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youtube seo 2020 – youtube seo tutorial 2020 – rank higher on youtube and increase youtube views

Optimization, do you know the biggest problem small youtubers face is to rank their articles and get views and subscribers, even if you are creating great content, but you will not get views until your articles got ranked. Are you one of those? If, yes, then, don’t worry, because today I will show you how to rank any article, not only on YouTube, but also on Google in just 10 minutes.

We will do this with the help of a tool that will automatically generate highly optimized article title description and tags for you with just a few clicks. The link of the tool is given in the description now. Let us see how to do this. Hey guys blood here and let’s rank a article using the MV. Let’s see I’m trying to rank a article for a article marketing company from Bronx. Well, we type in article marketing Bronx and we hit research keyword.

Now we just wait a bit and that’s it just take a look here on how many great keywords we got. These are some really awesome results, but in this case I will try to rank for the first one. All we have to do now is go to the article details, module select from competitors. Now we paste in the keyword and we hit start, that’s it. So it’s that simple and now we will get a perfectly optimized title description and tags that will serve the rank on the first page.

Okay. So I’m going to take this article details, I’m going to go to YouTube and upload the article with these article details and rank on Google and YouTube okay, so about 10 minutes passed and let’s go to google.Com and type in article marketing agency in Bronx. Now we hit search and let’s see what we got, alright, let’s scroll to the bottom and as you can see 10 minutes ago, the article uploaded is ranked on the first page of Google.

The first result, so we managed to rank that fast. All with the article detail generated using article marketing blaster now, let’s check the YouTube rankings. We go on youtube.Com paste in article marketing kgs in Bronx and Bank. As you can see, the first result so out of 1500 results, we managed to rank on the first page of YouTube on the first position. So I really hope you see power in using article marketing blaster.

In less than two minutes, I managed to rank on the first position both on Google and on YouTube for the keyword that I was targeting. This is really an incredible result. Thanks a lot for reading this article


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