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Using KeywordTool io for KW Ideas Free Tool – keyword planner free

Oh, this is a very similar tool. It’s free – and these are this uses Google autocomplete – to find the keywords so simply type in whatever your seed keyword is just like. Always this tool does take a little bit of time. So you know go ahead, let it do its thing and then you can come back to this later or you can stop it before it’s finished and simply gather the list of terms that you want now keyword tool.

Okay, so if you need the search volume, you have to have the pro the pro version, but for right now, don’t even worry about that. Simply get the list of keywords, and it’s okay, if you have duplicates because we’re going to remove those later so simply gather all these keyword terms export all into a CSV or Excel, and then you would go ahead and open this up copy paste all this and Then we’re going to put it in with our other list that we just got, and this is how we’re going to go about building our keyword list right and if you have any of your terms from that notepad from earlier go ahead and copy.

All. Those over add them to this list here and we’re just making a huge list of keywords:


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