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How to build an audience from scratch (Strategy + Tactics)

When you start reading other articles about building an audience growing, an audience, etc, they will tend to focus on tactics such as buying Facebook ads to get people to like your page or guest blogging. You know speaking on podcasts, you know and also search engine optimization, and these are all good tactics and I’ll talk about that later. But the first and most important thing to remember is that you want the right audience.

Don’t you you? Don’t you don’t just because I have seen probably at this point, dozens of clients and colleagues who have built facebook pages of ten now thousands of followers, and almost none of those followers are engaging with their content. You might be saying wow. How can that be? Because it’s easy to get a couple thousand Facebook fans did you know that it’s not hard, you pay about $ 100 and you get a couple thousand Facebook fans.

Would you like to do that? It’s easy! You just start a fan, page click on promote, say I want fans and just advertise to any random audience. You know people in North America, 18 plus and you’ll get a couple thousand fans with just well. Maybe not I don’t know what the pricing is these days. It’s because I don’t do that because it’s fake fans, but it’s not hard. So when you look at people with an audience, please don’t be impressed unless their audience, you can publicly see that the audience is actually engaging with their content and finding benefit from it, etc.

A lot of the audiences out there are are are just what’s called vanity metrics. Have you ever heard that term vanity metrics is numbers that look impressive, but if you look under the hood, if you look at the behind the scenes, you realize. Oh, these aren’t it’s not a real audience. It’s just a lot of visitors to a website or a lot of Facebook fans or a lot of Twitter followers, and this is a real audience.

Member right here, Manko again, I’ve been working all morning here by myself and he has not jumped up and he’s like great I’ve got an audience now, I’m going to show up I’m all about consistency of content, so he’s here and I swear once I turn off The article he jumps off, even though I’m just continuing my work here, he has a very weird sense of how you know how to be on camera. Okay, so you know he’s jumped off all right because it doesn’t like I’m talking about him um.

So please remember that a real audience is what we’re going after a true audience. I call that true fans or a true audience and the you know you have true fans when you can count on them to engage with your content and to take a real look at your product and services when you are offering them okay. And how do you build a true audience? You don’t just use Facebook ads to buy fans or Twitter ads to buy followers, you don’t just do search engine optimization and you don’t just guess blog and all these other things.

These are all tactics, but it has to be under the right strategy and the right strategy is this of true audience: cares about what you’re talking about or writing about, okay or your images or whatever they care about your content, and they care about you right. They are not just a you know: drive by hey, I’m searching online for a solution to a problem. I found your article got the solution and I’m out of there what we all we’ve all done.

This we’ve all been: we’ve all been fake fans to other people and nothing wrong with that. It’s just we’ve all been drive-by fans for other people right because we’re just searching online for something we find the solution. We find an answer and we’re gone. That’s it right, but it’s rare that we find somebody we actually want to follow and keep following, and how does that match happen? That match happens because they are talking about something we care about number one and they’re talking about in the way that we really find resonates with us.

So they’re the content topics matter to us and the style really resonates with us. And thirdly, we feel like they actually care about what they’re doing, rather than trying to put us into a funnel a marketing funnel when you’re in a marketing funnel. You kind of know that oh this market is trying to get me to do this and then get me to do that and get me do this right doesn’t feel good. Doesn’t it doesn’t inspire trust and loyalty? But when you feel like somebody is sharing a message because they really care about their audience and then you notice they care because they engage back with you Wow.

It makes such a difference, and you know you know you become a loyal fan more and more as that happens. So it’s it’s it’s first. The strategy has to be right. The strategy has to be no. No. No, I don’t. I just don’t want numbers, I don’t care about 10,000 Facebook fans, that’s easy! Yet couple hundred bucks 10,000 Facebook fans, the numbers – are easy to get. They really are honestly to look impressive.

It’s really really easy these days, but to have an actual business. It’s not easy to have people actually caring about what you say and then buying your thing. You know and writing reviews that’s not easy and that’s where that’s what we’re really going after here, so okay! So how do we get there? So, as you probably can imagine what I’m about to say, content is king, okay, consistent content is king and consistent distribution is Queen content is king is not something I made up.

That’s well known. Even distribution as Queen is not is not something I made up. That’s well known as well. A lot of people don’t know that. Second part content is King distribution is Queen. Some of you are, some of you aren’t even doing either one you’re not doing content consistently and you’re, certainly not knowing how to distribute your content. So let me talk about this here. Content is king and it needs to be consistent, needs to be authentic and they need to be relevant.

Okay consistent. Why is that important? It’s important, primarily consistency of content is important for you to get better at communicating your content. We all have this fantasy that, just because we think something is good idea and we write about it. Other people will think it’s great content. The reality is that, if you don’t practice, okay, the reality is that, if you’re, not if your contents not going viral, if it’s one, when I see viral, if your content is not being shared or liked or commented on, it’s not that good.

I’ll be honest with you, and I say this to myself too: I have I do. As you know, eight new content pieces every month and probably five out of the eight don’t get much likes or comments compared to my maybe three or four out of the eight people actually do like and want to share forward. But I’m the same person. You know in a single month I don’t grow that much right, but it’s because the topic is right or, like my my my style or a skill of communicating, it was good, but consistency creates skill over time.

You can’t expect to have good content in a month. First month, you’re out of the gate, Wow great content – I mean, if you know, if you’ve, if you’ve been writing for a while or you’ve, been making articles for a while. Then maybe that’s the case that you, you are skillful already, but most of us need to become skillful, writing or making articles right. Consistency grows your skills. I promise you.

If you do something every day, you grow your skills, much faster than someone who’s doing it once a week, if you’re doing it once a week, yours goes faster than someone who’s doing it once a month, so consistency is key to becoming skillful and creating content. That’s people find interesting, okay, so consistency authenticity is going to set you, apart from everybody else, who’s just trying to copy what other people are doing and trying to write for search engines and all that stuff, so authenticity, so so it and the great thing about authenticity Is its longevity? If you’re authentic, you don’t have to pretend, and you just show up and you’re energized, because you you are actually following your passion and your you’re energized from within, rather than only seeking energy from outside, from what other people are saying to you right.

So authenticity creates longevity and longevity, of course, creates true brilliance and skill and quality over time. You can’t expect to be loved when you’re, first starting out the gate, you’re just figuring out, you think you’re, smart you’re, not I’m sorry, I mean okay, you. I should say this: I have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. I don’t believe you are smart or dumb. I believe you can become brilliant.

