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Is necessary for your small business?

If your business is already doing very well, you have all the clients and customers you ever need and word-of-mouth is spreading. Just naturally, then know you don’t have to do article, but if you would like to have more people know about your business and start to believe in your your business’s brand and mission and products and services, then I highly recommend that you put article as part of Your marketing as soon as possible, the reason is because more and more consumers are getting used to seeing some article before they decide to work with a particular company or person in the past couple of years, just about all of my clients before they started working with Me or in the discussion about working with me, almost all of my clients, said they first had readed a couple or a bunch of my articles and then decided yes georgeous, my going to be my marketing, mentor, etc and and I’ve seen as a dramatic growth.

In my business over the past couple years because of my doing articles, another interesting tidbit is a vice-president at Facebook was quoted as saying that she would not be surprised if in just a few years, Facebook could be all article literally. She said all article now that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but but if you look at Facebook already you see if you scroll through Facebook, you already see a lot of article these days and if you use Facebook on the mobile phone, you’ve noticed that Article is one of the tabs at the bottom of the mobile app very prominently right next to newsfeed.

So it’s that important already to Facebook and because Facebook is in touch with the mindset of every day internet users and know that Internet users really appreciate being able to see article. So here’s the thing about article: it takes practice. It takes getting used to don’t expect that you’re going to make your first article or first 5 or first 10 articles and have it go viral and have it be amazing, if you think that way, it’s kind of like use telling yourself well, I’ve never done any Public speaking before, but that my first public speech is going to be a TED talk, you can’t expect that that’s, but putting too much pressure on yourself, and I hope that from my example you know my my humble and and casual example of doing article that I Could be an encouragement to you to start getting used to seeing yourself on article and and I’ll tell you this the first dozen times you see yourself on article and hear yourself, it’s probably not going to be a pleasant experience for you, because that’s normal for everybody To criticize themselves, what my first online article was in 2009, okay and after I readed that article.

I couldn’t stand to see myself on article and I said I’m not a I’m, not a. I don’t look like a movie star and I’m not particularly amazingly eloquent or whatever it is. You know why should I be on article, and so I quit doing that after that, first article in 2009, I quit article until 2013. It took me four years to get over myself to finally start doing article again. I hope I hope that I can save you four years.

I hope that you won’t take that long to get over yourself and realize that your ideal clients, your ideal audience the people that are most meant to work with. You really actually enjoy seeing you on article by definition, your ideal clients, like your personality. They, like your style and, of course they would be so grateful to be able to see you on article. So just know that when you first do article it’s natural to not like to see yourself on article to keep criticizing yourself to think.

Oh, that’s not good enough, but remember that good enough for content is not for you to judge it’s for you to simply put out into the world and let the ones who are meant to find you find it and appreciate your content. Now, when you first start doing article, you probably don’t want to just publish your first article or to write on to Facebook and YouTube first send it. You know you can publish on YouTube as an unlisted listed article, meaning the only people who have the link that you give to them will be able to see it so send that link to just a few of your most supportive and kind friends and say that You would love some encouragement to do more article and that you know that you’re going to you’re going to have to get a lot better over time, but that this is your first couple of tries.

You know and don’t expect that they’ll read all of your initial articles, just even they read the first. You know 30 seconds, it’s fine and just let them encourage you and then over time, you’re going to get better at it you’re going to get better as you as you get more used to doing it, you will first have to get used to doing it that It becomes normal for you to article and then you can start gradually improving upon it.

As you read your articles back and say, oh, I can improve on this or I can improve on that. I hope this is encouraging for you I’ll, put a link in the notes of this article, two more tips for you that I’ve learned from doing a bunch of articles but know that it’s going to be beneficial for your business and for your marketing. For you to show up as yourself, you don’t have to try to be like me or don’t try to be like anybody else, be your most be the maximum form of who you truly are, as you can on article, because that’s what your ideal clients and your Ideal audience wants to see

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By Jimmy Dagger

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