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How I got started

I’m going to call you guys, my ride-or-die, you guys that was pretty disgusting, I will admit, but you’re still here and yeah you guys are my ride-or-die crew.

I promise that I won’t do anything that disgusting for at least another month or so. Maybe I feel these things out. I can’t really say when the next disgusting things going to happen. It could happen today, probably not though so I came here this morning and they’re these dear traipsing around the the property. So I busted out my drone and I don’t know if I got any good shots of him or not, but I’m going to play him right now, just in case I did okay.

So my plan for today is to tell you guys about how I got involved with freedom, breeder and working with freedom breeder. I meant to do this article at some point and I guess now is the time I’m going there today, even though I’m still sick and Hillary’s got to take. You live to the doctor. Cuz he’s having an issue and that’s the kids are sick, but you know she’s got it, I got ta, go hey, plus I’m not just going to throw to do some work with them.

I’m also picking up my friend Malia who’s coming in from Hawaii, and so I need to go up there and pick her up, regardless of whatever else is happening and plus we got ta get worked up there anyway, so there’s a little sting something you’re still from Last time, I don’t like leaving these guys when they’re sick, but somebody’s got to do it. Somebody’s got to do it, ain’t! No, what I feel about a sickie! What do you know a session? No okay, my guy sorry! I understand I wouldn’t want to do it either, probably well, I do it anyway, but I feel you at least you feelin nice.

At least you feel it nice, that’s good! You have you enjoy your little bar there tea. I love, you see you soon. Okay, see you soon, I don’t know man I’d really don’t like leavin like I really don’t leave laughs yeah you do it, though, got to do it. It’s times like these. That make me really appreciate times and everybody’s feeling, better yeah. This is the back entrance. I feel like the backfield here at freedom, beer, where nobody else really goes.

It’s kind of a good good spot to start the the history of how I got started working with these guys. Shortly after we moved back from Hawaii, which was back in 2014. I started researching in the snake, keeping because I know I was going to do it again and amongst all that research, I came across Kevin McCarthy’s book. It’s a huge book like that thick ball, python morphs and I was checking all that stuff out and getting really into it, and in that book he mentions freedom breeder.

He mentions Lindy’s name as the cage manufacturers that he keeps a lot of his ball pythons in and I was like well, I better research that and look that up and then I found freedom breeders website and I looked at all the different options and found the The 10/10 that I could afford to get and went ahead and placed an order to get it. Jeff was here at the time, and he reached out to me shortly after to arrange shipping, and he was like hey.

Why don’t? I have my dad drop it off at your house. You know, based on when I was at my parents house at the time and save you on the shipping I was like well. That sounds like a pretty good idea: yeah, that let’s do that. Let’s do that! For sure – and I was already right, then I was like sweet, so I just found these guys in the book and now the guy that I, whose name I just read about in the book, is going to come drop off the cage at my house.

It was like that’s great customer service. I like these guys and then then this room. This is the room that I came to first time. I came to the place and got four of the first six snakes that I got when I first moved back came out of this room right here, hello, Jeff and I was kind of mind blowing. I was like what are these guys doing with this room? Full of how many snakes do you think are in this room just like about a thousand snakes in this room.

So my little, my little snake keep in mind was blown and I was like okay. This is crazy. I guess I want half of them know how about four, because I already got my pocket. Okay, let’s do four. So obviously that was way before this room even existed, but I even in that first little hangout session, when I first got to meet these guys in person where we’re chilling out and checking out snakes like man.

These guys are cool. These guys are like the chill. If I’d like, I feel like, I can fully just be myself around these guys, I share some stories with them right there upon first meeting that I don’t always share with uh with the people upon first meeting. You know I wasn’t as open, then even just a few years back, you know was that five years ago I meanwe don’t put more now than I was then, but so I felt comfortable around the guys and I there was a vibe there, and this is still Years before I ever came to work with these guys, but it’s just that North Cowell was like they’re hella cool.

It wasn’t too long after that that they found out that I was pretty good at photography. Somewhat saw some of my pictures and we ended up working out a deal where I came and took a bunch of pictures for the website and of all the racks and did in exchange for a coral glow pide, which at the time was, I mean it’s still, A pretty it’s still an amazing snake by the time was definitely I mean monetarily speaking well, well worth the work to get these things up there for that snake and that’s the snake that is the Queen’s boyfriend and the king.

So what I’m doing right now? Jimmy is I’m doing a shout out to all shout out to Jimmy almost dropping the temp. That’s funny that you did that you know like because the story I was going to share from this spot. This is this: is the spot right, we’re heading Home Depot, because somebody was smart enough to not lock two casters on the rack. That was like one of the first times I did a vlog on was still a vlog on on triple B TV.