That’s what I believe. Truly, I think you become. You can become incredibly brilliant and skillful at communicating and and charismatic and amazing, but you don’t start out that way. I don’t care how smart you think you are how good of a writer you think you are unless you’re lucky. You know you don’t start out with fans, people who you start out with silence. You know, hope people okay. So let me talk about this.

There’s there’s content creation in this distribution right, of course, if you use money and use Facebook ads and you’re smart about how to use Facebook ads, most people are not good at Facebook ads and they’re. Like George I’ve tried, Facebook ads doesn’t work, it’s not that it doesn’t work, you don’t know how to use it all right. So if you learn how to use Facebook ads skillfully and you use it to distribute your content, you can actually build a fan base pretty quickly who actually are loyal and actually like your content, that’s what I’m doing with my secret project and almost at a hundred Fans now that’s the second, I’m only in my second month, I’m almost at a hundred true fans, because people who don’t I didn’t ask them to like my page.

I just put – I didn’t – ask them to leave in. Like my post, I just shared honestly. My postings didn’t even ask for any likes or any signups or anything just shared my content. I distribute it out there. It’s a certain audiences in a very skillful way and I’m almost at a hundred fans of my page. They died. They had to manually come to my page. They they saw my content and they had to manually click on my page itself and decide that they want to like it right so anyway, skillful content takes time and then skillful distribution just takes learning.

I have a facebook ads course. You want to learn from me how to distribute your content skillfully, but so consistency of content, authenticity and relevance is the third part. Relevance is basically, as you get to know your audience. You find out what they really really need and want from you. You then tune your content over time to what they need and want. Then that takes time to get to know your audience right, so really the strategy overall, how to build an audience.

George George, please tell me in 10 seconds how to build an audience from scratch. 10 seconds ready content is king distribution is Queen and the content needs to be consistent. Authentic and relevant. Is that 10 seconds it’s about 10 seconds right and the article okay? So that’s the overall strategy. Now, let’s talk about the tactics now and the tactics are basically, it goes like this. What do you do now that you know the strategy is content? Is king distribution is Queen consistency, authenticity, relevance, great 10 seconds strategy.

Now? What do I do? What do I actually do on a daily basis? Okay, paid distribution is, is the first tactic if you have no audience yet, please don’t expect that you’re going to post something on Facebook and somehow people will find it. Please don’t expect that you’re going to just put a blog post up on your website and people will find it. It doesn’t work like that on the internet. It doesn’t work like that.

You’ve got to pay money for people to see it. Okay. So that’s one tactic. I’ll give you several tactics if you have zero money to pay for distribution all I’ll talk about that next, but that I please pray and hope that you will please spend at least a few dollars a month. I mean, if you can. Please spend forty dollars a month on Facebook ads. It will grow your audience so much faster. It will take you a few months instead of a few years.

Would you like to take a few years, or would you like to take a few months to grow a loyal audience $ 40 a month can can can can do that. I’r spending 150 to 300 closer to 300 a month right now on my new project, but you may not have that budget. So please spend $ 30 a month or $ 40 a month and it’ll. Take you a year to build a loyal audience, but it won’t take you 10 years. People who are not using paid advertising is taking a lot longer.

Okay, so paid ads paid distribution, learn how to use Facebook Ads, learn how to use Google I’m going to be teaching Google Ads that later this year, so you can learn from me too on how to do Google Ads. If you like Twitter a lot, you can do Twitter ads. If you love Instagram, you could do Instagram ads, Twitter and Instagram. Ads are much easier, so I don’t teach those courses honestly, they’re really really easy to use, but Facebook ads and Google Ads are not that easy to learn how to use effectively.

So that’s why I teach courses on that. Okay, so paid distribution is the number one tactic. I recommend for you to build an audience from scratch. Please set aside some money every single month for paid distribution. Think of it as your ministry, you know. Do you contribute money to a charity to your church? Can you take some of that charity and should men and money and put it towards your ads for your Facebook? Do you believe in your math? Do you believe your message well will benefit people’s lives just like your church does just like the chair, just like Red Cross or Greenpeace or whatever you want to distribute just like Habitat for Humanity.

Do you believe your content can actually maybe even change lives? Maybe even save lives. Do you believe that? Well, why give to your own charity called your own Facebook Ads your own Google Ads, because you reach people and you changed their lives with your message. It’s probably a better spend of your money, I’m this sounds terrible, but it probably is a better spending me money than putting it towards all of your money towards Habitat for Humanity, which is a worthy organization by the way right so take some of your charity.

Money put it towards your ads, okay, all right and then so paid distribution is one. Are you doing that? Are you doing paid ads for your content not to get people to join your email list, not to sell your stuff for your message for your look at my content on my on my on my you know, I’m not asking people to join my email list or Anything I’m just blessing them with content. Okay, pay distribution.

Doing that. The second one is cross promotion. That’s another tactic that can grow your audience from scratch, and cross promotion is basically if two people have a similar audience and they like each other and they they like. Each other’s content, then, why doesn’t person a promote person B’s best piece of content and person B, promotes person, ace best piece of content, so you reach out to appear, and you say: hey: can we have similar audiences? I really like your content.

Take a look at my content. If you like it here, are my three best pieces. Tell me you know if you, if you like any one of these three best pieces, maybe we can trade a promotion. I will promote one of your best pieces to my audience. So people can find out about you and you could promote one of my best pieces to your audience. So people can find about me. It’s a win-win and generally to trade promotion, means that you and that that person has a similar-sized audience, not the exact same number of Facebook fans, but maybe within several hundred okay with email.

If you have, you know 100 Facebook fans and they have 300 or 500. That’s similar enough, but I have 5,000, don’t approach me if you have 500 right. It’s not it’s not fair right. It’s not fair, but somebody who has 3000 might approach me with 5,000. You know within within right within reasonable range. The promotion could could work right. So I have 5,000 I might reach out to someone with seven or eight thousand or something with two or three thousand.

You know within range right that makes sense so cross-promotion. Please do this. It’s how I grew my audience really fast in the beginning before I knew how to use Facebook Ads. This is ten years ago before, before Facebook Ads really existed. That’s how I greet my audience: the fastest, so cross-promotion, guest blogging and podcast podcasts speaking, there’s another way to grow an audience podcast speaking less so I know some of you like to speak on podcast.

