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Helping Ohio Small Businesses Become Successful

Ohio understands that small business owners wear multiple hats for managing daily operations to hiring new employees, which is why Ohio offers resources like the small business development centers to help them reach their full potential.

The Small Business Development Center is a nonprofit organization providing business counseling and assistance to individuals that are either starting their business or growing and expanding their business. Those who represent Ohio, small business development centers understand that, while business owners are experts in their field, they may not be trained to navigate the complex business world. What they need guidance on business requirements will keep your requirements lender requirements.

What investors are expecting and really the business issues around that activity? That is exactly how Lisa and Zach hurt got involved with the Ohio SBDC. They had a dream to open a Mexican restaurant in downtown Akron, but that’s about all we had. We didn’t have, you know really any details on a business plan, yet didn’t have any idea how to figure out financials or how to get where we wanted to be to actually open.

They were referred to the Ohio SBDC, who helped them break down the business details and turn a lifelong dream into reality. We went to him with our dia and he taught us how to take that idea. You know I couldn’t concentrate it put it on paper and then shop that around to your butt, just investors to banks, that kind of stuff from there Nueva was born and was so successful. They were able to expand, create jobs and open an additional location in downtown Cleveland right.

Beside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ohayo not only helps entrepreneurs grow, they also help those who need support in keeping their doors open. We got to a very rough start here. We were saying about filing bankruptcy. During the recession, complete laundering service ran into difficult times, and owner raised a mad. New changes were needed to save the business. In most small businesses, mind he was doing great.

He had almost doubled sales, but unfortunately, expenses were more than doubling. So with that analysis, they are then able to make much better decisions going forward. Ohio SBDCs also support individuals looking to expand their business. People like Christina Clark. She cooked up the Westbrooks cannery in her own home, but needed help when it was time to grow beyond those four walls. The Small Business Development Center helped me to grow.

By helping me develop my business plan. We had about nine different products for sale and then, ultimately, now we’re almost to 90 there’s so many different facets to running a business and that’s where we can help and ease the pain so to speak so that be able to thrive. West works. Cannery was able to move out of their home kitchen and increase sales and store distributions, while spicing up new recipes in downtown Canton, whether you’re, starting or growing, a business Ohio is here to help offering a range of no-cost business services to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

Beyond their dreams, I believe that any size, small business would be able to benefit from the opportunities and the advice from the SBDC and I’ve taught everybody. I ever met that know. If you got people, if you own a small business you’re having trouble with you know, but in the financial part of it, you need you need to call the people on the Small Business Development Center. It’s a free service to help you out.

So I always tell people just start there, because they’re going to guide you right where you need to be Ohio, SBDCs helped thousands of small businesses each year with over 20 locations across the state. An advisor is always available to help so contact your local SBDC. Today,

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