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Google Suggest- Keyword Research Tools for Low Content Books

Looking at some of the key word tools that I use in my arsenal, especially when I’m needing to come up with ideas for books to make once you start making a few thousand books, you certainly can struggle to come up with ideas. If you really, you know, don’t know how to use Google effectively, so this is for people that are just starting out, and this is also for people that are a little bit stuck for ideas in their journal journey.

This particular tool is called a Google Suggest tool. Now, there’s tons and tons of key word types of tools that have the name Google Suggest in them. The reason why I use this tool is because it gives me some good data information. I don’t use the paid version and it is quite expensive, so you just type in Google Suggest tool, keyword, Google Suggest and it will bring you to a tool that looks like this.

Actually, let’s just go to the pants, you see what it looks like initially, it will actually help you search a wide variety of different places. Now this tool does have a paid version. The paid version is quite expensive. If you ask me for the information that you get, but if you are doing this professionally, then it is certainly something that you want to take a look at seriously. You maybe invest some money in when you look at this page.

You can click on Amazon and then you can read a little bit more about how the tool is used for it and how it extracts information from Amazon, and then you can type in your search. So here I’m looking for journals for women. So for me, I personally only use this tool to give me ideas. As you can see, this is all grayed out, and so therefore, unless I paid twenty dollars a month or whatever, I would not be able to access this information, but it gives me great ideas about different topics: anxiety journal for women, african-american women journals for women prayer Journal for women daily journal for women daily devotional journal for women, so each one of these is an amazing amazing topic to jump into and start researching just this alone on Amazon and use.

My other tools that I have to bring back the information that I’m looking for, so that’s the only reason I use this tool is because it gives me some really good information right here, just for seed keyword, information, so it’s worth having in my arsenal. It doesn’t cost me anything if I just want to you know type something in here, just to get a quick idea of something to search and then I’ll just go back and start looking in Amazon and start researching from there.

Hopefully, this was helpful again. This tool is called, Google Suggest, keyword tool and when you you’ll know that you’re in the right place, because it takes you right here, if you do want the pro version, it does cost quite a bit of money, but you can use it for the free version. Just to get some seed ideas to make books for your topic,


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