The problem I have a podcast speaking is that people who listen to podcasts are not in the position to join your audience at that time. Think about it! When do you listen to a podcast, you listen to it when you’re driving, you listen to it. When you know I’m listening to it, when I’m walking the dog, I might listen to it when I’m washing the dishes. None of those times are when I am at the computer, ready to join someone’s email list or to like their Facebook page or to go to their website even I’ll.

Listen to a podcast like washing my dishes. Listen, listen! Your podcast or you know, like Oh hiya. That’s a that’s a really wow what an amazing person Wow! I really want to follow that person and then I finish my dishes and then I’m cooking dinner now or whatever I’m doing. I forgotten. I mean this happens. All the time same thing, your podcast listeners, driving the car and then by the time they get home, they’ve forgotten about the guest speaker you had or whatever so podcast speaking in my opinion, is really good to network with the host of the podcast.

I I speak on podcasts on a regular basis, because the host tends to then hire me to become their coach and whatever that works pretty well, but but the audience that unless it’s a really big audience actually, this Sunday, I’m promoting a podcast that I spoke on, That had a pretty big audience and a lot of those folks decided to join my they do. They went to my website and join my email list without any kind of coercion.

They just mentioned you, the podcast, so just mentioned the website. You know that’s it. It was a big enough audience where that worked, but most podcast that you’re going to speak on. Don’t have a giant audience like that. You know they might have a couple hundred or a couple hundred downloads per episode. That’s a tiny, tiny audience, but when it burn a podcast has tens of thousands of downloads per episode.

Now you now that now you actually might build an audience doing that, but anyway, so podcast speaking, not so much but guest blogging for sure can build an audience, meaning somebody who has who wants to create consistent content, but they don’t want to be the one to Always be creating it, you can then step in says, hey I’d, love to write an article for your audience. Obviously, it’ll come from me and I’ll put my bio at the bottom, and people can then shoot me on finally I’ll learn about me on my website.

So guest blogging isn’t much more effective for building an audience than podcast speaking unless you’re speaking to a giant audience on the podcast right, but even even a small, a relatively small guest blog. You know someone somebody who has a couple hundred readers a month. You know you could build a little bit of an audience that way, because guess what, when you’re reading, when they’re reading a blog post, they’re read they’re at the computer or at their at their phone right, they’re reading and by the end of it.

Maybe you mentioned something on a post on your website. You know within when you’re writing a guest blog. I recommend that you try to link to your own website. You know try to link to your website, at least once during the article itself and, of course, in your bio as well right at the bottom and so they’re reading and they’ll click on the link and they’ll go to your website. So so they’re in that, when they’re reading, an article they’re in then they’re in they’re, capable of taking action, go into a website signing up for a newsletter or something right, podcast, listening, not so much right so anyway, on guest blogging, your podcast speaking and then the Last thing I’ll say is SEO search.

Engine optimization is another way of building an audience and the way to do SEO and I’m going to hope. I’r going to teach a whole class on this, but I’ll just be be really really quick about it, and I want to end the article search engine. Optimization first of all is a black box. You have to first realize that Google is not going to tell you what their algorithm everybody is guessing. Just like Facebook does not tell any of us what their algorithm is.

We are all just guessing why? Because if Facebook or Google or any other site, tells us what their algorithm is, guess what if they make it public, you know what happens spammers well. There are very, very smart spam, smart spammers who will then take advantage of the algorithm and then all the links you know all the content will be spam. That’s why all these companies have to make it secret and we are all of us marketers.

All of us are just guessing, did you did you know that we’re just like well based on what we’re finding? Oh, my god, how come this piece of content was so high on the algorithm well compared to all the patterns that I’m seeing it’s probably this every marketer every search engine expert is only guessing, but their guests they’re using educated estimates based on the pattern. Recognition they’ve noticed so based on our guesses.

Our best guesses right now is that Google really cares about other websites linking to your website so search engine. Optimization people used to say well it’s about keywords and it’s about having the keywords in a title of your article. That still does help okay, so you may want to do keywords: research, keyword, research, the simplest tool that I can give you. It’s called keywords everywhere. So keywords everywhere: com go there it’s a free tool, you install it and then, when you, google you’ll start to be able to easily do keyword research just by googling, once the plug-in is installed on your browser.

Ok: keywords everywhere: com, okay, um, I’m not affiliated with them, I’m just a user of their service, so so keywords. So, basically, the way that search engines work is people type in what they’re looking for and Google wants to help them finish their search as fast as possible. Okay. So, if type in what they’re? Looking for and your what your website comes up and Google notices, they click onto your website and they don’t come back to Google Google says that was a success and working that we’re going to reward this website with higher search engine rankings.

In other words, your website helped to terminate the search. Google has done its job, that’s what Google wants to do goes. Is we because, if, if I search for something – and I click on your website – and I’m like now that wasn’t helpful and I go back to Google and I keep searching Google says wow. That website wasn’t helpful, because this person is continuing their search like it’s taking them longer to find what they’re looking for so so they will.

They will downgrade the websites that don’t help them fully. Person has come back to Google and they will upgrade the websites that people don’t come back from because they assume that they have finished. You know, and so that’s one factor – that’s really really big. Another really big factor that Google says well. How do we know? It’s not just a spam website that kept the person there well, we know that, because other people, other websites, are linking to this website using these keywords to link to that.

So, therefore, we know that this website seems to be valuable and respected, because other websites are linking to it. So essentially, SEO is about trying to terminate people searches when they find what they’re looking for. You have to first figure out what people are looking for, which is more keywords, researches and then terminate the search by having such a valuable webpage. It’s like! Oh I’m looking for buh, bah blah and when I went to your page, your blog article talking about it or your page talking about it, was so valuable that I just decided to stay there.

I didn’t go back to Google, I just it was so great. It was so helpful, so is resourceful. That’s all I needed right. So that’s why content is king right. That’s why content is king because they’re like if the content isn’t good people don’t care and they go. They don’t link to it. They don’t come. They come back to Google, they keep going and then and then the second major factor, like I said, is backlinks right, which is basically going out to various bloggers and various websites and say: hey I’ve written a really, really valuable article.

Here I thought maybe your audience would benefit if you decide it’s valuable I’d, be grateful and if you were to link to it so that it’s that kind of work right, it’s its keywords: research, its modifying your article to meet the keywords. It’s not so much the words anymore. It’s the topic! It’s the idea, Google’s smart enough! Now that you don’t have to use the exact words anymore, but if you’re writing about that topic, and it’s really valuable, then then they will bump it up in the search engines.

