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There’s No Such Thing as PASSIVE INCOME | DailyGrind 47

I mean I don’t turn anything down. Man, I’m fixing to list five acres in a mobile home up in North Baldwin County for like 80,000 or something and I had to drive up there – price it and spend just as much or more time on that as I do a million dollar property. So I don’t I don’t I don’t turn anything. I don’t. I don’t tell myself hey, I’m only going to do this or I’m only going to do that.

You know I don’t turn anything down right. This is my little setup right here. It’s a Canon SD. I got the gorilla tripod, I got the rode mic. I got the 24 70 millimeter lens and I got it because I want to start documenting more of what’s going on, while Blake’s not around and doing just more stuff and doing stuff like for my. For my point of view, you know, as opposed to just you know from a second angle, so step in our vlog game.

Hey, what’s up, hey did uh, you got a listing. Was it was it off the circle prospecting or something else? I texted you last night. I mean I hit the ground super super hard yeah. I first started yeah the fruits of those labors is coming to fruition. Anybody you know. So what uh, how much? How much? What’s the payment on a million dollar you just need to stay busy. You know what I mean, I mean just stay busy doing deals talking to people trying to put stuff together, just stay busy.

You know everyday, don’t worry about the results. Don’t worry about that listing that you missed on that road because you wasn’t sending mail outs to it. Don’t worry about all that there’s more than you can handle available there. For you, I mean there’s more than me. You can’t handle it all. So just stay busy. Just stay busy doing deals, you know, you know, don’t get discouraged, don’t lose the faith.

You know I mean closings are happening every day, so you know just keep moving forward and pressing forward and you know try to work harder every day than you’ve ever worked before. You know try to push as hard as you can and you know just learn and get better well bro. You got any further questions or anything. I can help you with for sure man just continue learning continue, grow and continue pushing.

I think you got it man. It’s the only difference in you and being where you want to be is just time. You know you just got to just keep doing it, for you know, keep doing it. You know, and in the next three to five years, you’ll be kind of where you want to be and then from there you can then decide. How far do I really want to take this? You know you just slip property severe item out as well or both yeah.

It’s not passive ma’am. It’s a lot of work. You got to fix the properties up, you got to fix, toilets. You got to evict people, you got a fine writer. You got to find renters, you know you got to you got to fix them up and flip them. It’s a lot of work. There’s nothing passionate with nothing passive about it.

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