knife Gig – Bay Spin w/Jack – VERY NICE SIFTER too

When I get here, I got about 10 volt minutes to go set off on me. I got something I want to show you, the guy. That makes my t-shirts. I got to make me as a magnetic signs. I got one on the door on each side, so they got one on the back. Okay stand by weasley. We have any action today. 103. I just got my first knife: got: carries it only side like Daniel Boone? Your arm is stainless now a timber, wolf and crafts it in where you think, Charlie you, you got a big package in the mail today.

I had no idea what it was, but once I opened it up, I knew, of course, what it was. But then I remembered light came on said: oh yeah. I remember something about this check this ticket out right here, you’re, going to like it figure how to get it open again came from Baltimore Maryland. Now, that’s a sister, that’s the breadbasket. I know what that is. Like the stores have it’s got it trimmed down, it’s got noodles on the side of it got a handle and a string to pull with.

I don’t know what that is photo. I guess it’s too I’m going to have to ask what that is. It’s a dog, leash or cat leash dog. I would think with a stainless steel I’ll boat, maybe former scoop mmm, but it’s got a clam wire on top of that rubber coated. I call aquaculture wire and that’s a taquito right there taquito, I’m telling you find Akita. Thank you, mrs. Scott. Your gentleman and a scholar Wow I’ll, have to give that a try here, adesso damn we never stopped.

Lord i’m waiting for report now from Kenny, I mean from Danny and Kenny. They went to the land. I think they went to the land. Another this morning, the crack of dawn like it’s six o’clock, but I haven’t heard anything yet, maybe some of my computer one again, I’m we just got back from this week as you’ll see night gig, one meter knife, that’s bleak, bleak, on a yellow and bleak on The knives but Saturday is coming and friday is coming, and I think i’m going to go to right now me and Jack.

We take a walk in the afternoon and Jackie ain’t been to the beach in a couple couple three weeks we want me. We walked on the beach yesterday, but not what our detector, so I think me and Jack are going to take our boat detectives spent in. If you miss just to get in our daily exercise and see how that goes, plus it is a nice day. As you can see, it’s a little breezy for working in the water anyplace puts a nice 70s kind of day.

Grass is all cut. I, like it stand by thanks again Scott. I see you later buddy. I didn’t go far enough into the piece of paper. I thought that was just a scene, a piece of note saying thank you, but inside underneath all that as the directions so speak. This is why I designed the float: if load is non-magnetic, one the float is lightweight to the float. Could save your life if needed? I like that part float can be to float, can carry your scoop winning d Porter, not pretty cool, pretty cool Scott.

Thank you for all you do for the hobby. All I’m doing now is buying damn bananas stand by i’m getting ready to take jack. Well me and Jack are going for a first spin. This fall, the dogs were allowed back on the beach. You know by two weeks ago we took you for a walk yesterday, so we think we go for a spin today, stand by a lot of grass on the beach cheerleaders yeah by now see a Bowser running loose only five coal ships.

Today, the container ship going in you can see it sneaking by that red ship is coming into the harbor with full of containers. We got our first target, a fishing bait to put something took a big bite out of it. The lid head is popping out right. There is it, it was a deep flirt. I got it 4-3. I wouldn’t plan on taking a monster holes. I brought the lightweight stava v5 open. I won’t go to digg any pop stand by I one’s got, ta haul say net set right here on the beach see.

It starts right here there for two or three hundred yards. You can’t see the buoys at that part. It makes a turn to the left towards the total there’ll be two or three more sets angles on both sides. It hooks in like a fishhook. Let it set a day or two is in there haul it back in from that end, and so it all comes in a pocket right along in here they bail the fish out of the bill. It’s our anything! It’s a hit-and-miss business, but sometimes it’s very lucrative.

Very politically, we found some crazier today. Look at that. What do you think that get it? That’s your favorite thing, huh look at it, get it look at it. Come on come on, you can have it now. I got a picture out. Come on. You will hit you boy, it’s like 18 scoops, that’s a shade, deep, we’re not playing on digging today. For that nice ticket okie need my friend in Alaska. I got the fancy zipper, pull ever look at this taketa.

I found a lot of zipper pulls. This is a classic. Yes, sir keithy, my friend, you need one like this roundup. I guess the best of it. I know the best of it is the tennis ball. Then we’ve got two pieces of gray matter and 45 sent one nigger, penny I’ll. Add their report from Denny from this morning him in a guru, it was bleak and I think I got a picture of a mercury dime that beaver found yesterday along the bay I’ll put that at the end, I think I think he found a deeper dive of Me in a mercury doc, it was he wanted to Bay.

Yesterday it was slow on the base. Everything saying it in bad, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow, stand by good luck to everybody. You

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