Right so and then the people are linking to it, they’ll bump it up so anyway, um so to summarize, okay, you first have to get the overall strategy right, or maybe it’s even values, right focus on content content is king distribution is Queen if you have content, But you’re not using any distribution methods, get it out there. No one will ever see it. Even then, this is the most valuable article in the world right.

Nobody knows about it right, so content is king, yes, but the distribution is clean, equally important right and the contents got to be consistent for your own skills. Really it’s really more for young skills, but also for your audience needs to be able to count on. You. Remember an audience a true audiences, we’re looking for a true audience says. You know what I feel like an count on you. I can always count on you to come back and you have got new and fresh and valuable content for me.

So consistency is for your own skill building and for your audience’s reliability on you, okay, trust in you, authenticity, so that you can be long. You can have longevity, you don’t burnout authenticity, you show up as you are, so you don’t burn now. You don’t pretend to be anybody else. You don’t have to put on makeup. If you don’t like to put on makeup so talk about women here, some of you do like to put on makeup.

You enjoy it, it’s fun for you great, then. That’s part of your authenticity, but if you hate putting on makeup you’re like doing it just for the article, it’s not long, it’s not sustainable for you to do that, so stop doing it. People will love you anyway without makeup. Believe it or not. Your true fans love you. If you don’t again, if you don’t love putting on makeup, don’t put on makeup, your true fans will love you anyway, okay, hopefully I’m just giving you some of you women permissions to be yourself.

However, that means for you right authenticity in them and then relevance, learn about your audience over time. Make more content for what their wants and needs are matched with what yours are as well: okay, overall strategy and then tactics paid advertising, pay, tribution, cross promotion, guest blogging and search engine optimization. So those are the four key tactics for for growing an audience.

Once you get the strategy right so anyway, I hope this is valuable and helpful and let me know if you have any questions want to thank some of you who were able to join me live I see captain and Alejandra. Thank you. So much. Let’s see here, kappa honda wrote yeah, let’s see here what the hell, how long to wrote that something I notice is that the response I gift from my spanish-speaking audience is way richer and more active than the english speaking.

I may have to do with the fact that the english-speaking world there are many more people, teaching what I teach versus the spanish-speaking world that is not saturated. That definitely has something to do with it. Yes, so that certainly in other words, it’s it’s less cost for you to distribute your content to the spanish-speaking world right. It’s just versus you’re, competing with many more english-speaking folks, so Alejandro says, which would appreciate how to engage is speaking English being on so Alejandra.

The one thing I would say is this: you have to practice, I’m not saying it’s you, but I’m just saying that what the evidence is showing is that your English speaking audience doesn’t find your communication compelling enough yet interesting enough. So the the homework for you is to keep practicing different ways of communicating your message and noticing, observing which pieces resonate with them and noticing the patterns over time, o of all the things I talked about, these two or three things really resonate with my english-speaking audience.

Then say more about those things, so visibility, observation and then modifying your content. Based on your observations right, that’s really the thing for all of us to do, but so I’m not talking about you not being skillful, I’m saying all of us can become more skillful right. Captain thanks for your comment, says I recently joined a couple of Facebook groups made up primarily a fellow bloggers trying to help each other get engagement for their content, so, yes cross promotion right with them.

I jumped from page five from five page likes 121 right now. So the question is: this is a good strategy. I understand that not all of them are true fans, but I feel like I’m getting starting a feedback from people. What do you think yeah yeah cross promotion? That’s what we’re talking about here. So, however, you can brilliant. You know thank you for mentioning in facebook groups joining Facebook groups of peers.

You can find people to cross-promote with so. Yes, no, I think it’s, I think it’s a fine idea, but whether or not they’re true fans, it’s yeah. It’s yeah. I think you have to balance it. It’s true. I mean you, don’t want overtime, you know you don’t want a bunch of people who just are fella bloggers who are just trying to support you being nice. It’s kind of like that’s. Why I don’t invite my friends and family to like my fan pages on Facebook, or I don’t send my blog post to my friends and family cuz they’ll go right back, so I’m proud of you great way to go but they’re not true.

My true fan, I mean a few of them – might be a few of them might actually be seeking on my content, but most of them are just being nice, so you don’t want people just to be nice to you. That’s my that’s the thing to balance. Are they just being nice or are they genuinely like interested in your content? Those are the true fans that you want, because the ones who are being nice – that’s, not sustainable, and that’s us you’re going to work against you over time, because the algorithms also say based on how many people you’re reaching how many of them are engaging.

You want a bigger percentage of those you’re reaching engaging with your content for the algorithm that say. Oh, this must be valuable because, let’s say you have a 10,000 person, Facebook fan page and only ten people like your posts, the algorithm says: well, this person must have crappy content because out of 10,000 people, only 10 people like their post, so it works against you When you have fake fans, that’s on the irony of it.

That’s the that’s why we have to be really careful to build the true audience right, so you just you know, balance it out. If it’s a true cross-promotion with a with a real audience of people who might like your stuff, then I think it’s a good idea. So I hope this is helpful and Ian thanks for joining and saying hi and Jill as well. So thanks everybody, I have a great. I hope I wish you a joyful experience and consistency in your joy.

Coming back to the reason why you’re doing this is to serve people and to become a better person to grow, your known skills keep coming back to your purpose so that you can be truly sustainable in your audience building. You will take care of any questions. Let me know:


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Earn a living teaching online courses — a successful Udemy teacher offers advice

Com platform, which is the I think, the biggest online platform for courses or, I should say the biggest place for online courses and Udemy has anything over nine million students and Ken Wells is has like uh I’ll. Let me introduce himself, but he used he’s making a living teaching courses on udemy and so we’re here to ask him.

Some questions me and my friend Adam, is here to ask him some questions about how he’s making it work. So Ken thanks for being here, yeah. Well, thank you so much for for having me know my journey on udemy started in a in June of last year, and really only so, it’s been less than a year yep. I didn’t realize that okay, so it’s it’s, there was a substantial amount of work in the beginning, yeah I scaled it much faster than what I’ve seen you know, other other instructors having contact with yeah so yeah.

I mean I’m happy to answer any questions that you guys have so yeah. I guess the first one is just to give us a sense of your track record on you to me how many students you have. I made courses. You have that kind of thing sure. So right now I have ten ten courses that are live. I have two that are about to go live next month and I also have like right now. I have about almost 26,000 students in 157 countries, Wow yeah yeah yeah, and it was okay.