I think it’s like episode, two or three of what I used to call whatever Wednesday was like my vlog on triple B TV there’s air spraying all over the place, and so I got a lot of good memories. And this is the backdrop that black backdrop is where all the racks on the website. That’s the backdrop for those those racks is for taking up here. I know you wouldn’t think that, because you can’t see the rest of this madness going on up here, that’s actually happening.

All I see is that black background in the pictures without it – and this is Jimmy – if you guys have never met Jimmy before he’s right here – Jim this guy coming here trying to crash the party I’m trying to give a history, I’m trying to give a history Of how I got how much you guys can pull? Oh, you can look back on all that. We about 20 minutes up here. Doing nothing Jimmy. Did you have a joke for me yeah all right, it’s a good one! I thought it was hilarious.

I’m a fan of dad jokes, I’m a dad all right. So a fish is swimming along. He runs into a concrete wall. What does he say? Fish just swimming along runs into a concrete wall. This is a dad joke and I’m horrible, like I don’t thinking, wait till I’m thinking goddamn play said how got a dad joke kind of. I don’t know this was a told, no cause. It’s like safe for kids. Damn you like to feel like you were right.

He looked at you like you were what like, I was. You know a little retarded they’re just little specialties or something they’re going to cancel you Jimmy. The DC police are coming for you, and so I still do plenty of photography stuff here. I’m doing that right now, I’m taking pictures of these base frames to the websites. They didn’t any pictures for him yet got my my magical magical, light man.

I wish my light. Looked like this all the time this is. This is great. Hmm. I thought it was pretty awesome how quickly I was able to immerse myself into working. You know, being able to meet one of the pioneers of the industry shortly after coming back into it. I was that was really cool, but the guy, then what actually got me working with them was my buddy Garrett over ReachOut reptiles. He saw the similarities between the two of us and thought.

It was a perfect match, the freedom bridge Aaron and I to work together. Then he was the one that actually proposed the idea to them at one of the Tinley shows, and I was like he told me first I was like I don’t that’s. I don’t want to have that conversation Garrett’s, the business guy. He is good at finding value in things and making things go together and making people thing seem like putting money in any certain directions, a good idea.

I I’m not good at that. I don’t even like to engage in those type of conversations, so he did that on my behalf and they were receptive to it and I was like okay well thanks for doing that, and then I came up here and pitched the idea of what I what I Thought it would look like well what would be a sponsorship essentially, and it’s now. What now I’m here and one of the main reasons I’m up here today.

Besides, just getting photography done, um as we’re doing a article with Lindy Lindy doesn’t really like to be on camera. That’s why I’m filming his backside instead of his front side, but he we did a whole long article with him today on a free computer blog we’re going over all kinds of old documents in old history stuff. That’s kind of why I, this is what I love about working here, because on family business we got four four generations in the building right now, back he’ll be back he’s not going to he’s always voice.

Still your work and holding down the fort makin things happen, but how many companies do you get to be in the office, the four generations of the family working right side by side in the desk? That’s the awesome thing about it. Hey you guys know. I love hanging out families, we have family and I’ve always just felt like really blessed to be able to work with these guys and find some people that are in the industry that are like me and I don’t have to like work technically that’s a bad way, But it know I’m working, it’s fun.

It’s fun. I don’t have to like have to be like some weirdo that I’m not. Let’s get to be myself, my own worst self, we’d, all just gels and we hit we get along. We hang out, I’m I’m just saying man, it’s a great match. I’m super stoked that it’s happening like this and just I hope that everybody else out there can find a little place in the world for themselves like this, because yeah this guy’s all about it yeah get it buddy check it out.

Here’s the if it wasn’t serendipitous enough already like this dude, has the same birth date as a friend same birthday as both Leia and Noah. So we got. We got three kids on the family, I’ll turn in turn in older year, older. On the same day of the year every year, that’s pretty cool, that’s pretty cool, that’s cool, because I was curious. I’ve got our own email and, and people are emailing her now so maybe like take a picture of us and then put like.

If you need shipping quotes email do not hurry route, I don’t do rocks co-directs. No. What are you doing? Okay, okay, the bottom of the screen there Jerrica four racks – I just did. I hope on that article made sense. I was kind of all over the place. I was doing a million things I was recording, so hopefully it made sense. I’m sure you got the gist of it, I’m guessing that you did I’m about to go pick up my homegirl from Hawaii right now, so she’s going to be with us for a few days and she’s, really not a friend of snakes, so I’m going to have Fun trying to help her get over that a little bit uh yeah.

Thank you guys for joining us Ceylon, I’m sick, not just physically, like in the head, I’m sick, and this is plenty of warned if you guys turned the article off now. If you really didn’t want to see this, you guys are still reading yeah, you guys are sick too. You


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