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Watch Me Make 183.29 in 15 Minutes! – (Passive Income Case Study Ep.1)

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What’s going on guys Eric Keller’s jr. Here back at it again with another fire as article and in this specific article, we’re just going to be going over a case study of a new business that I’m launching right and if you guys want to get access to It it’ll be the links in the descriptions or there’ll be a button down below or something along those lines right, but let’s take a look right step behind a laptop boom, we’re behind a laptop now in what I’m promoting it’s, it’s it’s as this is the model.

That’s incredible right now. Basically, it has five different income streams right. So here’s one of the income streams, twelve unpaid members right, but these twelve unpaid members pay once they actually do decide to upgrade. They pay anywhere from ten to not ten anywhere from a thousand to two thousand dollars in commissions, ridiculous right and not that one. So here’s the next one, nothing right there so far, but there will be trust me for this income stream are okay ROI panel.

Nothing! There so far now lifestyle we’ve had some clicks, but no money there. So far, but last but not least, I want to show you guys one hundred and eighty three dollars and twenty cents. So guys look fifteen minutes worth of work. That’s all that I did was. I sent an email out by a Senate email and I created a youtube article and in that instance, I made one hundred and eighty three cents from twenty cents.

Now. How long did it take me to make that YouTube article, probably five minutes? How long did it take me to send out that email – probably 10 minutes, so total is worth a total amount of work? 15 minutes. I just launched this business now. I want to show you guys it’s because I’m going to be doing case studies on the on arm on the up and coming days of the progress of this new income stream. Five different income streams, guys one thing about millionaires.

This millionaires has seven income streams, plus the average millionaire has seven income streams. Now this is just one system that provides five different income streams right. So I’m going to continue to update you guys so far within less than 24 hours, 15 minutes worth of work. So far, one hundred and eighty two dollars and 20 cents now just a reversed a little bit. I remember back in the day when I literally used to be slaving away at a corporate job, and I used to be working forty hours per week.

Pounding phone calls trying to sell vacation packages, and I finally got my check and you know what it said: a hundred and seventy dollars. I was like first and foremost of what I was supposed to get paid over $ 200, that you’re giving me 170. What is this, and I asked somebody is the first time I got one of my paychecks I asked, but the free do this yeah, you have to pay taxes, I said, are you freaking kidding me so I worked 40 hours per week and I get a hundred And seventy dollar paycheck right and fast forward to today, literally 15 minutes worth of work and a hundred and eighty two dollars and 20 cents now guys.

I promise you this. This is looking like an income stream. That’s going to be probably on average about five hundred dollars per day, because the fortunes in the follow up so overtime right as I actually start to run these case studies, these incomes, these income days are going to be much bigger income days right so right now. First, 24 hours 15 minutes worth of work, 182 dollars and 20 cents right.

If you guys want to access to this, if you’ve been looking for something to promote, I’ve promoted a whole bunch of things, but people have been asking me: what are you promoting right? Now? Look, this is what I’m promoting right now, it’s this system right when you click down below it’s this system, that has five different income streams. So this is just one. I just showed you the other ones right.

There look, there’s nothing made there, but that’s the power. Imagine bar, which is promoting one income stream. I wouldn’t have made any money, but because they’re spot, if somebody decided to actually buy the fifth one which hint why I got 183 dollars with the Commission’s now moving forward. Some of these other ones are going to start producing income and I’m going to update you guys, if you guys, want access click click down below and for anybody who invests into the higher ticket packages.

Now, I’m being very transparent with you, there’s some things that you can invest into that are $ 1,000 plus, if you do send me your receipt and because you’ve invested into that I’ll, give you my course, which is $ 1,000. 999 997 dollars. My affiliate marketing course. I would give it to you absolutely free if you invest into higher ticket packages right. So that being said, that’s a little case study.

I just wanted to update you guys if you aren’t already if this is on youtube, go and hit the subscribe button hit that like button, and I just want to show you how the power of passive income literally 15 minutes with work one hundred and eighty dollars. I used to work 40 hours per week now it’s not the most amount of money ever, but it’s only going to get bigger. It’s only going to get better, and this is something that can finally allow you guys to get freedom right.

The freedom you’ve been looking. Imagine it an extra two hundred dollars per day. What would that do for your life too much right? I know it’s going to do something crazy for me. So with that being said, you guys want access click below appreciate. You guys update you guys, on future case studies as ours, your boy, Eric, yellow stream. You check it out.

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