I’m just going to share your your course page. I guess I have 11 courses, 11 courses, yeah yeah, yeah, he’s kind of like loose trash, don’t create a bunch. So that’s cool best-selling udemy. So this is your your title. I guess on udemy yeah, okay and then this is kind of your your normal or your course profile page. You got at bolding the sort of the some of the keywords that that you want people to know.

Your course is about okay, cool and then Co shows here: 25,000 students, 11 courses, 550, almost 55 reviews and your courses are priced so so right now udemy’s course. Pricing is between, is it $ 10 at the minimum or the minute, it’s their pricing structures between twenty to fifty dollars, twenty to fifty? Okay. So what I am um now: okay, yeah twenty is the minimum yeah. So, basically, what I do there is depending on where I’m ranking and the size of the course I will.

You know, price it. I will look at my competitors and see like if my two closest competitors are at $ 20, but I’m out ranking them. Mine $ 5 higher, or something like that. Oh I see okay, so you you that’s one of the market. Research techniques you use is to look at your your and how do you? How do you even find your competitors? Well, it really. Everything starts with keyword, research. Okay, so that’s that’s who my competitors are is who is competing, for you know, keywords with me.

Okay, so let’s say – and maybe we could even I don’t know Adam if we want to use your topic as an example or if you want us to use a different topic. What if what? If we did it like a like a little exercise Adam, are you interested in trying some keyword, research on your topic or no? Oh? Maybe we could do the course that I’m kind of thinking about later this year, any researcher sure, and what is the topic? It’s the art software that I use the for creating comics, it’s called manga studio or clip studio paint, but basically like, of course, teaching how to make comics.

Okay awesome. So I’m just thinking about whether that example would be useful for everyone or for myself, and maybe a few others who might be reading this. Let’s use a general topic, or maybe Ken do you have a topic that you’re going to be working on? I really don’t have any in mind because I’ve already created some courses that you know so, let’s say: let’s, let’s let me give you an example. Then let’s say that I’m a relationship, coach, okay and I’m wanting to create a course on how to have better.

You know better relationship with your partner right, so what I would do is I would go to. I would go to an incognito window interesting and why? Why incognito? Oh well for Chrome, yeah, oh so you’re going to okay, let’s just say: I’m not going to use incognito, I’m just going to use this window sure! Just I I mean I don’t know how that is on other browsers, but it’s just simply because you know. Obviously, your search results are skewed.

Based on your your personal browsing history, yeah. Okay, let me actually let me actually do shit, but let me actually do share an incognito window, then that might be easier to okay. So I’m just going to share this screen, which is an incognito window, cool yep, and what I would do is I would you know I usually just go to youtube.Com and I would have like another doc open like you know, Google Doc or whatever right first thing.

I would do is like right here in this search bar. I would just start by typing like a single letter like let’s say it’s relationships right, so I would type in an R and then an E okay, and then I’m looking in this drop-down menu – and I don’t see anything yet so now put in an L, hmm And we have relationships so, even though that’s not like you know, it’s still pretty general, I’m going to I’m going to take those two keyword, those two keywords: yeah hips in relationship now, the order that they appear in is based on how much theirs mmm all those Ones that say you know you see the little icon with the the page and it says course on the far right.

I don’t don’t. I don’t pay attention to any of that stuff, just those key words: a bomb okay, just these yeah, so I would take probably I would put those three relationships – relationship in relationship building and I would put them in that order on a Google Doc. Okay, yeah I’ll put in another a mm-hmm, okay and still nothing new. So then a t relationship, no relationship, coaching just popped up.

I would throw that at the bottom of my list. Okay, okay, now you know Yankees, I write just keep going still nothing to you. You just want to keep going until we see something new here. Yeah, let’s see, relationship marketing, you know ships, coaching versus relationship, coaching, I guess, okay, when it comes to these kinds of differences, where there’s like an S versus no s. What is your take on it? Well, I just this is just the preliminary like this is where I’m just getting ideas later on I’ll.

Do some other things to kind of condense it down and focus on which keywords I’m going to target, got it just giving me ideas. So I just kind of like type out relationships. One letter at a time like that yeah doesn’t let me actually you know what I’m going to do, I’m actually going to start a Google spreadsheet and I’m going to just as a as an actual exercise share. This share my screen that you can see everything.

Okay, so we had relationship. We had ships, relationship, relationship, building, building, see what else we had relationship coaching relationship coaching. Well, it looks like there’s ship and ships coach teaching right. Okay, I think it was on this. One came first coaching poaching, yeah and then and then what so do you actually like order them? Sorry I I do I do, but you know at this point we’re just kind of getting ideas.

So then, then, if we go back to that that search, so I would just go all the way through and you know see if anything else, pops up doesn’t look like there is now. If you want to get more. Oh here, here’s interesting some interesting yeah there. You go happy relationships, happy relationships, bad relationships, relationships, diagram, that’s weird, yeah, okay and then, interestingly, there’s two types of personalities that are especially interested in relationships enfjs, which I’m on the borderline.

Actually all right, I’m assuming usually I’m assuming that I have a more specific idea. Right and so if it doesn’t relate to personalities and relationships and obviously I’m not going to put those down, I’m just putting down you know happy relationships, bad relationships and then, like let’s say you know, let’s be more specific. You mentioned that the idea was how to have a better relationship yeah, let’s, let’s actually be get even even more specific.

Let’s write how to have a better relationship when you have kids – okay, maybe marriage, that’s pretty specific! So you know I might start with how to you know, and so that’s very interesting, um yeah. So I just H: wait slow down, though cuz okay, you might get ideas as you go along, but you just kind of do each letter, just like we did before and just see. What’s popping up it’s interesting. I think I think, given that there’s probably too many H’s there they’re not showing it or maybe you have to refresh yeah you just you just got ta keep going like H.

Oh oh, go till you kind of start seeing stuff pop up right. Just start spelling out like and how to have a good relationship see nothing so far, so we put the W in okay. This is weird. Look look at these, so what is what is this? Do you know what those numbers are? No is that a course number man honestly. I have no idea what that is. Okay, it’s weird! Maybe it’s a udemy bug, maybe they’re, showing us how many people are searching.

