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[Interview] Ryan Teng, VP of Business Development

Working at clothes really exciting. You know for me being in sales, but I don’t really feel like we’re in sales, like we’re doctors, they’re just trying to heal companies who have pressure points and every single day. You don’t really know what’s going to happen and I try to really plan out my day on the train in but and everything always changes based on what emo or a new project or a new idea, someone of the design team might have.

I would describe our team as very cohesive kind of like a family. I feel like I know so much about them, because we travel a lot together. We go to meetings together and I really value that we had a really good connectivity and relationship, and not just here locally in our New York office, but also globally, and how you know. We use things like slack to communicate with any single person in the office and not just you know, we kind of don’t really operate on hierarchy so being able to email or contact our CTO or CEO or even Jaden, who is the founder of the companies? Just really really valuable and it’s nothing I’ve experienced before to come.

They mean the world to me. They are just an extended part of our family and being able to constantly that with them with problems, because you know 3d is an emerging technology but being able to actually listen to their issues, and I just think relationships are the most important part of this job. We take you know everything very seriously from a relationship standpoint, we’re not just you know, an invoice to them, we’re a family with them.

So I actually believe that these user summits, that we do in these public workshops the chance for these companies who are usually competing brands, or even people who are small companies who have never met each other. To find someone who specializes in graphics or something like that and I’ve seen them start collaborating because of one meeting. That’s where I really get my joy from it’s. Connecting people from different industries and within the industry is but the unique thing about working at Clos is that every day is a new adventure.

We don’t really actually know on a daily basis. What’s going to happen, also the ability to work with almost every single major retailer in the world and brands being able to see their process and get a tour of their facilities and listening to what their vision is, and I think that’s really unique from any other Experience because all my past jobs, I was confined to I’ve one vision and one job, but I wasn’t able to see how other people were being affected by that and being able to actually do that on.

You know multiple trips and traveling to places like Manhattan, Kansas or Bozeman Montana, but also you know, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle. We got to travel a lot and that doesn’t mean just being able to see companies but also new areas and new cities that I would never have the opportunity to visit, and that really gives us a unique perspective of what we do. I feel very aligned with the company’s vision and it’s really beautiful, because our main message of you know trying to virtualize every single garment on earth and basically connect people and merge.

The real and virtual are all like, always the North Star. What we’re trying to accomplish as a company, but the minor details that could become involved in the way, can always change and that’s actually really exciting, to know that we are very agile, but we do think outside the box and we don’t necessarily have to do things. One way and that can change as we explore what that process is like, and also the vision of just connecting people is something that you know it was a classic theme.

That’s what I’ve been saying, but that’s really something that we’ve worked really hard on to establish. You know for those of you who might join our team or want to join our team. I am what we look for. A lot is never-ending, curiosity and insatiable need to always explore and learn new things to bring new perspectives to our team, but that’s really what we look for. Additionally, we really thrive on empathy being able to understand what different people are going through, because that only just doesn’t work from a business development.

Standpoint of understanding your clients, but also internally, understanding that you know we’re all still learning and as much as you have so much experience as something someone else has that their experiences that you might not share and being able to actually share those experiences and have empathy For each other is really something I also really pride ourselves on. The company is that we are always listening to each other.

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