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6 Tips on How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2020 (Organically)

My name is Christina. I’m a social media, strategist and I’ve been working with some big and some small companies over the course of my career. In today’s article, I’m going to share some of my top tips on how to grow your following on Instagram. Before we jump into the article.

Here’s a little disclaimer while those tips that I will share with you today. It will most likely help you to grow your following on Instagram. I am all-pro burn your brand’s, so it is never about getting 100 K followers on Instagram or something like that. But it’s all about building an active community that actually is interested in what you post. If you’re like. Oh, my god, I love your chill already give me all things.

Instagram marketing then be sure to hit the subscribe button now. So how do you gain followers on Instagram, organically tip number one being clear on your niche? This might seem very basic, but trust me this is where so many people go wrong already, but you’re in luck, because you your way to this article and now you know that most likely you’re going to have to be even more clear on what your profile is.

All about if you’re, a business owner you’ve probably already defined your unique selling point focus on that and don’t go too broad. If you still feel unsure about what your unique selling point is figure that out first and stop stressing about aiding followers on Instagram. For now often, people approached me for social media help and then, while we talk, we actually realized that there are so many other insecurities around the business, then just not using Lidia.

Ideally, if you don’t really know what’s, your Instagram is all about others who have not either es I’m currently working on an amazing program for solopreneurs. That will help you with that. It teaches you how to be clear and confident in your business offer and how to attack dream clients for your business through Instagram marketing. If you want to hear more about that already be sure to follow me on Instagram tip number two write a kick-ass bio.

This goes hand-in-hand with tip number one. You need to be clear on what your profile is all about. To get this done properly. Generally, the Instagram bio is such an underestimated part. It is actually one of the first things that people see when they click on your profile and when they decide where they want, they want to follow you or not, obviously, you’re not going to gain powders from having nice, bio, there’s so much more to it.

So it’s like an indirect factor which definitely plays a big role, though so use the space of the Instagram bio to tell people what they will get from following your account. Are you interested in learning how to ride a king and violin give this article a thumbs up, so I know, and I can make a article on all things in scared, bio tip. Number three is a very obvious. One is to become more visible. If no one sees your account, no one will follow you, so you need to be visible.

The following is a strategy that not many people online talk about it, but it’s actually part of the hot sauce and growing your following on Instagram and you know, sharing is caring and I care so I’ll. Let you know here’s what you’re going to do go through hashtags in your niche and comment on other people’s photos do not just like them. You need to make a comment when you comment unopposed and stop just liking.

It you not only get seen by the author of the post because, let’s be real, if you have someone just it’s 50 likes you’re one of 50, but the comic area is always less crowded, so you’re to stand out way more for that person. If you actually make a comment on their post – and you also increase your chance to be seen by other people that also check out that post so doing, that increases your chance to be seen by the author of the post and by every single person.

That also sees that post. This is the great method to gain followers of Instagram and it works like a charm. Trust me tip number four create viral content. This is another overlooked growth method and I know you’re, probably like yeah. We all wouldn’t viral content, but we also all want to be millionaires, but here we are well. Let me tell you something: we all can be millionaires and we all can create viral content.

It would be too much to explain the ins and outs of that, but trust me. It isn’t so complicated to create content that goes viral, maybe not the you get invited by a viral, but a viral enough to really boost your Instagram following tip number. Five. Do more of what’s working for you in order to continuously grow your account you’re going to want to continuously analyze the performance of your existing posts, so just go through your post and check the metrics to see what has worked and what hasn’t do yourself ease perform Best or maybe you graphics whatever, it is, do more of that be aware, though, to keep an eye of all metrics, so not just likes and comments.

For example, a post might have gotten a lot of lights, but also pay attention, for example, how many Saints the photo got, because that also tells you that a piece of content that you created was actually really valuable. To your following, I like to say is that this safe is like the super light on Instagram, because it not only means that the personalize your photo, but actually, if they find it so valuable that they want to look at it again and save it for later.

So summed up analyze, analyze and ten times more and then act accordingly. My next tip is consistency. You’ve probably heard it a lot of times before and it’s always a bit blah and baked, but this is actually one of the key factors where people are not seeing the results that they’re aiming for you have to stay consistent. You have to stay consistent. That means you regularly upload and you regularly engage with others sounds really easy right.

I know it isn’t. Content unfortunately, does not fall from the sky and we’re all really busy. So it’s really hard for most of us to regularly put up the content, but we need to be doing that to grow on Instagram. Don’t forget to give this article a thumbs up or a thumbs down to. Let me know if you liked it and if you did like it, don’t forget to subscribe. I upload new articles every single week and as we’re speaking about that, since it’s my first article, I’m really interested to hear what topics you’d be interested in.

How can I help you, how can I make your Instagram life better, please, let me know in the comments below so we can make this a beautiful blog with lots of good information. Thank you so much for reading and engaging it was a pleasure to have you and see you next time that was awkward, but I’m offering


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