It yeah: okay, how to have okay, how to hack a computer? Oh yeah, okay, all right! Yeah you’re having kids how to have school, how they have school, that’s weird: how did it have less fear more power and pain you can? Maybe you should teach a class on that you could teach a class on that. I have okay, so this is weird. So how to have better – let’s just say better people – are really interested in that first one, yes yeah! I don’t think this is just on you to me how I became much more productive to how you can that’s interesting right, and you can do that.

Yeah write that down how to have it, how top start can have a void business? Okay, I think a good course title would be how to have fun sex because that’s clearly near the top. This also is helping you, you know, maybe refine your idea like, for example, if you look midway down through the list, it says how to be a better lover. So maybe maybe you started off with this idea that you’re going to help people have a better relationships, and you decide based on this, you say: well, maybe I can focus this on just how to help someone become a bet.

You know be a better lover as and then house will also have how to be better loved, interesting right right. So I kind of use these to help me define my idea and I’m just kind of putting everything down yeah so how’d it be a better loved. Oh, that’s probably just a Miss just a typo, that’s weird, okay! So all right. Let’s say that we’ve done! We’ve done this keyword, research and we kind of try different questions or different yeah.

So you go through and you think of you know what do people type in like they it’s how to dot dot in relation to whatever your thing is, how to you know a parenting. Yeah got it techniques, you know parenting techniques or relationship skills or relationship techniques, and you just find the most relevant keywords that are showing up in the list yeah and you make a list of those once you kind of define which ones you know most fit.

What you’re trying to do yeah and I head over to you – know: Google Keyword planner. Ah, okay, and this is really the litmus test uh-huh. So then I start plugging those words into the keyword planner right now. Let me ask you this: do you do you ever click on any of these and look at what courses are available? Sure? Ok, so if I click on parenting, for example, parenting, okay, so let me just kind of let me login a Google Keyword planner here while we’re doing this.

Okay. So but but what I’m hearing you say, is you don’t do this next? That’s not that’s! Not your process is to look at the courses. Are there, you don’t do that. You don’t do that. That’s you. You actually go to a keyword planner. Next, I’m doing I do the keywords. First. Okay, so I mind: once I have my keywords targeted then I go. Look at the competition on udemy for those specific okay. So so I’m, obviously we don’t have a lot of time.

So I’m just going to speed up the process and, let’s just I’m just going to pick a random one. That seems good alright. So in the keyword planner, obviously in this article I’m not going to teach people how to use keyword planner, but I’m just going to say, relationship, happy, happy relationships, you know yeah, I wouldn’t I mean, even though it’s on you to me, you know if you look At the search results here I mean it’s 170 yeah.

But what is your litmus test for? What would you go for in terms of numbers? Look at the ones that are the most targeted, but you know it’s got ta. It’s got ta have at least you know a few thousand, a few thousand yeah yeah, I’m going to just say: I’m just going to go down and quickly pick one from the list here and do you have an upper limit like you? Don’t you don’t try to go for competing on it? I try to find the ones that are towards the top of the search result, but that are like, if you have a scale between very targeted and low results and very general with high results.

Yeah, I try to find the ones that are like right around here that are more targeted, but still have a healthy amount of results. Right: okay, for example, marriage, counseling, marriage, counseling. Oh, if your, if your course was focused on that, that would be a good one right. There yeah marriage, counseling, okay, so um well, but then people taking a course on marriage counseling might be wanting to become a marriage counselor and I’m guessing like if they type in marriage counseling like they wanted the marriage counseling degree.

Maybe I don’t know. I think that that’s probably more people that are interested in getting counseling for their own marriage, I would think, and unless it was like marriage counseling certificate, or I mean I know like if they type it into Google – I I think that’s true, but if they type It into you to me, though, you know what I mean like they type into you to me: marriage counseling. I imagine well at the end, at the end of the day, I’m just using that to get a sense of if the keywords that are showing up on you to me also have decent amount of search results on Google right.

There’s. This guaranteed correlation that there’s going to be a ton of people on you to me, I mean really the the courses that you know everybody does seems to do very well on you to me, are like programming courses and business courses, yeah, that’s really their bread and Butter – but this is just to give me a sense of really even some yeah, so I’m going to say healthy relationships, that’s you know quite targeted and it’s thousand and you know two dollars, so that’s commercial viability.

So let’s say that that’s the keyword, healthy relationships and, of course we can look. You know I would just search that and search that and what you notice here is. So if you go to that top result, mmm click on it. They have 2300 students and 32 ratings. Okay, though that’s they have a little bit of traction. Okay doesn’t mean that you can’t beat them, but those 32 ratings. You know you’re not going to be number one overnight.

If you’re competing with this person. Now there’s some things. You can do with keywords to be more relevant like, for example, they started there. They started their title with build right, whereas I would probably start it with the keywords of healthy relationships and then put a colon right and then put some things after that. Now, what what is udemy probably doesn’t reveal this, but what is your feeling of what is most important in the search results on udemy? Well, it’s keyword, relevance which is again putting it at the beginning, but that alone won’t get it to that.

That alone is not going to help. You beat that top yeah because, like for example, codependent No More has no nothing. I mean, there’s, there’s no keyword. Okay, so one little side note so you to me it keeps testing a lot of different things. So yeah perfect, you know and look I even show up on the first page, even for an anger management course. Oh, but you do oh there, it is! Oh hey you there’s not even one that I’m trying I’m not even trying for that keyword yeah.

So why do you show up here? What do you think big? I honestly, maybe because the course has a lot of students and it’s got. You know it’s. It’s very well rated, there’s, probably a lot of minutes consumed for that course. It does have the word better relationships. If you look in the subtitle there there it is yeah mm-hmm, okay, there you that that’s part of the reason, okay, what udemy is looking at is.

Yes, you want to do things from an SEO perspective of you know putting your keyword at the beginning of the title. If you want to you know, if you look at my title and subtitle here, so anger management was the main keyword, so that shows up first yeah how to control anger was the second thing that I wanted. Oh, I see got it right and then better relationships was one of them and then reduced stress was another.

I see I see so if I type in reduce stress, maybe you’ll come up we’ll see you know there. You go so number two well yeah both of my courses. Oh number, one! That’s awesome! That’s really good! Okay! So what do you do next? Now that we let’s say we? Let’s say we pick the title and a subtitle? What’s your next step, so once we’ve identified how so my strategy is always to rank high and let you to me carry the the brunt of the marketing for these courses.

Yeah right, I don’t do a lot of outside marketing, so everything that I do is about getting these to rank as high as possible, got it mm-hmm. So what I would do next is what else we do yeah. What like? What else do you do to get them ranked high as possible? Well, another factor that udemy looks at is enrollments. Now, here’s here’s where a lot of people, especially when they’re starting out they’re so afraid to give their course away for free because they’re afraid that like if they give it away for free, then nobody’s going to buy it right and the reality is, is that’s not The case we have to always remember that the Internet is a very, very big place, though I give out a lot of free coupons.

I have a virtual assistant that has a schedule where she’s constantly giving out free coupons. Now I have her: do it you all with them yeah? What do you want for the free coupons, um Facebook groups? There’s certain sites, I’ve identified that I also give them out for free okay, so that works really well for you that you’re giving out the paper funds it does. But you have to you, can’t just go to the same places you kind of have to mix it up now.

One of the one thing that I do different than some instructors is that some instructors will basically like they’ll. Do a post with all their courses for free. I don’t think that’s a good strategy, because what I want is I want someone to come in for free on one right: they’re going to now start receiving promotional announcements from me for paid courses right. So I give out select courses to select areas to get people enrolled, which not only helps my rankings on udemy, because again udemy is also wanting you to build their email list, which is why they still honor.

That’s why they look so heavily on enrollments. Is you know, you’re building their student base, yeah yeah, mm-hmm, okay, so so the three! So you really, you emphasize on giving free coupons for specific courses in the relevant Facebook groups and other websites yep got it and what what else do you do to rank so high? What else what’s another well? Another thing is, is um and you know udemy’s changed a lot of things recently.

Okay, so where it stands right now, is you really need their prompting students three times to leave a review, prompt them right when they start so after they’ve? About 10 %, okay, rocked yes, so you need to really come out of the gates, really strong and fast, and that’s actually been a challenge with the most challenging course that I have with rate ratings is what you just saw in the last pages of the stress Management course: okay, it was identified that it.

You know, I just got off to a slow start there, so I need to reconfigure that so that they get kind of like a really strong start in the course. The servers ten percent of the course needs to be really good. Yeah, exactly yeah got it God. You know I’m going to I’m going to see Adam. Do you have any questions you want to ask the the only question that I thought of beforehand was essentially like what what is the benefit of selling through you to me, as opposed to you know through your own website, and is that exclusive, like you, if you Put something on you to me like: are you limited to just you know, music exclusive, excellent questions? To answer your first question, you know, the benefit of you to me is the fact that they market your course for you so, and they also walk you through step of the they basically give you a roadmap of how to create your course.

What to do next. So it’s very plug-and-play, but whereas, when you’re creating it on your own, the main thing is you’re responsible for your own marketing and there’s a lot of decisions you have to make to you know: how do you want it branded? How do you want your sales page set up? You browse on you to me, you just fill in the the column yeah fill in that she wants to do both. Is that like in their terms of agreement, and I think, yeah, your second question had to do with? If I put my course on udemy, does that mean I can’t sell it somewhere else and it’s your content so you’re not violating their terms? You can sell your course every you know anywhere else.

You want well Ken. I want to respect your time. So what what is the? If, if, if you were starting over on udemy today, what would you do differently or what would you keep doing? Besides? What we’ve talked about, of course right, I think, and in some of this you just I mean it just you just learn how to do it. I mean like one thing that I do differently today than when I started. Is it used to take me like a month to create a course hmm, whereas now I create smaller, more targeted courses that are shorter mmm, because what’s the ideal length and you’re in your mind before you? Actually, what do you call? I mean like, for example, also look for ways to really leverage.

My time like, I did a webinar yesterday, which I recorded mmm on a topic that I also did keyword research on right. So I already did all that before I recorded the webinar so that webinars about an hour and a half right and I’m going to turn that into a course yeah which I’m going to pay someone to do the article editing right. So it saves my time and then I’m going to put that on you to me mmm, so that it can start earning me a residual income as well yeah.

So then you have to so that’s great, so the entire courses an hour and a half right, okay and then the udemy has a limit of 20 minutes maximum per per lecture on udemy. So you just chalk up the hour and it happen to what 10 minutes 20 minutes. What’s your suggestion for ideal length of each lecture, apparently through you know, according to research, I guess like two to three minutes for length per lecture is good.

Okay. You know you can’t always adhere to that, but your average lecturer needs to be, I think, less than ten. You know the average length of lecture needs to be like ten minutes or less okay, oh yeah, so so two to three minutes is really kind of people’s attention span on you to me, and probably elsewhere too. I know it’s not on YouTube. Like my two minute, articles tend to do better than the other ones, but I I’m kind of I kind of don’t care and just kind of like whatever, but but yeah and one one more thing is: I mean you’ve got beautiful graphics.

Where do you get your graphics, oh great question, so you to me does that for you? Oh wait. Wait a second! I just say that you to me gives you the option, but you can also upload your own graphics, right, yeah. You can upload your own, but I I since the very beginning. I let you to me do that because they have a vested interest in your course doing. Well so they’re going to provide you with at least as good a graphic is, you know, you’re probably likely to find on your own, but even this article thumbnail graphic that that was from you to me yeah, it’s um.

They do that part automatically once they create your thumbnail, they throw that on the on the front end of your right – and this is your: this – is your current brand yeah. So so then, basically you you recorded this article. Well, you do this and then udemy threw up. You need me, put up a throw up a thumbnail, graphic, yep, okay and the thumbnail graphic. Oh, the thumbnail graphic is the course graphic.

It’s the course logo graphic you got it got it: okay, okay, God! Okay, awesome! Man, well Ken, is there anything else like you want to say before we address? I, I think you know you could make you to me a full-time business if you treat it that way, I would say this. You know also look at as with anything you do online look at multiple different income streams. Yeah you, you know, because you to me is a they are a marketplace.

They do. They can change their rules at any time. Yeah, you know, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but it is a great. It is a great platform for someone starting off to really just quickly put a course together, get it online and start making money. Awesome man. Well, I I hope, those who are reading this. If we do share it, will follow you and buy your courses and I’m kind of see how you do it, how you promote your courses from the student perspective, I think that’ll be useful.

Yeah awesome dude! Thank you. So much I appreciate your time and thank you soon. Yeah yeah all right. So I guess I’ll end this article now and here we go


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Instead of “sales funnels” — let people move organically at their own pace

That may be the number one problem I have with sales funnels is that it artificially tries to move people along a particular path when they may or may not be ready yet, and so I no longer have a sales funnel that I manage, and I don’t use Systems such as Infusionsoft or ontraport, I honestly think most people sign on to those systems way too early. They end up paying hundreds of dollars a month unnecessarily and they could have spent that money more wisely, so to actually grow their business rather than to have an unnecessary expense.

So what do I recommend? What do I recommend, instead of having a sales funnel that you’re managing? Now, I’m talking to those of you who are service providers who want to make a true livelihood? Who want to keep your business simple rather than complex? You want to be able to make a good living coaching counseling, consulting teaching, what you love right. So what I recommend is, instead of a sales funnel that you create a pathway that you don’t have to consciously move people through, but that they themselves move.

They move themselves through it organically at their own pace. So, for example, my pathway is very simple. I have consistent, I hope, authentic and, I hope, relevant content that I share for free. You know that because you’re reading this article right now – and I so I do this – you know a couple times a week and it’s easy for me to do. I’m here walking my dog Buddy. I don’t know if you can see them right there I mean we’re.

We’re on a regular walk and I just pull up the phone I had. This idea wanted to share it with you and I’m sure you have ideas too, in your field of expertise that you could share with your audience little tips here and there that you think may be obvious to you or maybe it’s a breakthrough for you. But you share it anyway, so that you can maybe benefit others as well. So that’s the first part of the pathway and then, after that some people decide to go to my website.

They might look at some of the archived content that I have, but they also discovered that I have online workshops that I run every month very affordable on the variety of interesting topics. So they sign on to the one that they’re interested in and they come to. The workshop most of them love it and after that they may say gosh. I want to work more with George, because I want georgeous, in-depth customized expertise into my business.

So then they go back to my website and find that they that I provide one-on-one services, and so they contact me about that and so what ever? Since I have done this very natural organic pathway, that is an alternate to a sales funnel. It’s worked amazingly well, and so I don’t know I no longer think about gosh. I’ve got to follow up with so, and so it’s been six months since I’ve contacted them. I better reach out to them and say: hey how’s it going now.

I used to do that I’ll, tell you this and it never was very effective, and so I really would encourage you to create consistent, authentic, relevant content and have some lower priced offerings so that people can can try you out at those levels before they then try. You out at higher price levels. So if you do that on a consistent basis, you don’t need the the artificial feeling of a sales funnel and that kind of relationship with your audience.

That makes sense. So I hope this is helpful, always open to your comments and your questions and until next article I wish you an authentic, organic feeling, business that serves the world and that allows you to thrive, be well


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Is necessary for your small business?

If your business is already doing very well, you have all the clients and customers you ever need and word-of-mouth is spreading. Just naturally, then know you don’t have to do article, but if you would like to have more people know about your business and start to believe in your your business’s brand and mission and products and services, then I highly recommend that you put article as part of Your marketing as soon as possible, the reason is because more and more consumers are getting used to seeing some article before they decide to work with a particular company or person in the past couple of years, just about all of my clients before they started working with Me or in the discussion about working with me, almost all of my clients, said they first had readed a couple or a bunch of my articles and then decided yes georgeous, my going to be my marketing, mentor, etc and and I’ve seen as a dramatic growth.

In my business over the past couple years because of my doing articles, another interesting tidbit is a vice-president at Facebook was quoted as saying that she would not be surprised if in just a few years, Facebook could be all article literally. She said all article now that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but but if you look at Facebook already you see if you scroll through Facebook, you already see a lot of article these days and if you use Facebook on the mobile phone, you’ve noticed that Article is one of the tabs at the bottom of the mobile app very prominently right next to newsfeed.

So it’s that important already to Facebook and because Facebook is in touch with the mindset of every day internet users and know that Internet users really appreciate being able to see article. So here’s the thing about article: it takes practice. It takes getting used to don’t expect that you’re going to make your first article or first 5 or first 10 articles and have it go viral and have it be amazing, if you think that way, it’s kind of like use telling yourself well, I’ve never done any Public speaking before, but that my first public speech is going to be a TED talk, you can’t expect that that’s, but putting too much pressure on yourself, and I hope that from my example you know my my humble and and casual example of doing article that I Could be an encouragement to you to start getting used to seeing yourself on article and and I’ll tell you this the first dozen times you see yourself on article and hear yourself, it’s probably not going to be a pleasant experience for you, because that’s normal for everybody To criticize themselves, what my first online article was in 2009, okay and after I readed that article.

I couldn’t stand to see myself on article and I said I’m not a I’m, not a. I don’t look like a movie star and I’m not particularly amazingly eloquent or whatever it is. You know why should I be on article, and so I quit doing that after that, first article in 2009, I quit article until 2013. It took me four years to get over myself to finally start doing article again. I hope I hope that I can save you four years.

I hope that you won’t take that long to get over yourself and realize that your ideal clients, your ideal audience the people that are most meant to work with. You really actually enjoy seeing you on article by definition, your ideal clients, like your personality. They, like your style and, of course they would be so grateful to be able to see you on article. So just know that when you first do article it’s natural to not like to see yourself on article to keep criticizing yourself to think.

Oh, that’s not good enough, but remember that good enough for content is not for you to judge it’s for you to simply put out into the world and let the ones who are meant to find you find it and appreciate your content. Now, when you first start doing article, you probably don’t want to just publish your first article or to write on to Facebook and YouTube first send it. You know you can publish on YouTube as an unlisted listed article, meaning the only people who have the link that you give to them will be able to see it so send that link to just a few of your most supportive and kind friends and say that You would love some encouragement to do more article and that you know that you’re going to you’re going to have to get a lot better over time, but that this is your first couple of tries.

You know and don’t expect that they’ll read all of your initial articles, just even they read the first. You know 30 seconds, it’s fine and just let them encourage you and then over time, you’re going to get better at it you’re going to get better as you as you get more used to doing it, you will first have to get used to doing it that It becomes normal for you to article and then you can start gradually improving upon it.

As you read your articles back and say, oh, I can improve on this or I can improve on that. I hope this is encouraging for you I’ll, put a link in the notes of this article, two more tips for you that I’ve learned from doing a bunch of articles but know that it’s going to be beneficial for your business and for your marketing. For you to show up as yourself, you don’t have to try to be like me or don’t try to be like anybody else, be your most be the maximum form of who you truly are, as you can on article, because that’s what your ideal clients and your Ideal audience wants to see

Who is helping with your digital business footprint?